Kanye Gives Kim Kardashian Cartier Bracelets Worth $65k

Kanye Gives Kim Kardashian Cartier Bracelets Worth $65k

As soon as we found out Kimye was preggo, we knew that the unborn baby would have plenty of swagger and swag. We even had some suggestions for Kim Kardashian’s push presents. But Kanye West isn’t known for patience or subtlety, and he got Kim an early push present.

Kim K. loves her Love bangles, but boyfriend and BabyDaddy Kanye decided to add to her collection with some more Cartier bling. In this picture alone, Kim has on a diamond pave Love bracelet in yellow gold, a yellow gold Juste un Clou Cartier nail bracelet and three Panthere bracelets. The total on Kim’s wrist bling is $65,000.

The highlight of the arm party is this fabulous pave Panthere bracelet with chunky gold chain, or the oversized Juste Un Clou (which retails for about $34k). Most of these pieces aren’t available in Cartier’s US online boutique, but considering Kim and Kanye are in Paris taking in the couture shows, they’ve had plenty of time to swing by Maison Cartier.

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