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diamond bands

Details You Need to Know About Diamond Bands

Looking to add to your diamond jewelry collection, diamond bands and eternity rings particularly, this guide has every deets you need to know. At Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton, we stay up-to-date with the latest in diamond jewelry designs, so we are sure you will fall in love and…
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Wide Diamond Bands

When it comes to elegant accessories, it really is hard to beat a wide diamond band. You get the glamour of a diamond ring, but it is a lot more versatile than many other types of ring. These bands come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, but they make great signature pieces or…
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Diamond Patek

Diamond Patek Pairing with Diamond Bands

Diamond bands; provide a beautiful reminder of the timeless nature of true love. Especially when paired with a diamond Patek.  Like an everlasting love, these Luxury Diamond Patek bands have no beginning or end. For lovers of all things shiny, diamond bands can hold an even greater draw. The multitude of diamonds set into the…
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big diamond bands

7 Stunningly Huge Three Row Diamond Bands For Classy Women

When it comes to diamonds rings, most women would agree, bigger is better. There’s something just so very satisfying about having big beautiful stones that formed over 1 billion years ago deep in the Earth’s mantle on your finger.  If you completely agree with the above statement, you are going to love the diamonds bands…
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Baguette diamond bands

Why are Baguette Diamond Bands So Popular?

The baguette diamond has a very special place in the jewelry industry. One look through the sleek and sophisticated baguette diamond and you will flash back to the days of the Art Deco era where designs where characterized by clean lines and geometric forms. The unique cut reflects both that of the past and the…
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diamond band

What You Need To Know When Buying Diamond Bands

If you are looking to build upon your diamond jewelry collection, specifically with diamond bands and eternity rings, this guide has everything you need to know.  At Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton, we stay up-to-date with the latest in diamond jewelry designs, so we are sure you will fall…
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diamond bands for your wedding

Diamond Bands for your Wedding

When it comes to your wedding day perhaps the most important item that you will wear is your wedding band. The symbol of your marriage and a jewelry piece you will continue to wear as a symbol of your love and commitment for now and for ever. From the classic yellow gold polished bands of…
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used rolex

3 Stunningly Unique Wide Diamond Half Eternity Bands

Discover 3 new breathtaking, unique, WIDE diamond half eternity rings at Diamonds By Raymond Lee and learn all about diamond bands of this magnitude.  All of the rings featured here are available at Diamonds By Raymond Lee. These massive rings are the perfect anniversary gift, wedding ring, cocktail ring, or high-end fashion statement. Flex your…
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diamond henri daussi bands for her

Henri Daussi bands for her for sale at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

For the greatest celebration of our lives we commemorate it with the most memorable jewel in world, the diamond. At the moment when we become engaged and get married what happens? During that pivotal occasion we give one another rings. A diamond ring to symbolize the eternal and unfaltering love we have for one another.…
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New Diamond Wedding Bands in the Showroom

We’ve had a huge influx in bridal jewelry in the showroom lately, something you may have noticed if you’ve seen our shop (or Instagram) lately. We’ve been stocking up on new semi-mounts and adding a few we’ve had in the vault to our showcases and our online showroom. We have couples come in all the…
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Our Favorite Diamond Wedding Bands for Wedding Wednesday

So much attention is lavished on diamond engagement rings (for good reason), but they usually only shine solo for a year or two. After that, their partner for life, the wedding band, is always present, sometimes even worn without the engagement ring! Ladies with large diamond engagement rings might only wear theirs for special occasions,…
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Wedding Wednesday: Beautiful Diamond Eternity Bands

Diamond eternity bands are one of the most popular choices for brides choosing their perfect wedding band. Not only do they offer the perfect way to add more sparkle to your ring finger, an eternity band can compliment your engagement ring like no other piece of jewelry. In fact, it’s imperative that they look fantastic…
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Emerald-cut Two-tone Diamond Ring

Something incredibly unique, yet timeless, such as an emerald-cut two-tone diamond ring, is a great option for an engagement ring. You want to choose something that will be uniquely her, but that will also be able to stand the proverbial test of time. Think about it, an engagement ring is something that she will wear…
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Vintage Elegance: The Marquise Diamond Pear-Shaped Ring

The marquise diamond pear-shaped ring is a unique and elegant piece of jewelry that has stood the test of time. The marquise diamond pear-shaped ring showcases a marquise cut diamond shaped like a football paired with a pear-shaped diamond. So, resembling a teardrop, creating a stunning and unique design. Together, these two shapes create a…
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18k Multi-Tone Gold 1.03ctw Set of 4 Diamond Stackable Rings

18k Multi-Tone Gold 1.03ctw Set of 4 Diamond Stackable Rings

18k Multi-Tone Gold 1.03ctw Set of 4 Diamond Stackable Rings Style Women’s Diamond Stackable Ring Set (4) Material 18k White, Yellow, and Rose Gold Diamond Details Approximately 1.03ctw of mixed shape Diamonds. There are 4 stackable bands in this set; 1 Rose Gold diamond scallop band, 1 Yellow Gold bezel set diamond band, 1 White…
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Cuban Link Chain Bracelet with Diamonds

Men don’t often think about fine jewelry as their purview, but something like a Cuban link chain bracelet with fine diamonds should absolutely change that. Jewelry is most definitely not just for women and neither are diamonds. Men have their own unique personal style as well and should want to show it off. We can…
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heart-shaped diamond necklaces

Heart-Shaped Diamond Necklaces: A Symbol of Love and Devotion

Heart-shaped diamond necklaces have become one of the most popular jewelry choices. People use it to express their love and affection for their special someone. No one restricted expressing love to Valentine’s Day alone. In other words, you are free to appreciate your loved ones anytime any day. Thanks to Diamonds By Raymond Lee, you…
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Rectangular-Cut Diamond Ring with Hidden Halo

Something as elegant and stylish as a rectangular-cut diamond ring with a hidden halo makes a natural choice for an engagement ring. And since it is a classic style, it works with a ton of different kinds of fashions and can even evolve with someone’s look over time. We know that choosing the right engagement…
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Square-Cut Diamond with Halo and Eternity Band

If you are looking for an engagement ring with a lot of elegance and the ability to stand the test of time, something like a square-cut diamond ring with a halo and a fully eternity band is a great choice. When you are looking for an engagement ring, you are looking for something that your…
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brown diamond

From Cognac to Chocolate: The Fascinating World of Brown Diamond

Diamonds come in more varieties than just the traditional clear ones. One such example is the brown diamond, also known as cognac or chocolate diamonds which have recently gained immense popularity. These diamonds come in a range of warm and earthy shades, from light champagne to deep chocolate. Not only do they offer a unique…
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brown diamond

The Allure of Brown Radiant Cut Diamond Rings: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Ring

Brown radiant cut diamond rings are a unique and stylish option for those looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their jewelry collection. The radiant cut diamond is known for its unique rectangular shape and brilliant faceting, which creates a stunning sparkle and fire. The combination of this modern cut with the…
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Emerald-Cut Diamond with Eternity Band

Something classic and stunning, such as a flawless emerald-cut diamond ring, is a great choice for an engagement ring. While it can be difficult to choose an engagement ring, there are some ways that we can make it easier and we are here to help. This is a guide that we feel will help break…
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Emerald and Ruby Yellow Gold Bands

Lovely accessories such as emerald and ruby bands are a great way to show off your personal style. These are fun to wear and look great with a wide range of looks. We are all unique and want a good way to show off our style to the world. This we do through the accessories…
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Double-Band Diamond Rings 

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or a signature piece, a double-band diamond ring is a unique option. The double-band ring is an incredibly popular style of ring. But these versions of the ring are almost like two different rings in one.  Many times, double-band rings are simply bands that have diamonds around…
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14k Rose Gold 1.55ctw Oval Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Oval Diamond Halo Ring

A ring such as the rose gold diamond halo band we feature here makes for a really great engagement ring. It is classic and timeless, which, as we will see, is really important. But it is also unique in that it features rose gold. Rose gold is a warmer, richer hue than traditional yellow gold.…
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Asscher Cut Wedding Bands

On a yacht in 1968 sailing across the River Thames in London, Richard Burton revealed a luxurious piece as a gift to Elizabeth Taylor. The gift was the Krupp Diamond. It was a colorless 33.19-carat diamond piece. Richard Burton bought this piece at an auction for $307,000. Presently, this same piece has an estimated worth…
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round-cut diamonds in three-stone rings

Round-cut Diamonds in Three-stone Rings

We live in an era where three-stone rings are all around us. In what seems like a spike, this style massively gained momentum in the last few years. And when it features round-cut diamonds? It is such a sight to behold.  Moreover, that it was Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement ring in 2017 further…
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Pear-Cut Diamond Solitaire with Eternity Band

When you select something like a pear-cut diamond solitaire ring with a half eternity band, you are choosing classic elegance and style. This ring is actually a beautiful blending of multiple different classic styles. These come together to create something that is very unique, while still maintaining that classic and timeless look. Choosing an engagement…
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Square-Cut Diamond Halo Ring with Double Eternity Band

A ring such as the square-cut diamond halo ring with a double eternity band we feature here is a really elegant choice for an engagement ring. What is so great about it – beyond its simple beauty – is that it is a combination of three classic styles in one. This gives you something that…
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Oval-Cut Diamond with Full Eternity Band

A beautiful ring such as the oval-cut diamond with a full eternity band is a really beautiful style and choice for an engagement ring. First and foremost, it is elegant and stylish. Yet, it is timeless in its design which means you will never have to worry about the ring falling out of fashion. That…
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Square Diamond Ring with Half Eternity Band

A simple, yet classic and elegant ring such as a square diamond ring with an eternity band makes for a great engagement ring. First and foremost, it is beautiful and stylish. But more than that, it has a classic look and feel. Later in this article, we will make our case as to why classic…
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Marquis-Cut Diamond Halo Ring with Eternity Band

Selecting a ring such as a marquis-cut diamond ring with a halo and an eternity band is a really great choice for those who are looking for a really fine engagement ring. The great thing about a ring such as this is that it actually combines three classic and timeless styles. These styles combine into…
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luxury pear diamond ring

Luxury Pear Diamond Ring

It is interesting to see how the jewelry market dominates the general fashion world. The jewelry market always has an exciting variety we all want, which is why it is continually on the rise. This time, we have a luxury pear diamond ring. What makes it luxurious? The emergence of these luxury pear diamond rings…
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Radiant vs Oval Diamonds: Which is Better?

When you choose an engagement ring, there are so many things to consider, such as whether you prefer a radiant or oval cut for your diamond. All this can make choosing the right engagement ring seem like a really daunting task, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. There are a few things you need…
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Yellow Diamond Halo Cocktail Ring with Eternity Band

Special occasions are a lot of fun and they can be the perfect place to show off a fun statement piece like the yellow diamond halo cocktail ring we feature in this post. A special occasion is one of those rare times when you can be over the top and have a ton of fun…
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Six-row diamond ring eternity band

Six-row Diamond Ring Eternity Band 

Creating a bond with someone who isn’t a family member is a lot of work. Our experiences together before any significant altitude of friendship or partnership take dedication. And, of course, a bit of luck. So, if you are one of the lucky ones, you may need to celebrate with your friend now and then.…
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round cut blue sapphire and diamond 14k white gold ring

Round Cut Blue Sapphire and Diamond 14K White Gold Ring

Are you a bride hoping to break away from the norms with your wedding ring? Then, a round cut blue sapphire and diamond white gold ring is what you need. This ring is an amazing way to stand out on your special day. Made popular by Princess Diana in 1981, and now Kate Middleton (who…
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Diamond and Sapphire Band in White Gold

High-end accessories like a diamond and sapphire band in white gold make great accessories for many different styles. The thing about accessories is that they can really make or break your look. This is why so many people put in a great deal of effort in selecting the best accessories for their style and lifestyle.…
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Halo oval engagement rings

Diamond Halo Oval Engagement Rings

Whether you’re out in search of a modest, timeless, or vintage-inspired engagement ring, an oval-cut diamond will be your surest bet always. Due to their extended shape, flattering effect, and ability to appear bigger than their actual carat size, diamond halo oval engagement rings are becoming more and more famous. Various celebrity engagements have contributed…
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Square Diamond Ring with Full Eternity Band

When looking for an engagement ring, it is hard to beat the quality and style of a square diamond ring with full eternity band. This is a classic and timeless style that shows its elegance and quality. It is a great option for an engagement ring as it features classic style and timeless design. When…
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Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring

If you are looking for elegance, quality, and style, it is hard to beat a ruby and diamond halo ring. This style of ring is truly timeless. It is one of those styles that never go out of fashion. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or want a unique statement piece, a ring…
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Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring with Half Eternity Band

When you are looking for something unique that shows your personality, a heart-shaped diamond ring with an eternity band is a great option. What you get with a ring like this is the classic glamour and style, but with a bit more personality than a classic ring. A ring like this is actually quite versatile…
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Five-Stone Diamond Ring

Whether you are looking for a wedding band or an elegant statement piece, a five-stone diamond ring is an excellent choice. It is an elegant and stunning accessory that looks amazing with a huge range of fashions. There is a lot of variation within this style of ring. The ring we feature here is by…
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men's diamond rings

Men’s Diamond Rings

Most people consider men’s rings to be limited to simple wedding bands with no flair, style, or adornment. That is rarely the case with men’s rings. They can be so much more with the prospect of men’s diamond rings. Particularly, men’s diamond rings offer an endless possibility when it comes to the available styles, color…
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Twisted-band Diamond Rings

When it comes to fine jewelry, the most important piece you can own is a wedding or engagement ring, so why not make it really unique like a twisted-band engagement ring? Just think, not only is this ring a testament to your love and relationship, it is something you will wear every day for the…
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Luxury Jewelry Store

What Makes Diamonds By Raymond Lee The Best Luxury Jewelry Store in South Florida?

Diamonds by Raymond lee is your last stop! Diamonds by Raymond lee is your leading Luxury Jewelry Store in Boca Raton, South Florida. For more than 30 plus years, we have been offering unmatched jewelry to our customers. We did this with the primary aim of ensuring maximum satisfaction and building a happy customer base.…
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unisex baguette diamond jewelry

Unisex Baguette Diamond Jewelry

Truly, unisex Baguette diamond jewelry cannot measure up in quality with the timeless Brilliant Cut diamond. Yet, these pieces of luxury are amazing when used as accents. How about when you use them in eternity rings? The result is stunning and lovely.  More so, these Baguette diamonds come at a low cost. That makes them…
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Diamond bangles present themselves as perfect items to complete your elegant look. You simply have to place them on your wrist to crown that stunning outfit.  Similarly, bangles add that grand touch to earrings and necklaces. The interesting part is that they do this without taking the shine away from these other pieces of jewelry.…
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