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Diamond Patek Pairing with Diamond Bands

Diamond Patek Pairing with Diamond Bands

Diamond Patek

Diamond bands; provide a beautiful reminder of the timeless nature of true love. Especially when paired with a diamond Patek.  Like an everlasting love, these Luxury Diamond Patek bands have no beginning or end. For lovers of all things shiny, diamond bands can hold an even greater draw. The multitude of diamonds set into the design delivers an extra pop of sparkle to your ring finger.

Unlike traditional wedding bands, which feature diamonds on the top. It also has a plain band on the back of the ring; diamond bands form a continuous circle of diamonds. Especially with its Diamond Patek pairing.

Can I Use a Paired Diamond Band in Place of a Traditional Engagement Ring?

The Luxury Diamond Patek band looks striking when paired with a classic solitaire. Which is a brilliant halo or with an elegant three-stone design. Eternity rings also make wonderful anniversary gifts for milestone anniversaries. These rings add glamour to any wedding set. But, an increasing number of modern brides also like these bands. They prefer it as a stand-alone engagement ring. And they’re in good company.

Many cultural icons like diamond bands instead of a more traditional engagement ring. Cultural icons like Audrey Hepburn, and Kelly Klein among others.

Moreover, diamond bands can pair with other diamond cuts. And this means that you can position the band between two smaller bands for the ultimate.

Are There Different Kinds of Diamond Bands?

The simple answer to that question is ‘Yes.’ There are many diamond band iterations. Although these Luxury Diamond Patek bands generally follow a simpler design. Simpler than your average engagement ring. There is lots of room for divergence from style to style. Between diamond shape and setting style, the design of these diamond rings varies. So, it’s a good idea to look at a few different styles of eternity rings before you commit.

Can I propose with a Luxury Diamond Patek band?

As popularity for customized engagement rings has surged. Several couples prefer to design an engagement ring together. But this interferes with the spontaneity of a surprise proposal. Could proposing with an eternity band be the answer?

Well, yes and no. Eternity bands are still considered avant-garde for many brides. Ensure your partner wants to incorporate a diamond band into their wedding set. Right before you go to buy.

Yet, she has expressed interest in a Luxury Diamond Patek band. Then, you may have found the perfect placeholder for a surprise proposal. By proposing with a Luxury Diamond Patek band, you can surprise your future partner. Without excluding her from the design process for her engagement ring. Ensure you have an accurate idea of her ring size before you buy an eternity band!

Can I Resize a Diamond Band?

Unlike most traditional wedding bands, the lack of a sizing bar can pose a challenge. This is especially when resizing an eternity band.

It is difficult to resize a Luxury Diamond Patek band. Although not impossible, the process can be both costly and hard on your ring. We recommend you opt for a custom-made Luxury Diamond Patek band to ensure a perfect fit. That way, you can avoid the challenges of ring resizing altogether.

Either way, it is important to ensure you have a valid and accurate measurement of finger size. Even before you make that investment.

How to Wear Wedding, Engagement and Luxury Diamond Patek band

Getting engaged and getting married are two of the most momentous occasions in anyone’s life. So much so that the special event is marked with the gift of an elegant ring. Once you introduce a diamond band into the picture. It can be a little confusing to know how you’re meant to wear all three of your precious rings so they look their best.

How to wear wedding, engagement and eternity rings

Engagement ring

The engagement ring is usually worn on a woman’s fourth finger on the left hand. On the wedding day, some brides choose to move the ring to the fourth finger. They do this to make the wedding ring ceremony go smoothly.

After the wedding day, the engagement ring is usually moved back to the ring finger. But, if the wedding ring and engagement ring don’t match.  Then it’s common sense to keep the engagement ring on the fourth finger of the right hand.

Wedding ring

Wearing a wedding ring is a little more straightforward than an engagement ring. This ring is always worn on the ring finger on the left hand of both men and women.

Because many women want to wear their engagement ring and wedding ring on the same finger. We sell bespoke wed-fit rings at Diamond by Raymond Lee. These rings are designed so they’ll not only match your engagement ring. But also, they will form a shape so they both sit well. 

Luxury Diamond Patek band 

There’s no set way to wear a Luxury Diamond Patek band, so it’s up to you. One of the most common ways is to wear it on the ring finger on your left hand. Then you can sit on top of both the wedding ring and engagement ring. This can look stunning if all your rings work well together.

Another way of wearing all three rings together is to place the wedding ring on the ring finger on the left hand. Then you follow it with the diamond band and then the engagement ring. Since wedding bands and eternity rings usually look similar they pair well.

Depending on the thickness of the bands, all three rings together can be cumbersome. If this is the case, most women choose to move their Luxury Diamond Patek band to the fourth finger. And this keeps the wedding ring and engagement ring on their left hand.

It’s your choice

Any way you choose to wear all rings paired with the Luxury Diamond Patek band is up to you. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. The above guides are based on long-established traditions. Play around with your rings until you find a way that feels comfortable and makes you happy.

A Luxury Diamond Patek band was given on a significant anniversary. It is usually 35 years or more, and its intent is to be worn above any other ring to complete a stack of three rings. The modern trend seems to be an eternity band being given upon the birth of a first child. 

To find your perfect Luxury Diamond Patek band, we suggest you look at its difference. Especially when compared between full, three quarter and half diamond bands.

Should I Buy a Full Luxury Diamond Patek band?

The sentiment of a full diamond band is romantic. But there are practical issues surrounding a full diamond band. Many find a full row of diamonds uncomfortable to wear, particularly in a prong set ring. The diamonds on the palm-side of the wearer’s hand can scratch things and dig into the skin.

However, the biggest issue is about re-sizing. A full diamond band cannot be resized. Very few people will wear the same ring size forever. So should your eternity band no longer fit, the only option is to remove it. If you want, you could reset the diamonds in a new band; this is a timely and costly process. A full diamond band is also less versatile than an heirloom piece of jeweler. 

If the issue of re-sizing concerns you, there are two, stunning alternatives. The half diamond band and the three-quarter diamond band:

  • A half Diamond band features diamonds to the side of the finger.
  • The three-quarter takes it a little further, the diamonds finishing beneath the finger.

The number of diamonds used is based on the ring size that you choose. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the diamonds stretching to the wrong place on the band. And these rings provide ample room at the bottom of the ring to be re-sized up or down.

Luxury Diamond Patek band Settings

The setting you choose will have a big impact on the look of your ring. From showy prong settings to delicate pave twinkles. There is no limit to finding the ring that is perfect for you.

It is worth thinking about whether your eternity band is intended to sit next to other rings. If you are pairing your diamond band, look for settings that will sit flush against another ring. An Endless Love diamond band is the perfect addition to any bridal set. The sleek channel setting will sit against other rings. More so, they add a head-turning twirl of round brilliant diamonds.

Diamond Band That can be paired with a Diamond Patek

We’ve searched our selection of designer diamond bands to bring you some of our favorites.

The Classic – White flash Half-Eternity Tiffany Style

This twinkling half-diamond ring is as practical as it is beautiful. The classic bead-set is finished with round brilliant diamonds. This ring speaks for itself.

The Detailed Beauty – Tacori Petite Half-Eternity

Delicate detailing and a prong setting make this Tacori creation a natural choice. It’s good for those looking to add a sparkling work of art to their hand.

Minimalist Chic – Benchmark Spaced Eternity Diamond

Benchmark set a new bar for modern, minimalist eternity bands. This ring features round brilliant diamonds in a spaced, rim setting. It is finished in 14k white gold. This may not be your traditional diamond band, but the sentiment and beauty are as prevalent. This is a versatile style of diamond ring that can be paired. 

European Romance – Ritani Hand-Carved Grecian Diamond

Ritani proves time and again that the devil is truly in the details. This ring forgoes the traditional channel set diamonds, and instead spaces the round brilliant stones with intricate, hand carved, Grecian metal work. The diamonds are bezel set and nestled amongst the delicate leaves of the ring for a romantic, fairy-tale creation.

Timeless & Traditional – Benchmark Full Luxury Diamond Patek band 

Clean, simple lines and an eternity of twinkling round brilliant diamonds; you cannot argue with the classic beauty of this Benchmark masterpiece. Can be worn as part of a bridal set, but is just as striking worn alone.

Diamond Masterworks – Whiteflash Annette’s U-Prong Diamond

This ring is all about the diamonds. Set with A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows diamonds, this ring gives unrivalled sparkle, while the U-prong setting allows light to flood each and every one of the premium stones. If you desire a ring that turns heads from across the room, look no further.

Pave Perfection – Ritani Open Micropave Eternity

Closing the show is this dainty but powerful design from Ritani. The Micropave setting presents an endless sparkle that truly embodies the eternal love symbolism, while the open nature of the setting allows maximum light to reach the diamonds. A twinkling treasure.

Where Should I Buy a Luxury Diamond Patek band?

As with all diamond jewelry, your eternity band should come from a reliable and trusted jewelry source. As the largest provider of diamonds in the Midwest, Buchroeders is at a unique advantage when it comes to eternity rings. Come visit Diamond by Raymond Lee to see some of our favorite eternity bands for yourself.


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