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Diamond Patek Philippe Watches

Diamond Patek Philippe watches are the epitome of luxury. We love the elegant, timeless design and the beauty and masterful design of Patek. As “they” say – you don’t actually own a Patek Philippe, you just take care of it for the next generation. These watches are built to last several lifetimes!

Patek Philippe the manufacture traces its roots back to 1851 – it’s relatively young, as far as luxury watch brands are concerned. The partnership of Antoni Norbert de Patek and Adrienne Philippe though, reverberates through the centuries and the name is one of the most highly respected watchmakers in the world.

The company holds over 70 watchmaking related patents, having also produced a watch called the Calibre 89, a watch that utilized over 2,000 individual parts and took over 5 years to research. But really, every single watch made by Patek is a work of art. And when you add diamonds to the equation, you get something truly remarkable.

At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we’re known for our expertise in buying and selling luxury estate watches. And whenever we have the opportunity to buy a diamond Patek Philippe in great condition, we eagerly pursue it. We’re happy to pay top dollar for these watches, because we know they’re an investment. Even if they require some refurbishing at the hands of our expert watchmakers, we know they’ll make an excellent addition to our pre-owned watch collection… and eventually a great addition to a private collection.

So today, we wanted to highlight just a few of our diamond Pateks. As estate jewelers, our inventory is constantly evolving. So if you see a watch you love, don’t wait to snap it up. If not, be sure to reach out to us – even if we don’t have quite what you’re looking for, we can add you to a waiting list, or even keep an eye out specifically for a model number you’re interested in. It’s our passion to share gorgeous timepieces with those who love them as much as we do! Now, onto the diamond Patek Philippes.

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How great is this Patek Philippe 5087 Aquanaut with diamond bezel? The quilted black dial is clean, but rugged in a great contrast to the factory diamond bezel. A smooth stainless bracelet is the perfect complement.

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We love the Patek Phillipe Twenty 4 for ladies. It’s streamlined and substantial, but not overwhelming. The clean lines and minimalist Roman dial get an injection of glamour from the diamond bezel and markers.

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And if we weren’t obsessed enough with it in the white dial version, we can’t get enough of the sultry, polished grey dial.

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Finally, when you say you want a diamond Patek Philippe and you really mean it, allow us to present the Patek Philippe 5719/1G Nautilus. Yes – those are all factory diamonds. And this watch, while undoubtedly indulgent, is still more than $40,000 less than retail and is still sealed tightly in its protective plastic, in pristine condition. And in case you had any doubts as to its opulence – this is DJ Khaled’s watch of choice.

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