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Verragio vs Tacori

Verragio vs Tacori…how do we compare the two? These lines are two of our premium designers carried at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. They’re also at the top of our lines, with unparalleled detail, glamour, and quality. But, they’re two entirely different designers, two very different aesthetics, and therefore appeal to very different brides. But, because these are two of our most popular designers, we’re constantly fielding questions about these two lines – so what’s the difference? Well, one thing both of these designer brands have in common is their answer: the difference is all in the details!

Verragio Engagement Rings

  • Verragio’s rings are designed and created in New York City, where Barry Verragio first founded the line, after designing the very first Verragio ring: his wife’s.
  • Verragio’s trademark is the Lumino setting. This setting “appears to suspend the center stone in mid-air, unobstructed by metal. This allows more light to interact with all of the diamond’s facets. It also creates a uniquely delicate look for the entire ring, with minimal metal and plenty of open air space to let the design elements gently enhance the diamond – never overshadow it.”
  • Verragio’s different collections draw their inspiration from women. Every ring is designed to reflect the feminine beauty of the woman who will wear it.
  • Verragio details are over. The. Top. In the very best way. No angle of any ring is overlooked, and every collection adds a signature touch, think French micro-beading, an added inner band, a secret diamond tiara tucked beneath the Lumino setting, or a kiss of rose gold where you least expect it. Verragio rings delight and surprise.
  • Verragio rings and their perfectly coordinated wedding rings (for both men and women) cover a wide range of price points. The Verragio Classic line is the most affordable, with engagement ring settings starting at $1,550. The most intricate (and most expensive) is the Venetian collection, with rings that start at $2,900 and range to $5,600.

Tacori Engagement Rings

  • Tacori rings are handmade in California, where Haig Tacorian began his family legacy after moving to the US with his wife to pursue this dream.
  • Tacori engagement rings are known for their trademark crescent design. “It’s our signature,” Tacorian states. Naturally, it’s copyrighted. But it’s also passionately protected by Tacori, with more than thirty lawsuits filed against any enterprising thieves who want to copy the look. In addition to legal protection, Tacori’s signature Crescent has another facet to its uniqueness: it’s hard to get right. It’s so difficult to replicate exactly that it serves as a stamp of authenticity in the vast majority of cases.
  • Each Tacori collection is inspired by a different aspect of California living. They all seamlessly blend Tacorian’s ideals of Old World craftsmanship with laidback California glamour.
  • Tacori rings are nothing but opulent. Even the simplest designs have intricate details and workmanship infused into every part of the ring. This is because of the unique way Tacori’s studio operates. Every single part of the ring has a team of experts behind it, highly trained, very experienced, and super specialized. They just do that one thing, and they do it perfectly.
  • Tacori engagement rings start at $1,300 for their beautiful Sculpted Crescent solitaire, and go all the way up to $21,990 for the diamond encrusted RoyalT line!

Both designers, most importantly, are sold at your favorite jeweler! Verragio is actually available at both locations in the Raymond Lee Family, in West Boca at Raymond Lee Jewelers and in East Boca at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Tacori is found exclusively at DBRL, and you can also shop both designers online. Both lines offer gorgeous customization options that we LOVE creating. Both lines offer lifetime guarantees in addition to our own warranty and guarantees. Both lines offer their designs in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold and platinum. Both designers create some of the most breathtaking rings we’ve ever seen, it’s just up to you to decide which one – Verragio vs Tacori – you love more!

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