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Tacori Engagement Rings

Tacori Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

We are so excited to have Tacori Engagement Rings in our soon-to-be full showcases at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. We also carry a full range of Tacori Bridal Jewlery

Tacori Full Bloom Halo engagement ring

Tacori Full Bloom Halo Engagement ring

Tacori is one of our premium designer engagement ring lines, and arguably one of the biggest names in engagement rings. Ask any girl, and odds are she’s familiar with their signature bold style and striking ad campaigns.

Tacori Pretty in Pink solitiare

Tacori Pretty in Pink solitiare

We fell head over heels for Tacori’s impeccable attention to detail – those Tacori Touches – and their classic, handmade in America, California style. Tacori’s artisan jewelry is famous around the world for its handcrafted perfection, and their engagement rings are no exception.

Tacori Gold halo engagement ring

Tacori Gold halo engagement ring

Founded in 1972 by Haig Tacorian, the company is born and bred Californian. The Tacorian family, who still operate and own the company, draw all of their inspiration from the California spirit, sun and surroundings. The effortless style, dreams-do-come-true attitude, and timeless glamor are California staples, and they’re all present in each of Tacori’s handcrafted settings.

Tacori Dantela engagement ring

Tacori Dantela cushion halo engagement ring

Tacori uses both cutting edge technology and the time-tested hand setting techniques passed down through generations to design and craft all of their beautiful settings. Tacori is famed for their iconic Crescent design.

Tacori Reverse Crescent engagement ring

Tacori Reverse Crescent Engagement Ring

“Tacori’s signature ring collection is defined by the unique design element of the crescent silhouette: interlocking half-moon arcs, which provide windows of light to reflect the brilliance of the diamonds placed within each crescent silhouette semi-circle.”

Tacori Sculpted Crescent

Tacori Sculpted Crescent engagement ring

Each Tacori engagement ring collection has its own signature style, but all fall under the umbrella of California cool, elegant design, flawless taste, and the luxury of a handcrafted, heirloom quality piece. There are fourteen individual Tacori engagement ring collections:

Tacori Princess cut Clean Crescent solitaire
At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we are proud to stock every Tacori line, and our master jewelers and diamond advisers will work with you to create your dream Tacori ring, with the perfect center diamond of your choice. We can also customize any Tacori ring to your exact specifications.
Tacori RoyalT solitaire
Tacori offers complementary modifications in the true spirit of California independence – Tacori Girls often have a style all their own and are eager to put their own spin on these beautiful designs. Both Tacori and Diamonds by Raymond Lee are happy to make that happen.
Tacori Ribbon engagement ring
You can view all of our Tacori engagement rings here, and start California Dreaming now.
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