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Halo Or Not Engagement Ring?

Halo or not engagement ring? Clearly, the answer depends on your personal preference, and that’s why we’ll never really have an answer to this raging debate. BUT! There are some practical considerations to make while you ponder the halo or no question.

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Halo Engagement Rings…

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  • There’s no way around it, a halo makes your center diamond look bigger. In actuality, all those extra diamonds add carat weight. In appearance, the added circumference, especially on halos that hug tightly to your center stone, with no space between, extends the diameter of your diamond. It’s our favorite kind of trick.
  • Because several smaller diamonds cost less than a single diamond of equal weight, that extra carat weight will cost you a lot less!
  • Halos, thanks to the mass of smaller diamonds, have added brilliance, giving your ring even more glitter and bling as they each do their own thing reflecting and refracting.
  • If you think a halo engagement ring guarantees you a one-way ticket to Cookie-Cuttersville, think again! With the reemergence of the halo style at the beginning of this decade, designers everywhere are reinterpreting the halo technique. Some of our favorite designers like Gabriel & Simon G. are doing incredible, unexpected things with halo designs!

No Halo Engagement Rings…

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  • Can you say classic? The most famous of all no-halo engagement rings are solitaires. Most people think of a solitaire when they first think “engagement ring.” But don’t think you’re limited to a round brilliant diamond on a platinum band!
  • No halo rings also include three stone rings, east-west settings, and breathtaking avant-garde designs!
  • Depending on the no-halo style of your choice, it may be more expensive. If, for example, you want a solitaire, you’ll want to put more of your budget toward a show-stopping center stone. However, a halo isn’t the only design detail these days. Look to French beading, micropave, filigree, and alternative metals (like our favorite, rose gold) to add more dimension to your ring.
  • You’ll never get tired of it. Probably. And you may not ever tire of a halo! But a non-halo style is classic for a reason, and there’s never been a major “trend” moment for these styles. That means they’ll never be linked to a specific time in jewelry history, giving away their age (and maybe yours.)
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Whether you want to halo or not engagement ring – wise, we’ve got you covered. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, all of our designers offer both styles, with near-infinite design possibilities. (except for the amazing Henri Daussi, who are masters of the unique halo.) And if you’re looking for something one-of-a-kind, our stunning estate pieces at Raymond Lee Jewelers come in both halo and non-styles (plus our own insanely gorgeous in-house designs!)


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