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Emerald-cut Two-tone Diamond Ring

Emerald-cut Two-tone Diamond Ring

Something incredibly unique, yet timeless, such as an emerald-cut two-tone diamond ring, is a great option for an engagement ring. You want to choose something that will be uniquely her, but that will also be able to stand the proverbial test of time. Think about it, an engagement ring is something that she will wear every day for the rest of her life. It needs to be something that she is going to love. And it also needs to be something that will defy trends. Choosing an engagement ring is one of the more difficult and intimidating things we are tasked with doing. Thankfully, we have a ton of experience helping couples find their perfect ring.

Here, we distill this information down to an easy-to-follow guide. First, we will discuss the things you will want to consider when you choose an engagement ring. Then, we make a case for why you should stick to classic styles. Finally, we take a look at a very special ring that combines three classic styles in one.

How to Choose an Engagement Ring

There are a ton of things you will want to think about when you are looking at an engagement ring for that special someone, but one of the first and most important things is going to be your budget. This is one of the more expensive purchases people make in their life and it makes sense to know what you can afford before you begin looking. There isn’t much worse than finding something you really like, only to find that it is outside of your price range. Next, if possible, find out what types of gemstone cuts and materials she prefers.

Finally, you will want to really consider her lifestyle. Is she a particularly active person? Does her job or hobbies entail her using her hands a lot? If so, you will probably want to choose something smaller and more unobtrusive than you might select if this isn’t an issue. Her engagement ring is going to need to be something that can go where she goes and withstand the rigors of her daily life. She needs to be able to safely wear the ring throughout the course of her normal day. This is why we recommend taking your time when choosing a ring and making sure that it is made from the best possible materials.

Why We Like the Classics

It might seem obvious to say so, but the classics are, well, classic. Just think about the little black dress. This is a look that, no matter what is currently in fashion, is going to look great. It is a look that you can’t go wrong with, regardless of what is in vogue. There are also pieces of jewelry that have these characteristics and we highly recommend them for engagement rings. It might be tempting to choose something trendy and stylish for your bride-to-be, especially if she is a style maven. However, we advise you to fight this temptation. Remember, this is a ring that she will wear every day for the rest of her life. Trends come and go, but that wedding ring is going to need to stand the test of time. This is why we so strongly recommend classic styles.

Regardless of what is the current rage, something like an emerald-cut two-tone diamond ring is going to be an elegant and timeless choice. It has those clean lines and profile that make it be able to withstand the constantly-changing trends.

A Classic with a Twist

The emerald-cut two-tone diamond ring we feature here is a great option for those who want to stick with a classic style, but that still want something that is unique for their bride-to-be. Here, what we actually have is three different classic styles that are combined into a single piece of jewelry. Firstly, you have the emerald-cut solitaire. This is one of the most classic styles as well as classic cuts for a gemstone. It looks stunning with pretty much anything and shows the depth and quality of the main diamond. There is also a halo, which as we will discuss below, is unique in that it is made from a different color of gold than the rest of the ring.

The use of two-tone gold is a really unique element of the ring. The band of the ring is a take on an eternity band, but with a little extra. There are rectangular-cut diamonds that are sandwiched between two layers of round brilliant-cut diamonds. These stones are meant to give off the maximum amount of sparkle and shine. You get the best of both worlds with all the different cuts of diamonds that feature in this elegant ring.

Large Emerald-cut Diamond

The focal point of this engagement ring is the emerald-cut diamond solitaire. In the ring we feature here, we have a very large, flawless, emerald-cut diamond. The great thing about the solitaire style is that it looks great with gemstones of any size. Whether you want something large like what we see in our feature piece here, or you want to stick with something a bit more moderate, it will look great in this cut and style.

Emerald-cut diamonds are a cut that, unsurprisingly, comes from a cut that is used for emeralds. The emerald is a much more fragile and brittle stone than a diamond, so it cannot withstand the same type and number of cuts. This look has become relatively standard for use with emeralds, but the look is one that is also great on a diamond. It has long step cuts, few in number, that allow you to see into the depths of the stone. For the emerald, it gave it a finished cut and shape that is unlikely to break the stone. For a diamond, it allows you to see into the depth of the stone. This is a great opportunity to show off the quality of your gemstone. We should point out that any imperfection in this diamond will be easily visible, so you will want to prioritize quality over size.

Two-tone Gold

Most engagement rings, and rings in general, are made from one type of metal, whether it is gold, silver, platinum, or some other material. This is because it is easiest to work with a single metal when working on jewelry and this is what a lot of people like aesthetically. However, sometimes you will see certain pieces of jewelry that feature two different types of gold which we call two-tone. The emerald-cut diamond ring we feature here is just such a piece.

The main bulk of the ring – the band and the prongs for the main emerald-cut stone – are made from white gold. A lot of people like white gold because of the cool, silvery hue that it gives off. Then, we have yellow gold which features in the halo accent of the ring. The way that the buttery yellow of traditional yellow gold offsets against the cooler silver creates a highly unique look, without taking away from the classic design and style of the ring. It is the use of two different kinds of gold that really sets this ring apart from other classic styles.

Yellow Gold Halo

A halo is a common accent to use on an engagement ring, making it yet another classic and timeless style. But here, we have something a little bit different. This emerald-cut two-tone diamond ring features a halo that is made from a different type of gold than the rest of the ring. As we discussed above, this gives the ring a unique look and feel and allows you to have the best of both gold worlds. A halo is an accent that gives the ring a bit more sparkle and shine and makes a lot of sense when you are using a step-cut ring that is meant for fire, not sparkle.

A halo consists of a small row of gemstones (in this case, diamonds) that encircle the main stone of the ring. What really makes this unique is that this halo is held in place with yellow gold. The difference in the color somehow manages to be bold, but not so distracting as to take away from the versatility of this piece. The gold and diamonds that feature in this engagement ring are of the finest quality and are well-made so that they can stand the test of time in every way we need it to.

Three-layer Diamond Band

One of the most unique parts of this emerald-cut two-tone diamond ring is the band of the ring. For many engagement rings, the band of the ring will be a simple metal band, or perhaps an eternity band. Eternity bands are bands that feature a row of stones that are inset into the band that go part or all the way around the whole band. What we have here takes some of its inspiration from the eternity band, but it also offers a lot more. This band features three layers of high-grade diamonds. This gives the band of the ring a slightly chunkier look and feel than a more traditional band.

This band features a row of flawless and elegant rectangular-cut diamonds. This row of diamonds is sandwiched between two rows of round, brilliant-cut diamonds. These three rows of stones create a highly-unique ring band that allows you to show off both the fire and brilliance of diamonds. The rectangular-cut stones are meant to show off the fire that comes from the depths of the stone. Whereas the round brilliant-cut stones are meant to show off the sparkle and play of light that comes from stones with many cut facets.

Uniquely Timeless

We really do feel that our case for classic styles when it comes to the engagement ring are pretty solid. She is going to be wearing this ring every day for the rest of her life, so it makes sense to choose something that isn’t going to go out of style. And think about it, her style is not likely to remain static over time. Chances are, her style is going to evolve as she ages and a classic ring is able to evolve with her changing style. But what’s also great about this ring is that, while it is timeless, it is also unique.

It features three different styles in one ring. Each of these styles is timeless in and of themselves. So when we put them together, what we have is still timeless. But since it is a unique combination, it is also unique. The emerald-cut two-tone diamond ring we feature here has even more uniqueness as well. This is due to the use of both white and yellow gold in the construction of this ring. It shows you how you can stick to the classics, but still find something that is unique to her style.

In Closing

Choosing an engagement ring is a pretty daunting task. It is expensive and there is a lot riding on our decision. We are being asked to choose something that someone else will wear every day for the rest of her life. It makes sense that this is not a decision to be made lightly. At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we have tons of experience helping a ton of people find the perfect engagement ring for their needs and budget. Here, we use that information to create a guide to help you choose the right ring. Then, we take a look at a specific piece and discuss the different elements that comprise it.

The emerald-cut two-tone diamond ring that we feature here is a great option for pretty much any style. Since it features classic styles, you don’t have to worry that the ring will fall out of fashion. However, with the use of two different kinds of gold, as well as three different classic styles, what you get is something that manages to be both classic and unique. This ring is an elegant and well-made ring that will be able to evolve with her changing style and withstand the ever-changing trends.


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