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Diamond bangles present themselves as perfect items to complete your elegant look. You simply have to place them on your wrist to crown that stunning outfit. 

Similarly, bangles add that grand touch to earrings and necklaces. The interesting part is that they do this without taking the shine away from these other pieces of jewelry.

Nevertheless, certain questions still arise about these grand pieces of ornaments. Some of them are:

What differences do diamond bangles have from other diamond bracelets? 

Are there certain considerations you must make before buying a diamond bangle? 

These and many more questions are details we provide in this article. Follow through as we take a trip into the elegant and bold world of diamond bangles.

A Dive Into The Origin Of Diamond Bangles

First, note that a bangle is a tough kind of bracelet. Bracelets that come in the form of bangles are products of numerous materials. Some of these materials used might be glass or sometimes, wood. 

However, the most precious bangles are products of precious metals. These come with diamonds or gems as embellishments.

Having said all of that, we proceed by diving into the source of these elegant and bold timepieces. Keep reading!

  • The Origin Of The Name

According to word history, the name ‘bangle’ is a word to mean ‘glass’.

As an English word, bangle originates from the Hindi word bungri. In Hindi, bungri as a word means ‘glass’. Simply put, glass bangles are metaphoric wedding jewelry pieces. These jewelry pieces appear on the wrists of women in India.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the item and the name take their origin from Hindi culture. In the Hindi culture, bangles are deemed to be carriers of good luck. The idea also extends to that these diamond pieces provide security in marriage. 

For these Indians, there is again a belief associated with when glass bangles clang against each other. The sound made from this clang staves off negative energy.

Meanwhile, the thinner these bangles are, the more lovely the sound will be. When you visit India, you will discover that these glass bangles are very accessible. You can find glass bangles in several varied colors. These varieties of colors are so the glass bangles chosen match the bride’s sari.

  • The Origin Of The Item

However, in modern times, diamond bangles emanate from South Asia. In clear terms, bangles are ancient pieces of jewelry.

In this part of the world, women wear these rings as ornaments for their wedding. This is a part of the moqqre tradition. This is an age-long tradition spanning over 5,000 years. 

Bangles continue to hold that position as one of the oldest items of jewelry globally. Diamond bangles and glass bangles existed all over the world for millennia now.

More so, archeologists in their expeditions discovered glass bangles and bangle bracelets generally in various ancient cities like:

  • The Ancient City Of Mayan
  • The Russian City 
  • African Tombs And Ruins.
  • Viking 
  • South Asia
  • Rome
  • Greece 

Another question anyone wants to ask is, who wore bangles first? And, here is your answer.

Back in 1973, British archeologists unearthed a prehistoric bronze statue. This bronze statue was from Mohenjo-daro,  in Pakistan. Another fascinating part is that the statue bears the name, ‘Dancing Girl’.

This bronze statue portrays a young woman in the nude. She has one arm completely wrapped in bangles. Moreover, the archeologists estimated this statue to date back to somewhere in 2,500 BC.

Hence, this will go down in history as one of the most ancient pieces of evidence. From this, we can safely say that bangles are accessories worn by humans.

However, since then till now, many amazing and renowned personalities continue to rock this piece of jewelry.

What Are Diamond Bangles?

The first point to note here is that diamond bangles come in a particular set shape. What this implies is that they do not clasp your wrist just as other bracelets do. 

In addition, these bangles are mostly more striking. This is thanks to their specific shapes. The shapes make them a little bit larger than other bracelets. Therefore, they go on to make more of an impression on the wrist of the wearer.

More so, there is one benefit derived from diamond bangles. This benefit is that these pieces of jewelry are very adaptable to various situations. Regardless of what you decide to buy, you’ll possess a statement piece of jewelry many people love.

Are they bangles with an array of diamonds set in a graceful line? Did you buy one with lesser diamonds that altogether create an outstanding, radiant structure? Always keep in mind that what you have is a grand ornament with a lot of grace.

Differences Between A Bangle And A Bracelet.

Several people want to know what differences exist between a bangle and a bracelet? Here you go!

A bracelet is any piece of jewelry worn on the wrist.

In that light, bangles will fit as an example of a bracelet too. However, what makes them unique is that bangles are rigid. That is to say that they are not flexible compared to how bracelets are. This is as bracelets come with links or chains to allow such flexibility.

Thus, the two points you should take away from here are:

  • A bracelet is a piece of jewelry made with links that make it flexible.
  • Meanwhile, a bangle is a rigid kind of bracelet made without these links.

Styles Of Diamond Bangles Based On Fastening And Wearing

The elegant nature and uniqueness of wearing bangle

In all, we have three major styles of glass bangles or diamond bangles. There is one major way to tell the difference between these styles of diamond bangles. All you need to check is the way the wearer wears them on their wrist. From that, we have the following styles:

  • Solid Bangles

These wear by simply pushing them over your hand. That way you get them on your wrist.

  • Torque Bangles 

These bangles styles come with a gap on one side. This space gives room for the bangle to be slid straight onto the arm over the wrist

  • Split Bangles

Split bangles come with a hinge or a spring. These are what allow the bangle to open and close. Again, there is a lock used to keep the bangle secured on the wrist.

Presently, you can purchase fine jewelry bangles drawn up with various materials. These materials include:

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Sterling Silver
  • Adorned with diamonds or gemstones.

Likewise, you can buy costume glass bangles. These bangles are products of materials like plastic or wood. They can also come from certain base metals like copper. 

Lastly, depending on the materials these bangles stem from, they can vary in how long they last. However, most of them last a lifetime. So, these diamond bangles pass easily as adored gifts and family heirlooms.

Best Occasions To Wear Bangles To

A regular, yet elegant diamond bangle comes off as a very adaptable piece of jewelry. These diamond bangles can add grace to a simple everyday outfit. More so, they come in as perfect accessories for a formal occasion.

Furthermore, you can rock classic diamond bangles as sole accessories. You can also stack many of them together to produce a more spectacular look.

Ultimately, bangles will always be an exceptionally desirable gift item. Hence if you need that perfect gift piece, classic diamond bangles are your best picks. 

First is that they are fitting for many tastes. Additionally, diamond bangles are neutral jewelry gift items especially when the relationship is still a new one.

Simply put, this isn’t that jewelry item packed with symbolism like a ring that is best presented for engagement purposes.

So, are you considering a perfect gift for someone special? Why not try to give them a diamond bangle. A bangle adds charm to a glorious occasion. They are ideal presents for women of any age.


Important Considerations When Shopping For A Diamond Bangle

  • Will you be rocking this timepiece as a standalone piece?
  • Will your diamond bangle appear together with other pieces of jewelry on your wrist?
  • What aisthe number of diamonds that will appear alongside? 
  • Again, what quality of diamonds or gemstones will you choose?
  • Which kind of precious material will the bangles come from?
  • Then, how about the size of bangle best suited for your needs? 
  • Did you consider the shape too?

Ultimately, you must decide which bangle you would like to buy. To do this is to properly consider the key standards and discern the best style for your needs.

  • Considering The Size And Clasp Of The Bangles

When you truly want a solid bangle that has no gap or hinge, the best thing is to measure it. You should try such bangles on before buying them. Also, you can check your jeweler’s return policy. Be certain you can slip it over your hand first.

However, are you getting it as a gift item for someone else? Then, you should buy bangles with a gap or a hinge. That rids the wearer of the struggle of fitting it on. Plus, if who you’re buying it for has a very tiny wrist, try a bracelet with links. That can be reduced by a jeweler when necessary.

  • Metal Alternatives

In selecting diamond bangles, the two best metals to pick from are gold and platinum. If you choose gold, the choice of which color of gold to use comes next. Will it be white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold?

This choice boils down to your particular priority. Also, which color will work best with the design. However, you must keep this in mind regardless of the color you pick. Every choice comprises an exact amount of pure gold. 

That way, the quality stays the same. Now, the color difference comes from a varied mix of other metals with the gold in equal quantity.

Truly, gold is less costly and less likely to get scratched compared to platinum. Nonetheless, gold isn’t as enduring as platinum is. Platinum keeps its glow and maintains its color for a longer period than white gold. 

  • The Carat Weight Of The Diamond

What do you think the cumulative diamond carat weight is? Well, it is the measure of the amount of all single diamonds featured in your bangle. Utilizing numerous little diamonds is much more economical than utilizing one larger diamond. Plus, you can still obtain that very stunning glitter.

  • The Clarity Grade Of The Diamond

Clarity is instrumental in measuring the number and size of flaws within a diamond. Still, it is a significant measure of quality. These flaws are known mostly as inclusions. 

  • The Size of The Bangles

In selecting the style of bangles you like to buy, it’s vital to evaluate the size of the bangle as well. Hinging on the event in question and the outfit you plan to sport, you may choose a tinier bangle. 

Additionally, It’s very smart to consider the size of your other pieces of jewelry. Also, your bangles must complete the other pieces of jewelry grandly. It should do the same with your outfit 

  • The Shape Of The Bangles

Lastly, diamond bangles come in various shapes Therefore, bear in mind that the shape of the glass bangles must be considered before making a purchase. 

Consider the grasps as well. Check whether the person you’re buying for will find it easy to grasp the bangle. That is one way you can rid them of the struggle they might face when wearing it. 


These can come in two ways. You might be considering getting diamond bangles for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. Thankfully, you now have sufficient knowledge about these elegant and bold timepieces. Making that choice is now easier.

This article exposes you to every single detail you must know to get the best quality and most fitting piece. In this text, you get further recommendations and tips that help you choose the right diamond bangles or glass bangles.



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