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Bell and Ross (B&R) began its journey to stardom in 1992. This watchmaker was prolific for making no-nonsense watches. Hence, when it produced the BR 01 Cyber Skull wristwatch, it was simply another revolutionary timepiece from a revolutionary brand. Furthermore, Bell and Ross initially manufactured watches for the French military and police units like RAID and GIGN.  However, this brand extended its repertoire into a different sphere. They simply created a blend of sci-fi and military ideas. And, the brand applied this blend in such a revolutionary ingenious way. One of the watches born out of this ingenuity came out a few years back. These are the watches that featured a dial matching the figure of the fighter jet’s head-up. In addition, the BR 01 Cyber Skull depicts a theme that’s personal to B&R. This theme continues to be one recurring characteristic in B&R’s collections for over ten years.  In 2009, the first skull watch from the brand hit the watch industry as an insurgent timepiece. This production came well before this kind of timepiece became a trend. Note that the skull motif is an inspiration taken from military symbols. The kind of emblem you find on military outfits in those airborne units. Although, this theme might appear related. However, the Cyber Skull is in various aspects a realization of the whole plan. With this Cyber Skull timepiece, the improvements made to the watch aesthetically and technically are obvious. To describe the Bell and Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull wristwatch correctly is to see it as a sci-fi rendition of the vanitas. This Cyber Skull timepiece comes in a case and dial of black ceramic.  More so, the powerhouse of this timepiece is a proprietary movement. The movement features a mechanism that unfolds and shuts the skull’s jaws when the movement is wound.

An Overview Of The Bell And Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull Wristwatch

This timepiece is a finished product in terms of structure and technical finesse. This position is even truer when you judge it from the view of its price point.  Note that the BR 01 Cyber Skull is more celebrated than the regular Bell and Ross watch. However, it costs more than the regular Bell and Ross watch. Virtually every element of the watch came in as a specially designed part. It parades a specially designed case, same for the dial and the movement.
  • Bell and Ross Cyber Skull Design

Moreover, the design of the BR 01 Cyber Skull wristwatch is unique. This is regardless of how fashionable the skull is in recent watch productions.   Practically, you can catch a futuristic glimpse of the trademark square B&R case. Look-wise, the Cyber Skull comes with an ultra-modern, polygonal appearance. This picture brings to memory a digital rogue in a sci-fi film. Meanwhile, this sets the watch apart from other skull timepieces. This is as these others are mostly tending towards a refined tone. Although this sometimes leaves traces of extravagance.
  • The Large Size Of The Cyber Skull Wristwatch

In line with the structure, the Cyber Skull timepiece is quite large. Yet, we believe the size is perhaps perfect for the style of the wristwatch. This watch would miss out on some of its graphical attraction if it appears in a smaller size. In detail, the watch measures a diameter size of 46.5 mm. Meanwhile, it wears narrowly smaller thanks to its very short lugs. For a wristwatch of that size, it certainly wears excellently. The Cyber Skull timepiece is not too heavy. Although the structure of the watch might pass on a chunky feel.
  • A Product Of Top Quality Materials From Bell And Ross

The BR 01 Cyber Skull wristwatch is not just a common contemporary memento mori. The Cyber Skull timepiece from Bell and Ross is again a product of quality materials and specialized setups.  This watch matches the polygonal design of the skull. It comes in a case made up of numerous facets and pointed edges. This is a rather unique design for a ceramic case. Plus, the skull itself is a product of ceramics and it is again well achieved.
  • Bell and Ross Uses A Proprietary Movement

The movement used by Bell and Ross is a proprietary movement. This is a movement developed for B&R by movement creator Concepto. Particularly, this is a form movement. Hence, it’s not round like other movements are. Plus, the base plate follows the pattern of a skull’s shape.
  • Comes In At A Befitting Price 

The BR 01 Cyber Skull wristwatch is one of the costlier timepieces paraded in Bell and Ross’s collection. However, this timepiece comes in at a befitting price.  In all, this is a timepiece that combines a proprietary form movement with an automaton. Then, it adds to the blend a smartly built ceramic case. With all of these, this Cyber Skull timepiece delivers a lot more than other Bell and Ross timepieces.  To add the icing on the cake, it’s likewise a remarkable offering at its price range. Certainly, you can rarely find any other products that match this watch’s presence.

The Design Of The Cyber Skull Timepiece

Compared to the brand’s previous skull timepieces, the Cyber Skull timepiece is minimalist based on its monochromatic impression. This impression is further expressed in a sleek output of clean lines.  In various ways, this is a stark contrast to various recent skull watches. Most of these recent ones lean on the animated side of their color and style in general. This situation is more dominant amongst those watches motivated by Mexico’s Day of the Dead. Due to this, the BR 01 Cyber Skull wrist watch carries a cold, and slightly digital image. This image properly suits the sci-fi idea.  First, its dial open helped in a lot of ways. More so, the majority of the moving facets appear piled up below the skull. Finally, the vacant space inside the case passed on a visual illusion of skull and crossbones afloat.

Into The Details Of The BR 01 Cyber Skull Wristwatch Dial

This watch might appear basic in form. However, it features a view of a skull and a cross. Plus, the dial appears peppered with delightful details. You can only understand this when you are up close thanks to the all-black look.
  • The Skull And Crossbones

The skull and crossbones are products of matte black ceramic. Hence, they appear balanced from a distance. However, these icons on the dial are actually three-dimensional. More so, they appear almost completely as polygons.  Furthermore, the facetted portion of the ceramic parts adds depth to the dial. Therefore, despite being matte, the ceramic still reproduces light even though it might be slightly. This light further reveals the various surfaces of the skull in the dial.
  • The Ceramic Parts Of The Dial

The whole ceramic dial parts come in very exact shapes. The planes and edges of this Cyber Skull timepiece appear well-defined and neat.  Sandblasted or not, the various facets are useful in establishing a textured appearance. This appearance comes forth in shades of grey. Close to the ceramic skull of the BR 01 Cyber Skull watch, you can view the mechanical workings of the watch. Likewise, the wheels of the moving train appear on the left side of the skull. Also, the mainspring is evident in the middle of the jaws.  Furthermore, the open-close movement of the jaws while winding enables the mainspring to add to its functions. Now, it doubles up as a power reserve pointer. It portrays the state of wind.
  • The Exposed Balance

Nevertheless, the exposed balance at the 12 o’clock position is not too great. The flux of the balance is impressive especially when you add the swinging of the pallet lever. However, it appears slightly out of place with the ceramic skull and bones.  Clearly, the ceramic parts are of the 22nd century. Yet, the Etachron regulator is certainly of the 20th century.  Lastly, the B&R logo appears on the base of the crystal. That way, it reduces its visual load.
  • The Hands-On The Dial

Grandly, the hands stay out of the way of the skull. These hands appear in a striking baton structure. Plus, the hands fade into the background. However, this allows them to prevent appearing like a mustache from a certain point of view. Additionally, the hands cramp up with black Super-Luminova. This appears as dark grey but sometimes it is almost black at certain periods in the day. However, it glows green in the dark. Amazingly, the legibility of this Bell and Ross product is as good as they come. Because the hands are a dark shade compared to the ceramic skull, they stand out effortlessly.  More so, Bell and Ross make the most of ultra-legible, fuss-free aviator timepieces. This might not fall in that rank. But, it is not far off.

The Ceramic Case Used By Bell And Ross 

This is a product of the square case which is the signature shape of Bell and Ross. The inspiration of the form is from cockpit instruments found in jet fighters.  Hence, the Cyber Skull timepiece maintains the exact outline. However, it consists of polygonal surfaces. All of these surfaces resound the design of the skull. Particularly, the BR 01 Cyber Skull watch comes in a unique case. This case is one of the few ceramic cases that appear angular with striking elements. Several ceramic cases come in softer lines. These lines are simpler to create.  But, the accurate lines and angles of the Cyber Skull timepiece vase are outstanding. Every corner of the case comes with four flat surfaces. And they all merge at a single point. Due to the absence of a bezel, the case stops in a slim step. This is right before the thick sapphire crystal parading a faceted border. This border renews the facets of the case. The case gives a desirable look to the BR 01 Cyber Skull wristwatch. Nevertheless, the height of the crystal will possibly make it susceptible to chips on its brims. Another thing to note is that the case is completely sand blasted. Yet, the flat, black image that comes from it fits the motif perfectly Lastly, the quality of the case is no shock. Just as it is with many Bell and Ross cases, this is a product of Chatelain.

The BR-CAL.206 Movement

The BR 01 Cyber Skull wristwatch is not the same as most memento mori timepieces. The watch does not use a stationary skull for adorning effect. This Cyber Skull timepiece boasts an advantage as regards its movement.  Unlike many other Bell and Ross timepieces powered by mainly stock, third-party movement, the Cyber Skull timepiece is different. This timepiece comes equipped with a movement created from the beginning. The BR-CAL.206 inside this watch is a product made to integrate the skull. Thanks to it, this watch is a seamless blend of aesthetics and mechanics. The movement is thanks to Concepto. He is a complications expert. His latest works comprise the Breitling Datora triple-calendar chronograph. As for the BR-CAL.206, the shale is rare.  Furthermore, there is an extra with the simple automaton. In all, the BR-CAL.206 is a radical representation of a form movement. Most of these movements come in rectangular or tonneau shapes. 

Key Specifications Of The Bell And Ross Cyber Skull Timepiece

  • Product Name: Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull
  • Total Size Diameter: 46.5 mm
  • Material Used: Ceramic
  • Crystal: Sapphire
  • Strap: Rubber
  • Movement: BR-CAL.206
  • Winding: Hand wind
  • Frequency: 28,800 beats per hour (4 Hz)
  • Functions: Hours and minutes with skull automaton
  • Water Resistance Level: 50m
  • Power reserve: 48 hours


The BR 01 Cyber Skull wristwatch is a perfect product in various aspects. This Cyber Skull timepiece from Bell and Ross embraces a common motif. Yet, it utilizes it in the most original design. Also, the timepiece is excellent in the area of case quality.  More so, this timepiece comes at a rather fair price when you consider the movement and materials used.

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