Bell & Ross Debuts PW1 Argentium with a Minute Repeater Complication

Bell & Ross recently debuted the PW1 and WW1 Argentium watches, which feature minute repeater complication and Argentium construction. Bell & Ross has not divulged how many of the limited edition watches they will be making, but the very unique construction alone will no doubt make them highly collectible.

The PW1 Argentium actually debuted last year, but Bell & Ross recently added a minute repeater complication to the watch to truly make it a luxury timepiece worthy of the Swiss manufacturer. It should be noted there are actually two watches in the line. The PW1 Argentium is a pocketwatch, and the WW1 is the wristwatch.

Both watches feature argentium construction; argentium is a sterling silver alloy that replaces some of the 7.5% copper with germanium, which makes the new alloy (which is still sterling silver, as it has 92.5% silver) tarnish resistant. They key feature of the watches is the minute repeater complication, however.

A minute repeater complication is actually one of the most complex complications, and the most difficult to manufacture. Only the most skilled of expert watchmakers are able to create a minute repeater complication, which is why they are typically found exclusively in high-end watches. A repeater complication actually sounds off the hour and minutes with low and high tones, respectively, as a clock would.

Most repeaters in a watch sound off only on demand, when you push the button, and they come in a variety of movements. Repeaters come in the following demarcations: hour, quarter, ten minute, half quarter, five minute, and minute. The inner workings of a repeater mechanism require the ability to create the “gong” by striking a wire within the watch, before returning to its original position.

The introduction of the famously complex minute repeater complication to their line of watches brings Bell & Ross to a new level of status in the horological community.

Matthew H for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.

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