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I Don't: Wedding Guest Favors

Darling brides, we know how hard you’re working to plan your wedding. The moment you slipped that gorgeous engagement ring on your finger, you’ve been the queen of the spreadsheet, the master of your budget tool, the empress of your wedding binder. You’ve trimmed your guest list within an inch of its life, you’ve negotiated your venue down 20%, and you’ve hunted high and low for vendors who you love, trust, and are the best deal you could find. You’ve worked tirelessly to eliminate unnecessary expenses and stretch that wedding budget as far as it will go. But now you’re contemplating wedding guest favors.


Like live peacocks strolling your cocktail hour or peonies to decorate the parking lot, the wedding guest favors are one of the easiest things to eliminate to cut costs. We know, we know, your mother in law (or even your inner Martha) is balking at the idea of sending your guests home empty handed, but let’s take off the bridezilla colored lenses for a moment. Party favors originated as a way to console tiny birthday guests that they weren’t the ones tearing through a pile of luridly wrapped Nerf guns and Barbies. Your guests, for the most part, are adults. Adults who are honored and excited to witness you and your husband committing yourselves to each other.


Your guests are there to watch you get married, first and foremost. After that, if you are taking the time, money and sanity necessary to throw a celebration, they will already be grateful that you chose to include them. And feed them. And get them nice and liquored up. Think about it – if a friend you love took you out for a multi-course meal, kept the bubbly flowing, shared a wonderful time with you creating memories and maybe even a little dancing, would you be miffed if she didn’t send you home with M&M’s that had her face engraved on them?


We know – this is your wedding, you want it to be memorable, special unique. And you absolutely can have all of those things by dedicating whatever you were about to spend on those favors to something else. If your guests can’t immediately eat it or use it, those favors you agonized over will likely be left behind or tossed when they get home. Even if you find or make favors under $5 each, at 100 guests you’re out $500. That’s $500 you can use towards upgrading the menu, having a signature cocktail bar, a live orchestra during the ceremony, or even a photobooth for your guests (and you know what – those 2×7 printouts last forever and just might be considered a favor in some circles).


Whatever your wedding budget is, it’s about dividing it into the things that are most important to you. If showing your guests a wonderful time is high on your priority list, dedicate more funds towards those elements – not a mini blown glass heart with your names engraved on it.

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