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Prong-Style Engagement Rings

Designs that feature classic and timeless elegance, like prong-style engagement rings are a great choice for those about to tie the knot. We wear our engagement ring daily, so it makes sense we want to ensure that the look and feel of the ring is one we will want to wear every day. There are tons of different styles of engagement rings, so with a bit of effort and research, you can find the perfect ring for you or your significant other. 

Our engagement ring should tell others about ourselves. Not only does this ring denote our marital status, but it also tells others much, much more. The style and materials we choose for this ring tell others about our style, our sense of fashion, or personality, our social status, and more. This is why so many people take a lot of care when choosing their engagement ring. Not to mention that they will wear this day in and day out. So, the ring needs to be in a style that will work with how they live and dress.

The Endurance of Classic Styles

Classic and elegant styles are popular for a reason. These styles are timeless. They look great now, they did in the past, and they will in the future. Simple lines, quality materials, and fine craftsmanship come together to create a ring that has sophistication and style. This is why these designs stand the test of time. Elegant and classic styles look great with a wide range of fashion styles and personalities. They look great for any occasion. Whether at work or play, this ring will look stunning.

Elegance and Simplicity 

A classic design for an engagement ring is incredibly popular among people of a wide range of fashion styles. Prong-style engagement rings are a timeless design that allows you to express your personality and taste. The use of a simple, classic design that features only the finest materials shows that you have taste and class. And the great thing about this style is that it works so well with tons of different types of fashion and styles.

Whether you are heading in for a day at the office or for a night out with friends, a prong-style engagement ring takes your look to a whole new level of glamour and class. A simple ring that features high-end diamonds will give you sparkle and shine that looks amazing whether you are wearing casual attire or something more formal.

Timeless for a Reason

A timeless design like prong-style rings is a great choice as you can be sure that they will never go out of style. Trendy rings or those in eccentric styles may not stand the test of time. If you ever change your fashion sense as you get older, the ring may not work with your new style. A classic design looks great, even if you change your fashion sense. 

Engagement Rings Come in a Wide Array of Styles

The great thing about engagement rings is that they are available in a wide range of styles. This goes far beyond the prong-style of a ring as well. While this style may look great with a range of fashions and work great with different personalities, it isn’t right for everyone. If you want something more unique or in a different style, be sure to look around at all the varied styles you have to choose from.

However, even within the prong style, there are a lot of different designs to choose from. The most classic style of this ring will feature a single, large diamond. The diamond attaches to the ring via metal prongs. This is where the style gets its name from. Most diamonds will attach somewhere between three and six prongs. Four is a classic number and there are double prongs as well. This gives the finished ring a very unique look and feel. It gives the ring a classic look, but with a bit of a twist. 

Prong-Style Engagement Rings

As we mention above, prong-style engagement rings are a classic and timeless design. This ring style looks amazing with pretty much any style, whether you like simple elegance or bold and trendy fashions. They work well for people with a wide range of lifestyles and you can customize these rings to meet your specific needs and desires. 

The most simple prong-style ring will feature one large diamond held on the band with prongs. Most often, the prongs are made from the same metal as the rest of the ring. If you choose the single stone style of ring, you can use a stone of pretty much any cut and shape. The cut and shape you choose will give the resulting ring a different look and feel. If you choose diamonds for the main stone of your ring, you can choose from pretty much any cut and shape.

Different Stones

If you want a ring that features a different gemstone, you will want to make sure that the cut you choose is suitable for the stone. Not all stones are as hard as diamonds. More fragile gemstones have fewer options for cuts and shapes, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t choose something aside from a diamond.

Others like prong-style rings that have a bit more flash and glamour. Popular styles include multi-stone prong rings. These rings will feature a number of large stones, oftentimes three, that all attach to the band of the ring via prongs. Still others like the large, central stone that attaches via a prong and have a band with accent stones. This gives the ring more sparkle and shine and takes it a step beyond a simple single stone prong ring. 

Look Great with Large Stones

One of the great things about the prong-style ring is that it is one of the best styles to pair with a large stone. A large, high-grade, flawless diamond can take center stage in this style of ring and draw the eye to the quality and clarity of the stone. If you choose to go the large stone route, it is important that you choose a stone of the highest quality. This is going to be the focal point of the ring and needs to be of the highest possible quality.

More than Diamonds

As we note earlier, diamonds are not your only option. You can choose any large gemstone. Sapphires, emeralds, rubies, opals, and more, create a unique ring with a different look and feel. Different colors may be chosen depending on your style and preferences. Again, since not all stones are as hard as the diamond, you will need to make sure that you take the hardness of the stone you choose into account. You do not want to try to cut a fragile stone into a cut or shape it cannot handle. 

Though most people choose diamonds for their engagement ring, you do not have to relegate yourself to this stone. You also have the option of fancy colored diamonds if you like the hardness of diamonds but want a bit of color. Diamonds actually come in a wide range of colors, from pink, blue, green, yellow, and even black. This means you can easily find a diamond that best fits your personality and unique style. 

Diamonds and More

Diamonds are a classic choice for an engagement ring. There is a good reason for this. Not only does the diamond look amazing, but it is also durable and resistant. We wear our engagement ring each and every day, so it needs to be durable enough to stand the test of time. Another great thing about clear diamonds is that they are, well, clear. This means they will match with a wide range of fashions, styles, and won’t clash with other colors. 

Not everyone wants a clear stone. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t choose a diamond. There are diamonds in a wide range of different colors. If you want the hardness of diamonds, but a bit of color, these stones are great options.

However, diamonds are not your only choice. There is a world of gemstones out there and you should learn about the variety. Stones come in such a wide range of vibrant colors and capture light in different ways. All of these things will help guide you in choosing the best option for you. You should keep in mind the hardness of the stone that you choose. Since not all stones are as hard as diamonds, jewelers are unable to cut them into the same range of shapes and cuts.

More fragile stones cannot handle intensive cutting like diamonds can. This limits the different cuts and styles you can choose from. 

Accent Stones

A lot of people want something more than just a single large stone that attaches to the band with prongs. Prong-style engagement rings actually look amazing with accent stones. Accent stones are smaller stones that encircle the main stone or encircle the band of the ring. These stones give the ring a bit more sparkle and shine, especially if you choose diamonds.

Like with the main stone, if you choose diamonds for your accent stones, you have a lot of options. One popular option is to use pave-style diamonds to surround the main stone or run on either side of it. Pave-style diamonds are tiny diamonds. They are often cut in a round brilliant cut but can take other shapes and cuts. These tiny stones create a continuous line or band of stones. And if you choose round brilliant or another brilliant-cut stone, you get a ton of light refraction. This will give the ring such a bright sparkle and shine.


Others like to blend a prong-style ring with something akin to an eternity band. An eternity band is a ring that has small to medium diamonds that encircle the band of the ring. IWhen you pair this style with a prong ring, you flank either side of the large stone with a line of stones. The line of stones may go around the entirety of the ring or may just go halfway around the band.

These are, of course, not the only styles of accent stone you can choose from, but they are among the most popular. There is a range of ways you can feature accent stones on your engagement ring. They don’t have to be diamonds. You can use accent stones as a way to add a punch of color to your ring by using other gemstones. 

Varied Options for All Styles

The prong-style engagement ring is available in a wide range of options that make it easy to find one that perfectly suits your style. You can choose from a wide range of materials. This style of ring looks great with white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, pink gold, stainless steel, platinum, and more. It also looks great with a ton of different stones.

Of course, diamonds are the classic choice. This is because of their timeless elegance. They are also versatile because of their hardness, which allows them to be cut into any shape and cut. If you want the hardness of the stone but want some color, diamonds also come in a rainbow of colors. You can also choose another type of stone entirely. Any gemstone will look amazing in an engagement ring, but not all stones can be cut into all shapes.

In Closing

An engagement ring is something we will wear every day for the rest of our lives. This means we want to make sure that what we choose fits our lifestyle, personality, and fashion sense. For this reason, a lot of people choose simple, classic designs for their versatility. A classic, timeless design will not only stand the test of time but also look great with a range of different fashions and styles. 

Prong-style engagement rings are popular for just this reason. They are classic in design and look amazing with pretty much any style and work for any occasion. Another great thing about this style of ring is that you can use stones of any size, pretty any metal, and choose accent stones that give the ring an elevated look and feel of glamour and style. 


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