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Diamond bracelet for women: holiday bangles, pairings and sets

Diamond bracelet for women: holiday bangles, pairings and sets

where to buy diamond bracelet for women

When it comes to buying a diamond bracelet for women there are almost infinite options. From the large and bold presence of a diamond cuff to the thin and delicate gold diamond bracelet that you can stack. There are different designs and styles. Featuring geometric shapes and vintage or ultra modern designs. A bracelet for every taste and personal style no matter what age or personal style you are looking to shop for. Whether it is a bracelet or set for yourself to wear these holidays. Or a beautiful gift for a special woman in your life. These are some of our unique styles of diamond bracelet for women. Including some of the easy and timeless diamond designs like tennis bracelets for women. Beyond just the classic round cut diamond strand we have a range of cuts and carat sizes for you to choose from. In our widely curated collection

gold diamond bracelet for women

With all of these different styles and designs in an incredible range of precious metals and combinations it can be difficult to decide. However the options of diamond bracelet for women do not have to be limited to what you expect them to wear. Even if that  person you are shopping for is yourself! The holidays are a great time to step out of the ordinary and add some bigger or more extravagant sparkle. Or if that is your go to. It may be interesting for you to try some more subtle and subdued designs that you can stack high. The layered and stacked look can have a totally different take with your own individual choices and styles playing through. No two stacks need to look the same. You can always take it upon yourself to twist it up anew. Adding a range of different metals, diamond sizes and cuts. 

Options of diamond bracelet for women 

As we have said there are so so many different options of style when it comes to a diamond bracelet for women. Before even looking at the diamond cuts and sizes let us just look at some of the different designs. After all not all diamond bracelets are made the same. There are the ones with thin and delicate strands. Those with large stones and features. Otherwise a monolithic design dazzled with diamonds. All of these are options to wear with almost any holiday outfit. We are saying to go over the top! Iris Apfel style, more is more and less is a bore. So take the inspiration of different options of diamond bracelet and make it your own. Pair them, stack them and mix it up. The only important thing is to feel confident and that your very own combination spark joy. It is after all the holiday season. 

Let us take a look at some of the different styles of gold bracelets that are available. 

First the styles that are although not the most modern they are vintage and coming back into fashion fast. The vintage art deco style. A style predominantly focused on geometric shapes and patterns it sure is making a come back for the roaring 2020s. We can expect to see lots of these design elements appearing everywhere. And of course that includes the fine jewlery world. 

gold diamond bracelet set art deco style with halo

Geometric shapes and vintage art deco styles

These unique designs although called vintage do not have to be old school. The artistic style although peaked in the past is one that fits in with today. It is all about clear lines and shapes. These styles are particularly cool looks for jewelry. From the Audemars Piguet octagonal watches to these diamond bracelets featuring rectangular halos. The connecting strands between large carat diamonds also accentuate the open lines. Airy and with space between the stones these designs are eye catching as they are intricate as well. A stunning combination that when seen together shows the real modern look. A vintage inspired art deco definitely. However incredibly modern too. 

Holiday accessories inspiration: diamond cuff

The holidays are undoubtedly a time to take it to the top. Celebrations and commemorations for the end of the year, the holidays that we all celebrate and the general air of festivity. There is no doubt that everyone tends to indulge. In the end that is what it is about right? Commemorating life and another year. When it comes to the holiday parties they tend to be absolutely anything but quiet. So why should your fine jewelry and accessories be any different? A time honored tradition holiday outfits and decorations are stunning. The striking features of abundance, detail and of course joy. That is the tone we took when selecting some of these styles of diamond bracelet for women. The diamond cuff. 

diamond cuff

A large and presential piece of fine jewelry it is a statement piece. For when you walk into any room for your holiday parties is sure to catch the light. And the eye of your guests too! We have a few different styles of diamond cuff that you can choose from. You can pair them getting two of the same. One for each wrist. Or otherwise just rock the one big piece of bling. It is a complement to any and all holiday outfits. However they are particularly striking with long sleeves as they will accentuate the finale of your dress. Otherwise with a more flat design or plain short sleeve blouse or dress. The greatest thing about using your diamond cuff as the bracelet option is that it does not limit you to one statement piece. The diamond cuff can still be worn with large necklaces or statement earrings. 

stacking gold diamond bracelet

Stacking gold diamond bracelet sets

The stacks of jewelry have been an increasingly popular trend. Magnificent combinations and absolutely unqiue pairings are constantly the latest now a days. Whether that is how you layer necklaces or stack rings the trend is most definitely not just limited to the diamond bracelets. 

So how to stack diamond bracelets? 

Well first it is about choosing the look that you want to go for. Is it a monochromatic matching set? Perhaps a diamond on diamonds look. Once you know you can start to look at all of the different types of metal colors like yellow, white and rose gold. Then of course if you want to add some colorful gemstones to shake things up a bit! Otherwise an all diamond look works wonders too. Now, when it comes to the stacking of them there are the diamond bolo bracelet, the thin strands, the robust bubble style, cuffs, bangles and so much more. 

Take a look at the ones that spark joy for you. Which ones do you prefer and what look are you trying to achieve? For us there is nothing nicer than an iced out and stacked up high look. We have shown a couple of different pairing styles here but the best is to really mix them all up together. It creates a texture and unique look that simply cannot be recreated. It is your own personal preferences and styles pushing through first and foremost. Further there is the question of the different motifs that you can include. 

There is the tiny clover look ever so popularised in modern jewelry by the haute couture fine jewelry house Van Cleef & Arpels. Otherwise there are flowers, birds and other natural organic shapes. Or for a more modern abstract look there are shapes. Whether that is a line of diamonds or spirals there is one for everyone. 

Pairing diamond tennis bracelets

If none of these styles are really doing it for you then worry not. There is also the classic of all of the classics. The diamond tennis bracelet. A staple in any and all collections of fine jewelry a diamond tennis bracelet can still be very unique. Whether that is the diamond cut and carat that sets the diamond bracelet apart. Otherwise the pairing of different shapes and sizes that you create yourself when pairing them. There is also still the question of the fine metal that you choose. And how that color plays through the diamonds and sparkles bright. In the end it is all about what you want to achieve with the look. Definitely not as big a statement or grand entrance piece as a diamond cuff. However infinitely timeless the diamond tennis bracelet is a gorgeous staple that can be turned up a notch or even two. 

Accompanying diamond earrings and rings or earrings is one easy way to do that with a diamond tennis bracelets. However you can also put them together with unique luxury watches too. The added diamond strands really glam it up. Or if you have some colorful gemstone bracelets to mix in between your diamond tennis bracelets that is also beautiful. These work fantastic interspersed with other bracelets for those bracelet stacks and layers that we discussed earlier. The best part of the tennis bracelet is that you can just mix it right in. not much to consider as they are a staple that go with absolutely every look. No matter if you are spending the holidays down here in Florida or up north where the weather is colder. It is an easy to wear jewelry piece. Whether it is a large or small carat. You can rock it year round too. 

Where to buy diamond bracelet for women? Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton, Florida

The best place to buy all diamond jewelry but also a diamond bracelet for women is Diamonds by Raymond Lee. As the premiere destination for fine jewelry and diamond shopping in South Florida we take pride in our work. For the last three decades our family owned and family operated full service jewelry stores offer some of the best offerings. With a widely curated collection of different styles there is something for everyone. We carry a range of top designers in our colection. This is where to buy diamond bracelets. 

Designer jewelers: 

If you are looking for something unique beyond the big names we also carry our own private label diamond bracelets. As well as other jewelry. Including estate jewelry and even the ability to create bespoke jewelry. If you are interested in creating your very own jewelry piece for the holidays come and chat to one of our craftsmen. They will help you decide on and source the finest diamonds. Then create from scratch right in our state of the art in house workshop. Your dream diamond piece. There is no limit to what you can create. 

Beyond the ready made and gorgeous bespoke designs that we craft at our shops we also have a wide offering of luxury watches. After all a luxury accessory collection is not limited to simply jewelry. So we carry some world class fine time pieces from the likes of Cartier, Piaget, Rolex and more. Here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee you can find limited and special edition watches. Alongside some of the finest jewelry. All at our expertly designed state of the art shops. We look forward to serving you. As well as to the next thirty years of bringing excellence to Boca Raton! Our goal as always to grow. So if you are wondering where to buy diamond bracelets – it’s with us.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee contact information:

Feel free to send us an email, give us a call or just drop by if you are interested in buying any of the diamond bracelet for women featured here. We can also help find the perfect gift that you are looking for. Our diamond experts are available throughout the week. Just drop by and enjoy a glass of our best champagne with us!

Email: info@diamondsbyraymondlee.com

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