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Just Released! Diamonds and Donuts Car Film by Krispy Media

Just Released! Diamonds and Donuts Car Film by Krispy Media

diamonds and donuts

After a long wait, lots of anticipation, and months of hype, our Diamonds & Donuts car film, produced by Krispy Media, has just been released, and it is as arresting as we expected! Are you ready to watch one of the hottest car films to ever come out of South Florida?

diamonds and donuts car film

Diamonds and Donuts Car Film – SYNOPSIS 

The car film begins at night on the corner of NE 2nd Ave and SE 2nd Ave in Delray Beach, Florida. It’s the weekend and the streets are poppin’ with that South Florida vibe, so you know there are a lot of beautiful women. 

A swarm of McLaren’s and Lambo’s take the street by storm. Next thing you know the whole street is enveloped by exotics who all stop at the same time and flip their switchblades. It’s like a scene straight out of Fast & Furious or Fast Five, but instead of a bunch of Japanese imports or classic hot rods, these are purely the latest and greatest supercars. 

Tons of people flock the scene, they can’t believe their eyes. Smiles and shocked faces, phones in hand, everyone is filming this spectacle to get a classic and memorable IG or Snapchat Story. 

car video delray beach

All the cars a revin’ it, and it’s like an exotic supercar symphony. Then the fireworks follow, as the Lambo Aventador’s and the McLaren 720S and 570S’ start spitting flames. 

Then the film digresses, with the exotics taking off in a single file.

The Video


car film south florida

The video fades out and transition into a new scene, the heart of Delray – 2308 NW 5th Ave. This is where you’ll find one of the most intense graffiti art scenes in South Florida. The film takes in many of the vibrant wall murals that cover the streets of Delray (something we’d love to see in Boca someday). If you know anything about Delray, then you know what we are talking about when it comes to wall murals. 

Fully Built JDM Imports

At this point in the car film, our JDM import features turn up. 

For those who have been following this Krispy Media x Diamonds & Donuts production up to now, you know that we were scouting fully-built, heavily-modded cars a few months back.

We decided on 3 imports, which are as follows:

’99 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR
jdm import car film

The first feature of the three is a 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR, owned by Josias Gonzalez. The Skyline R34 GTR is the same car driven by Brian O’Connor in The Fast and The Furious, except this one’s mods are completely original to Josias Gonzalez. In our film, it pulls up next to a massive wall mural, and we get a few clips of the car from different angles, along with some sick close-ups.

’95 Spoon NSX
krispy media film

The next car is an electric blue 1995 Spoon NSX, owned by @bzyrice. This car is part of the Emotion Car Club in South Florida and it has a crazy build. In the video, you’ll see clips from different angles and some close ups of the rear-engine, interior, and body kit. This import is a certified masterpiece. 

’93 Mazda RX-7 FD
krispy media

The final import featured is a fire breathing, yellow 1993 Mazda RX-7 FD, owned by @gold_digger_7. This car is known around South Florida for stirring up crowds thanks to its insane build and performance specs. As with the other imports, we get shots of the car from all angles and viewpoints. And, it also pulls up to another one of Delray Beach’s biggest wall murals…one that matches the car impeccably – an obscure yellow, Hands Across America themed mural that covers the entire building. 

We will be featuring all three of the cars above in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to learn all about the background of these cars, the mods, and more.

Taking the Streets

The film then sees the fire breathing RX-7 take the street, engine roaring. As it turns a corner, it is met by the ’95 Spoon NSX and ’99 Nissan Skyline, who cruise behind the RX-7, creating a pack of fully built imports that are not to be tampered with. 

From here, we following the cars as they voyage the highway down to Miami. The drivers show off their cars in all their glory. Impressive performance stuff. All three cars have their own sound, acceleration, and special touch. Each as imposing as the next.

The setting gets dark as the sun goes down, and this part of the video fades out with the flame of the RX-7.

Supercar Couple with Matching McLaren 720S

supercar couple

It’s nighttime and we are back in Delray Beach, but this time, we reverted back to the exotic world. We have a scene of a purple McLaren 720S, owned by Caroline, and a blue McLaren 720S, owned by Wendel. These two are known around these parts as the Supercar Couple. 

We see Caroline murking the roads in her 720S, and inside we can see she is donned in breathtaking diamond jewelry from Diamonds By Raymond Lee. We also catch a quick glimpse of the high tech features of the McLaren 720S’ interior. 

Wendel is in his blue 720S with a newly bought Richard Mille RM011-FM…Although Richard Mille costs a Lambo, it also costs a McLaren.

The couple meets head-to-head at a cross-section, scissor doors open and the two simply smile at each other and take off at full force.

diamonds and donuts film

SALT7 – Delray Beach

Where is this Supercar Couple headed? 

Salt7 in Delray Beach

salt7 delray beach

As they pull up, all eyes are on them, as you’d expect. Switchblades go up. Then Caroline steps out dressed to the nine, and now we can see a clear view of her jaw-dropping ensemble of jewelry

diamonds and donuts party

The couple joins the party at Salt Seven. We see dancing, drinking and everyone just having a good time. 


car mansion

The next morning at the Supercar Couple’s mansion…

Wendel comes down the stairs, robed, RM011-FM still on his wrist. A newspaper, coffee and donuts are waiting for him on his marble kitchen counter. He picks up the newspaper, takes a sip of coffee, then he hears something outside that truly wakes him up.

So, he walks out the front door…and he drops his donuts at the sight he beholds.

What is it?


south florida donk cars

Three hi-riser Donks with low-profile tires and flashy rims are banging music as they drive by his house, and it is truly a display worth admiring…

From there, the video shifts focus to the “Donks”. We see the three Donks swerving lanes, owning the streets…

The gang of Donks pull up to their crib, and the vibe of the music changes to some feel-good hip hop. The fellas head to the backyard, where we see the fam enjoying time together. We are talking ping pong, mini golf, a trampoline, and a pool. All on active. That pure South Florida atmosphere. 

The scene fades out with an aerial view. We catch a glimpse of the gorgeous South Florida beach, and next thing we know, we are at Diamond By Raymond Lee for the start of Sunday’s monthly Diamonds and Donuts Car Show.

Diamonds & Donuts Car Show

diamonds and donuts car show film

The smoker’s out front, barbecue is on the ready, it’s time for Diamonds and Donuts! The best regular car show in Boca Raton, Broward County, and dare we say, all of South Florida. 

The Diamonds and Donuts car show we filmed for this video was from October 20th. It was an incredible event full of amazing cars and people, as per usual. But this one was extra action-packed. All of the cars from the film showed up, and a whole lot more. 

The JDM import scene was on fire. So many fascinating builds and JDM fanatics. 

The Tesla scene was off the charts too, all taking advantage of our electric car charging stations…PS, we urge any Tesla’s in the area to do so when needed.

And of course, the exotic scene was, well…exotic AF.

All types of Aventador’s, the line up was unbelievable. Multiple kinds of McLaren’s, from the 720S to the new 570S. A flock of Porsche’s, which included one of our favorites, the GT2RS. We weren’t lacking that American flavor either. Stormy came out with his new Ford GT.

We had diamond girls, diamond jewelry, and diamond Swiss watches.

Tri-county rescue was in attendance with pups – Adopt don’t shop! Moreover, as this was October, we were raising awareness from Breast Cancer, and all of our charitable efforts went to Boca Regional Hospital Foundation, as a way to support breast cancer and women’s health.

Diamonds By Raymond Lee’s Wall Mural

wall mural boca raton

A big theme for our video was the incredible art that floods the streets of Delray. As many of you know, we are doing a huge wall mural on our building. It is currently in progress. The artist is Kristin Pavlick. At the car show, Kristin Pavlick was working away on the mural, as everyone enjoyed good music and astonishing vehicles of all makes and models.

Note: We hope to make Boca Raton’s North Federal Highway and the art community as vibrant and special as Delray’s. As you can see in the video, they have one of the most remarkable graffiti and street art scenes in all of South Florida…better yet, the nation. So, let’s see if our wall mural can spark a Boca art scene revolution!

That’s where the film ended, with our Diamonds and Donuts Car Show. We now want to give a special thanks to Krispy Media for creating this masterpiece car film.  


krispy media car video

Krispy Media are the masterminds behind the scenes. The whole Krispy team is phenomenal, extremely talented, and they are just overall great guys to be around. 

We knew they made some of the world’s best car films after watching their work on Youtube many months back, but they still exceeded our expectations. 

These guys would give all the feature-length car-themed movies in Hollywood a run for their money. 

Chris Petruccio

krispy media

Chris is the founder, CEO, cinematographer, and genius behind Krispy media. His passion for videography and automotive culture is distinctly apparent. But not only is he passionate, his aptitude and expertise are truly above and beyond the rest. Seeing him work in person makes it clear as to how he has cemented Krispy media as one of the best car film production companies.

That said, it’s not only Chris who is a star and the reason for Krispy Media’s success. Krispy Media consists of a solid film crew, who are also long-time friends. 

There’s Mike Koziel, a cinematographer who has worked with world-renowned music artists like Post Malone. And, Sebastian Rodriguez, who is tremendously fervent about cars and photography, and has also worked with big-name rappers. 

Put simply, only the best of the best make up Krispy Media, and it shows with each and every car film they put out, including and especially this one – Diamonds and Donuts. 

Appreciation & Accolades

Huge thanks to Krispy Media for making this amazing car film for Diamonds and Donuts and to all the car owners who were featured in the film. You guys are all stars! The immense amount of work you all have done to create and be where you are today is commendable beyond what words can express. All of you always have a place at Diamonds and Donuts and Diamonds By Raymond Lee!

We hope you enjoy this Diamonds and Donuts car film as much as we enjoyed making it with Krispy Media. It brings so much emotion to the flourishing car scene here in Broward County and South Florida. Be sure to come to our Diamonds and Donuts car shows in 2020, as we will continue building the Diamonds and Donuts car community, making each event as big as the next. 

car film boca raton


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