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Diamonds and Donuts April 29th 2018 Recap

Diamonds and Donuts April 29th 2018 Recap

car show boca raton

Diamonds and Donuts April 29th 2018 Recap


Diamonds and Donuts was great this month. Our monthly car show in Boca Raton at Diamonds By Raymond Lee had a great assortment of vehicles, obviously we do every month. We did however have some unique vehicles that returned after last month’s car show and some that had never been before.  Diamonds and Donuts April 2018’s goal was to raise money for the tragedy that took place at our local high school Marjory Stoneman Douglas. It was a success to say the least and we did have a number of supporters that came from the school, which was amazing.

Car show in Boca Raton


Monthly Car Show in Boca Raton

Our Boca Raton monthly car show is coming up on a one year anniversary soon , which is amazing because it feels like we just got started. We didn’t realize when picking this Aprils date that it was the same date as Boca Bash 2018, which happens to be one of the largest annual events in Boca Raton.

For those of you that don’t know, Boca Bash takes place in  Lake Boca.  Lake Boca is located on the intra-coastal waterway in Boca Raton directly before the Boca Inlet. Boca Bash is such a large boat party, people park their yachts the day/ night before in order to insure they have a great spot for the next day. According to Facebook data 1.9k people attended Boca Bash this year and 5.9k people were interested.

boca bash - Car show in Boca Raton

Boca Bash

Seems to us way more people attend than Facebook records. During Boca Bash expect to see some of the largest yachts in the country/world. In some cases these yachts have hundreds of people on each and are all tied up together across lake Boca. Boca Bash is so busy and so problematic for law enforcement that Boca PD. They didn’t even have time to baby sit Diamonds By Raymond Lee this last Sunday during Diamonds and Donuts.

Historically, we have not had “hired” law enforcement at Diamonds and Donuts However, this month we elected to start hiring law enforcement in addition to our 3 security guards. As stated above, Boca Police were too preoccupied with Boca Bash to work with us. We went with FHP (Florida Highway Patrol). FHP was a pleasure to work with and the officer was super friendly. Having FHP at Diamonds and Donuts definitely kept the event  low key and kept reckless driving to a minimum.

We did have one incident with a member of the notorious Tri-County Mopars crew.  One Dodge Challenger left the car show, wanted to flex his muscles and lost control. The FHP officer had no choice but to pull over the yellow Challenger. The officer could have easily confiscated the vehicle and taken the driver to Gun Club Rd. Instead, he gave him a court date he elected to give the driver a ticket which incredibly fair and more than nice to say the least.

tri-county mopars - Car show in Boca Raton

Ford GT

Everyone else came and left the event in a more respectful fashion while still allowing all the spectators to see and hear of the features of their vehicles. Now lets get to some of the most notable cars that attended the event.  We will start with the Ford Gt or maybe we should say Ford GT’S. Okay yes, one of them happens to be owned by the Diamonds By Raymond Lee family. My Step Father Dr. Ian Goldbaum owns the super rare Ford GT. The vehicle was manufactured in 2005 it’s red with factory white stripe and has all 4 options. The Ford GT is mid engine and  supercharged.

This car fits very nicely and even stands out amongst the nicest exotic cars. In fact, it happens to be one of our favorite vehicles. There were only ever 4038 total Ford GT’s produced between 2004 and 2006. As time goes on more and more get wrecked and altered as a result the price continues to climb as it becomes more and more rare. The other Ford GT that was in attendance and appropriately parked next to its predecessor is a 2017 number 56 all white Ford GT. It was a real treat to have this vehicle. Ford’s production of this new style Ford GT has been limited to say the least as there are none around.

Ford GT Features

What makes this model super notable, besides its totally ridiculous spaceship like appearance is that it beat Ferrari in the Le Mans which it did on the 50th anniversary of the 1966 24 hour Le Mans. It has been said that the application process is basically impossible if you haven’t owned dozens of performance Ford products. The price tag on the new Ford GT is 550k roughly.

According to independent sources the cost to Ford to produce each vehicle is at least 500k more than they are charging the consumer. The 2004-2006 model had a price tag of roughly 150k and sat on dealer floors and sold at discounted prices. It wasn’t until years later the vehicle became a collectors item. Ford elected to go from a V8 supercharged motor in the early 2000’s to a V6 twin turbo in 2016.

ford gt - Car show in Boca Raton

Exotic Cars

Of course we had all the exotics out, models like the Aventador and  Huracan are Lamborghini’s  current production space ships. We always have a ton of Ferrari’s like the F12, 458, 488 and plenty of California’s. Mclaren has quickly become one of the most popular of all the exotics, even though it’s British made and we always have the full line up of Mclarens at our event, its a local celebrity favorite. Mclarens you will see at any Diamond and Donuts car show include the 570, 650,720 and on a lucky day a P1.

My personal favorite vehicles at the event were the mid 90’s Toyota Supra’s, there were 3 of them with one  pretty much still in its original condition. The owner and I discussed his soon to be plans for his build. The other 2 Toyota Supra’s were fully built. They were both the real deal Paul Walker type vehicles, one black and one white. The owners came together to Diamonds and Donuts. Their builds and body kit styles were very different so it was nice to see two of the same models fully built in different fashions. We had the pleasure of speaking with the owners of the vehicles and have some of the details of their builds to share.


The white Supra puts down an insane 1200hp without the nitrous. Some of the build features he shared included ridox styling, RHD, weld bead lock wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson tires, fully built 2jz engine, twin induction (turbo and nos) Drag racing oriented. The black supra’s owner shared with us he is putting down an earth shattering 1000hp. Some of the details of his build he shared with us are as follows: True Japanese influence on styling, full HKS catalog of parts, detail designed, fully built 2jz engine, te37 wheels wrapped in Tokyo proxy r888s. These were definitely the kind of Supra’s you see on youtube racing top of the line exotics and completely destroying them, obviously somewhere in Mexico.

toyota supra - Car show in Boca Raton

RSVP for June 24th Diamonds and Donuts

I’m not saying this because its our car show, or maybe I am a little but if you live anywhere in Florida and haven’t shown one of your vehicles at our monthly show its worth a stop. We always have complimentary parking and breakfast for all patrons as long as supplies last. We generally have a BBQ that is $10 ahead and 100 percent of the proceeds go to charity. Some of the charities we have worked with include Tricounty Humane Society, The Boys and Girls Club and this last April show benefited Marjory Stoneman Douglas victims.

We look forward to seeing an amazing selection of American, Exotic, imported and classic vehicles. Our car event is open to all makes and models, which includes trucks and motorcycles. RSVP for June 24th HERE.

Car show in Boca Raton


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