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Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelets, 18k White Gold | Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelets, 18k White Gold | Diamonds by Raymond Lee

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Presenting Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelets from Diamonds by Raymond Lee: In this article, we feature a few fancy yellow diamond 18k White Gold bracelets from our fancy colored diamond jewelry collection. We go over the origin or fancy yellow diamonds, the price, different diamond shapes, and how you can create your very own custom fancy colored diamond bracelet at Diamond by Raymond Lee.

If you are interested in purchasing a Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelet as a Holiday, Anniversary or Special Milestone gift, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Just let us know your budget and we will work to provide you with the diamond bracelet of your dreams.

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18k White Gold 10.09ctw Fancy Yellow And Fancy Pink Diamond Halo Bracelet

Fancy diamond jewelry has been making waves in the industry for quite some time now. These intriguing diamonds, known for their captivating hues, have been breaking records in auctions like no other.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelets have been a hot topic of discussion. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we have some of the best fancy yellow diamond bracelets the world has to offer. A fancy yellow diamond is one of the most beautiful options in the fancy colored diamond line up.

Yellow is the color of sunshine, making it very attention-grabbing. Additionally, it represents hope, happiness, freshness, positivity, energy, clarity, enlightenment, intellect, and loyalty.

Below we will go over everything you need to know about Fancy Yellow Diamonds. We will also go over the different shapes diamonds can be formed into, while giving you examples of uniquely designed fancy yellow diamond bracelets for sale at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Furthermore, if you are interested in a custom luxury jewelry piece, we explain our process for creating private label jewelry to wrap it all up.

Now, it’s time to enjoy and learn about one of our planets most beautiful natural phenomena – fancy yellow diamonds…

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Diamond Bracelets at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Fancy Yellow Diamonds

One question many people ask is, how do natural yellow diamonds come to be?

The yellow color happens by a presence of nitrogen within the structure of the diamond. As these nitrogen molecules take in blue light, the stone becomes a shade of yellow. The color ranges from light to dark yellow depending on the volume of nitrogen that is in the diamond’s composition.

Sometimes, yellow diamonds also contain a secondary hue, such as brown or orange. Therefore, the most valuable yellow diamonds are those that are pure, intense shades of yellow. These pure yellow diamonds are also known as Canary Diamonds or Canary Yellow Diamonds.

Intensity Levels of Yellow Diamonds

As you may know, white diamonds have a color scale that goes from D to Z, D being colorless and Z having a noticeable brown or yellow tint. So, a yellow diamond would be way past Z, if the scale were to go that far. However, Yellow Diamonds are unique in their own right, so they have their own scale.

So, yellow diamonds are completely saturated with yellow and they don’t have any signs of whiteness in them. This doesn’t make them worse than a white though. In fact, when they become so yellow that they are a vivid yellow, past the Z on the white diamond scale, they are considered fancy yellow and are special instead of being considered lower quality.

The GIA color grading scale of yellow diamonds is as follows:

Faint -> Very Light -> Light -> Fancy Light -> Fancy -> Fancy Intense -> Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep or Fancy Dark.

It’s not as simple as that, though. Evaluating the intensity level of yellow diamonds can be difficult. The reason is that there isn’t a distinct point for each yellow diamond color grade. For example, a yellow diamond can be in-between a Fancy and Fancy Intense. So, with that being said, a diamond expert is needed to determine the grade and price. You should only deal with trustworthy diamond experts – such as Diamonds by Raymond Lee, it’s in our name 😉 – to ensure getting the right price.

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Yellow Diamond Prices & Rarity

Canary yellow diamonds are not uncommon. Because of this, in comparison to some other fancy color diamonds, yellow diamonds are somewhat affordable.

For example, a Fancy Light will have a similar price to a white diamond that has an I on the color scale.

However, fancy vivid is pretty pricey. A fancy vivid yellow diamond with a clean color and clarity will run you as much as a D colorless (flawless) white diamond of the same size and shape.

Furthermore, the smallest spec of brown in a yellow diamond will decrease its value. Yet, an orange or green tint can increase it. All of these small factors can make things confusing, which is why we really recommend consulting with an expert before making a purchase.

Diamond Shapes

The physical form of a diamond is considered its shape. Many people are familiar with the 4Cs – carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. As you will notice, shape is not one of them (cut is different). So, shape is an extra factor to think about when selecting a diamond.

What is the difference between a diamond cut and shape?

The difference might seem confusing, but to put it simply, the shape refers to the appearance (heart and pear being the most noticeable), and the cut refers to the power it has to reflect light.

Below we will go over the most common shapes, but first, let’s quickly touch on diamond cuts to make things super clear (or shiny, pun intended).

Diamond Cuts

The facets and angles of the diamond are what determine its cut. The number, proportions and symmetry, are all factors of the cut and will affect the way light reflects on it.

The grade for a diamond’s cut goes from excellent to poor. Excellent reflects light amazingly, poor doesn’t reflect light so well. An excellently cut diamond will reflect a lot of light at the top, which makes it look “brilliant” and “on fire”. The cut will directly affect the diamond’s value, so it is a crucial point to understand when making a purchase.

canary yellow diamonds south florida

Diamond Shapes

Everyone knows the common saying, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, which we believe rings true. But, as with real friends, who have different personalities, styles, humor and looks, diamonds have differences too. They come in different shapes, sizes, and cuts, and some diamonds are better suited to be the “best friend” than others. Every diamond has its own story…and personality, per se.

So, let’s cut into the most common shapes (with examples of those shapes used in our very own fancy yellow diamond bracelets at Diamonds by Raymond Lee).

Round Brilliant

This is by far the most popular shape, with over half the diamonds sold today taking this form. It’s clean, it’s classic, and it’s versatile. Round Brilliant diamonds produce more fire and brilliance than any other diamond shape. You really can’t go wrong with this one (hint, for the men wondering what shape they should choose to surprise their loved one with).


The Princess is another classic and sophisticated shape. It holds a more modern shape, with its sharp corners and contemporary edges. Princess cuts catch the brilliance almost as perfectly as the round, yet with a more fashionable demeanor.


It has a rectangular or square shape, and it’s a hybrid of the round, emerald and princess shapes. The Radiant cut has the most brilliance of the square shape diamonds, making it a breathtaking choice for jewelry.

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Fancy Yellow Radiant Diamond Halo Bracelet


The name might sound fluffy, but this is a diamond shape that is as hard as the rest. As the name suggests, it is in the shape of a cushion (or sofa pillow), and it’s one of the more unique and bolder choices. The Cushion has big facets that offer amazing light scatter and shine. It’s the perfect cut for fancy colored diamonds looking for extreme scintillation. 


Representing the vintage charm and old-world prestige, the Emerald is a favorite among many stylish celebrities. Emerald cuts were one of the first shapes used in jewelry. The table top face and step-like edges of an Emerald cut offer clarity while giving it a vast and generous look. It is truly a powerful shape.


Pear, or teardrop as it is sometimes referred to, is a special and lady-like shape that has one rounded end and another slightly pointed end, which resembles a pear. It offers an elegant, soft, and stunning look.

canary diamond tennis bracelet

18k White Gold 10.66ctw Fancy Yellow Pear & Round Brilliant Diamond Halo Bracelet


Caught in the middle of the Round Brilliant and Pear Shape, the Oval cut has secured a class of its own. It’s the perfect option for those who love the shine of the round brilliant, yet prefer something bigger. For the same carat weight, it provides a bigger surface volume. It’s a somewhat rare cut, and one that we personally love for bracelets and diamonds rings.


This is a diamond shape that dates way back. In the 18th Century, King Louis XV wanted a diamond that appeared like the smile of his beloved mistress Madame de Pompadour, and that’s when the Marquise was created. A Marquise shaped diamond represents the glory of the past AND it is a fantastic shape to complement slender fingers or wrists.


This is probably the most romantic diamond shape of them all, as you would imagine since it’s in the shape of love. Heart shape diamonds are more than just a diamond; they are a symbol of love. They are also one of the most contemporary and stylish diamond shapes of them all, and they require a serious amount of skill to produce.

pear shaped diamond bracelet

Special Fancy Yellow Heart, Pear, Marquise, and Emerald Diamond Halo Bracelet

Diamond Halo Setting

All of the fancy yellow diamond bracelets in this feature have a halo setting. A halo setting creates an appearance of a much larger diamond. It takes a center diamond piece and surrounds it like a halo with smaller diamonds. Furthermore, the halo can take shape of whatever diamond it encircles.

Halo settings make for eye-catching, eye-popping, absolutely beautiful diamond jewelry. It’s one of the most popular settings for diamond tennis bracelets and fancy colored diamond bracelets. It usually combines white and fancy colored diamonds, as seen in this article, creating a very luxurious piece of jewelry.


diamonds by Raymond lee bracelets

18k White Gold 10.62ctw White And Fancy Yellow Diamond Ladies Bracelet

18k White Gold Chain

All of the fancy yellow diamond bracelets here are set in an 18k white gold chain. Not only is white gold one of the most beautiful and complementary options for diamonds, it is also extremely durable thanks to the type of alloy it is.

Why white gold trumps silver

Besides the fact that gold is a more expensive and rare precious metal, white gold specifically, is much more durable than silver and other golds too. Rhodium is an element used in white gold to give it its white color. It also is the reason for its amazing durability.

So, for jewelry that is worn on a day-to-day basis, white gold is by far the best option. It’s scratch-resistant and its shape will not alter; it will with silver.

Private Label Bracelets at Diamonds by Raymond Lee – Custom Fancy Colored Diamond Jewelry Designs

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton, we offer premium services such as custom jewelry designs. It’s been over thirty years since we started and we still remain South Florida’s number one destination for designer jewelry, diamonds, and private label jewelry/custom jewelry. Our ability to source material at an incredible price allows us to not only repair jewelry but create them as well.

If you or your loved one is interested in a custom jewelry piece, all you have to do is give us a call, shoot us an email, or come into our retail location to discuss the process. We can work with almost any budget, of course within reason, as we are talking precious metals and gems here.

To break down the process for your very own custom jewelry piece, here are the 8 steps that take you from concept to in your hands ready.

Step-1: One-on-One Consultation
Step-2: First Sketch
Step-3: Finalize the Sketch and Source Material
Step-4: 3D Design
Step-5: Create a Wax Model
Step-6: Make Your Dream Piece
Step-7: Quality Inspection
Step-8: Delivery

Time it takes

The time it takes to create a custom fancy diamond bracelet or jewelry piece really depends on the intricacy of the design. Usually, the entire process above takes 2-6 weeks.


To learn more, visit Custom Jewelry at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

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Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelets at Raymond Lee Jewelers

Raymond Lee Jewelers | Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds by Raymond Lee are located in West and East Boca Raton. We select the best jewelry from designers across the world and service with unparalleled customer support. Our flagship showroom makes jewelry dreams come true. So, please do contact us today with any and all questions you have.

If any of the fancy yellow diamond bracelets featured here caught your eye, please contact us for pricing and to learn more about the piece. We also welcome you to contact us if you have a specific jewelry piece in mind that you want custom designed, fancy colored diamond or otherwise. We can run through specific pricing to meet all of your jewelry desires.
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