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Rolex 16800 Submariner Collectible Watch Review

Rolex 16800 Submariner Collectible Watch Review

Rolex 16800 Submariner

The Rolex 16800 Submariner, an incredible standard setting diver’s watch. It can be a Rolex collectible dependent on the care it has received and state it is in. This week we review the Rolex 16800 Submariner black dial and black rotating bezel collectible from our curated collection. We will go into a bit of the history behind this innovative and exclusively sought after Rolex luxury time piece. Also, we will review the bracelet, clasp and automatic movements so you know everything you need to about this unique piece. From the roots to the latest this is a watch that has continued to be at the cusp of innovation and technological advancement. One of the very first watches to ever be powerful enough to reach a maximum depth of 100 meters it is a diving instrument, a tool meant to be useful in some of the harshest conditions found on Earth.

Created with the sole intent of facilitating deep water dives each and every part of this watch is considered and created specifically for divers. From the functionalities included to the design elements of the watch every piece works in unison for ease and clarity. When you are 100 meters under the sea you want the most reliable pieces of equipment available. And the Rolex Submariner is just that. Boasting unparalleled performance and precision under pressure the Submariner continues to set the standard when it comes to dive watches. The 16800 continues this commitment and tradition of high performance, powerfully precise luxury Rolex dive wrist watch. With each iteration additional tweaks and adjustments have been made to improve the Submariner collection to its highest form. These watches are impeccable and highly sought after not only for daily wear or diving but even for personal collections. More on the collectible aspect later.

rolex 16800 submariner black dial

The Rolex Submariner 16800 trajectory, a rich history over time

Originally a ground breaking innovation, the very first ever deep water wrist watch the Submariner is a refined powerful tool. It is a reference among diving watches having broken this first initial barrier. Unlike any other watches before it the Rolex Submariner handled not only a splash of water but also the incredible massive amount of crushing pressure of the deepest depths of the sea. This is not only a luxury time piece but a survival tool for the most pronounced divers around the world. Designed to be a true diver’s watch this piece it is a cutting edge piece for diver’s to survive in one of the last frontiers of mankind. Created in the 1950s it was the first waterproof wrist watch to reach a depth of 100 meters. Every part of this watch is made specially for peak performance in the darkest and deepest depths of the ocean.

At the very beginning the Rolex Submariner began with a simpler 1680 version. Throughout the years they advanced and improved each new subsequent model. They are known for their resistance and durability but there are some critical differences between earlier models and the 16800. First, the Submariner 1680 used an acrylic crystal making it less durable and resistant. Also, there were slight subtle differences in the watch’s typeface. The 16800 was an evolution for the Rolex Submariner. First the scratch resistant sapphire crystal is much more adept to the diving environment. It lasts longer and is much more resistant. Also, the date window with an augmenting magnifying lens upped the mechanical standards of this watch. This improved readability and the additional date window feature kept with the Rolex branded iconic look. The caliber in the watches were also improved in the 16800 Submariner. This meant further accuracy and improved precision.

rolex 16800 submariner

Rolex 16800 Stainless Steel Black Dial Submariner Gents Watch

This specific Rolex 16800 stainless steel black dial Submariner is an exquisite monochromatic piece with a dark touch for visibility. It features luminescent hour markers and hands as well as a large dial face to prevent any confusion while diving far below the surface. The black dial’s luminescent Chromalight functions also has a unique display that in fact improves visibility in dark environments. These features also include different shapes along the dial as hour markers to truly offer a performative clear reading. There are triangles, circles and rectangles to make it easier to read and track time during deep dives. The rotating black bezel and white numbers also make it easy to maneuver in order to make necessary calculations. At the twelve o’clock mark on the rotating bezel there is also an additional raised feature to facilitate. It is not only a gorgeous luxury piece but a powerful precise tool.

Further, the hour, minute and seconds hand in a stunning stainless steel are also luminescent. These small but vital details are what make this uniquely powerful watch a true diving instrument. The bracelet and casing are also a super strong stainless steel. Each one of the links in the bracelet are made with the Rolex Oyster steel. This particular kind of alloy is an incredible scratch resistant and durable material. Made to withstand even the harshest conditions like the depths of the sea it is a powerful ally alloy for the machinations and movements within this time piece. Finally, this brings us to the proprietary automatic movements in the Rolex Submariner 16800. Reliability and accuracy are of course the primary concerns. The operating frequency of the balance is a 4Hz or 28,800 vibrations per hour. This along with the quick set date function make for a powerful time piece.

The Submariner deep diving impenetrable stainless steel case and backing

As stated above this monochromatic black dial Rolex 16800 Submariner is made entirely of Oyster steel. This incredible Rolex crafted stainless steel alloy is durable and made to last. Furthermore, this specially developed super alloy is one of the most commonly used in technology. It is a grade of stainless steel that is employed for aerospace and chemical industries. This means it is highly durable and strong. To handle the intense pressure and required output at depths of up to a maximum of 100 meters the Submariner requires an alloy of this level of strength. With maximum resistance to corrosion it is the ideal material for a watch that has the intended purpose of spending extra time in the sea. Undoubtedly performing at the same level of power as the Submariner the Oyster steel case and backing are ready for the deep seas. Furthermore, beyond being resistant it is beautiful.

rolex 16800 submariner backing

The Oyster steel alloy has an exceptional finish. It shines brightly and with a polish truly glimmers as a luxury men’s accessory. Also, it maintains this beauty even in the harshest environments. So you can be sure that your Rolex will continue to glint even after several dives down under. The case is steely enclosed keeping the powerful movements safe from the water. Highly resistant to corrosion and shut tight without any screws it is impermeable. Furthermore, a Rolex classic it is an easy to service and maintain watch. Although it keeps itself working freely and easily under intense pressure it is a classic Rolex easy of use watch. As we will go into with the Oyster steel bracelet and clasp the Submariner 16800 walks a fine line extremely well. It truly balances between elegance and grace, and the incredible durability and strength required to be a diving expedition instrument.

The iconic black rotating bezel for calculations and the dark black and luminescent dial for added visibility

Another aspect of the Rolex 16800 Submariner is the black rotating bezel. It is part of the iconic Rolex look. Regardless of what watch a Rolex with a rotating bezel is instantly recognizable. This is no different for the Submariner. With a monochromatic look both the bezel and dial are a deep black. For diver’s to calculate depths and times it has increased visibility. It is the distinctive face of Rolex and the Submariner. It is responsible for identity and readability. The hour markers on this watch are fashioned from 18 carat gold to prevent tarnishing. Additionally, the hour markers, hands and bezel have luminescent features. This helps with reading in the dark depths of the sea.

rolex 16800 submariner

It is not only useful for diving but also a beautiful aesthetic. Dark and mysterious it is perfect for the gentleman who prefers a darker look. While the two tone Rolexes are iconic this one is a gorgeous style in its own right. It has a more sleek and monochromatic look. The entire watch is in Oyster steel which polished is bright and has a gorgeous shine. This contrasts incredibly with the black dial and bezel features. Contrast and subtle luxury it is a refined time piece whether for sport or daily wear. It is a collectible item that can be appreciated and displayed any time and any place, even 100 meters below the sea.

The Rolex Oyster steel durable stainless steel bracelet and clasp

The Oyster steel durable bracelet is made from Rolex’s iconic alloy. As we have gone into before this is one of the world’s most durable metals. Used in aerospace and chemical industries it is resistant beyond belief. Whether in space or in the deepest of the seas it is resistant to corrosion, scratching and general wear. Also, the clasp is a classic Rolex fold over clasp. This easy to lock and release watch walks that fine line well. It is resistant and holds the bracelet safely on your wrist. Meanwhile it also has a simple release mechanism for daily wear. It is easy and resistant keeping cool under pressure.

rolex 16800 submariner clasp

What makes a Rolex 16800 Submariner Watch a collectible?

Now, amongst collectors some watches are smack bang recognized as a collectible item. Mainly limited edition watches fall into this category for obvious reasons. They are produced in very small quantities and no longer created by the brand. However, when it comes to more mass produced pieces there are still a select few that are considered to be collectible items. These include ones from high luxury brands such as Rolex. The Rolex 16800 Submariner is one of these pieces. Crafted using the latest and greatest technology it is a exquisite item. Finding a 16800 in mint condition is also not an easy feat. But, what really and truly makes a watch a collectible you might ask. Well first is the box. More importantly though are the papers. Papers for a luxury watch such as this Rolex not only validate the authenticity of the piece but also establish its serial number.

rolex 16800 submariner collectible

Diamonds by Raymond Lee your South Florida luxury limited edition and collectible watch destination

Our family has been serving the South Florida community for the last three decades. Furthermore, we intend on continuing to bring exquisite time pieces and jewelry for our clients for the next three as well. Knowledge and a commitment to superior service and quality has been passed down from one generation to another in our family. Our commitment leads us to search for and source only the finest and highest quality items available on the market. From limited edition watches produced in the hundreds to luxury collectible items we curate a collection for every gentleman. Also, our stores are where you can experience a true journey. If you are looking for a watch our watch experts and jewelry craftsmen will walk you through all of the items on the check list you should look at when purchasing a piece. We are happy to welcome you in and answer any questions.

Regardless of whether it is your very first time piece or a sought after addition to your personal collection our Diamonds by Raymond Lee family is here to help you. We also offer services for the lifetime of your luxury pieces. From cleaning and maintenance to repair and customization. Our master jewelry craftsmen have the capacity to add diamonds and gem stones to pieces, service luxury watches and even repair them if there is a need. Our stores are conveniently located in South Florida to offer you ease and peace of mind. Every single item we add to our collection is rigorously tested and inspected to ensure only the highest quality and best items make it into our customer’s hands. We hope you will join us at one of our monthly events. Finally, please feel free to give us your feedback on this week’s Rolex 16800 Submariner watch review below.

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