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Fancy Pink Diamond Bracelets at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Fancy Pink Diamond Bracelets at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

pink diamond bracelets

In this article, Diamonds by Raymond Lee of Boca Raton presents to you an array of Fancy Pink Diamond Bracelets, which come in an array of diamond shapes and cuts. All of the diamond bracelets featured here have a fancy pink diamond center cut with white and fancy pink diamond halo settings in an 18k white gold chain. We hope you enjoy the beauty of our Fancy Pink Diamond Bracelets.

If you are considering purchasing a Fancy Pink Diamond Bracelet as a Holiday, Anniversary or Special Milestone Gift, please contact us to receive a fantastic offer today.

fancy pink diamonds

18k White Gold 10.09ctw Fancy Yellow And Fancy Pink Diamond Halo Bracelet

Are you in the market for a fancy-colored diamond bracelet? If you are, pink is one of the best colors to choose. Pink is a gentle and tender color that induces the feeling of sweetness, niceness, playfulness, cuteness, romance, charm, and femininity. It identifies with flowers, babies, women, girls, and candy. The color is universally known for love of oneself and others. No other color represents “ladylike” as well as Pink. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then fancy pink diamonds are a girl’s best friend forever.

In this article, we will discuss things like fancy pink diamond colors, diamond cuts and shapes, the 4C’s, why white gold is the best precious metal to set diamonds in, halo diamond settings, and we are going to show you a few of the fancy pink diamond bracelets we sell at Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.

Fancy Pink Diamonds

Premium pink diamonds are the most expensive natural-diamond color available…besides red diamonds that is. This gorgeous gemstone is quite rare as there are few produced on a yearly basis.

Furthermore, pink diamond’s value increases drastically as its size and color intensity rises.

Pink diamond color scale

Pink diamonds are graded by the intensity and strength of color. Additionally, apart from the main hue, some pink diamonds have a secondary color or undertone, like purple, orange or brown (which decrease its value as pure pink is better).

This is the scale GIA uses to grade pink diamonds:

Faint -> Very Light -> Light -> Fancy Light -> Fancy -> Fancy Intense -> Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep or Fancy Dark.

It’s not that simple, though. To actually evaluate and determine the intensity level of a pink diamond can be difficult. That’s because there isn’t a clear point for each fancy pink color grade. A diamond expert is needed to determine the grade. And, since each grade will change the value of the diamond, if you plan on buying a fancy pink diamond jewelry piece, you should only deal with trustworthy experts to ensure you are paying the right amount.

FYI – some pink diamond sellers use a point scale of 1-9. This is called the Argyle Color Grading System. Nonetheless, a GIA grade is the standard across the board.

Pink diamond prices

The biggest factors for pricing a pink diamond are color (as discussed above), and carat weight, of course. In terms of color, the purer, and stronger the pink color is, the more it will cost. Conversely, if the pink diamond bears another kind of color, known as a modifier, like purple, the diamond will likely be priced lower.

Now, in regards to carat weight, the bigger the carat the more it will cost. Furthermore, it’s not about the total weight of all the diamonds. Meaning, a 1-carat single pink diamond will be worth more than 2 pink diamonds that equal to 1 carat. So, keep that in mind too.

Diamond Halo setting

There are different settings (how the diamond is set into the precious metal chain). A popular setting is the “halo”. This is when a diamond cut is surrounded by smaller round brilliant diamond stones, which not only makes the diamond appear larger, it highlights the center diamond even more.

fancy vivid pink diamond

Diamond Bracelets at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

How are Pink Diamonds formed?

No one, including Gemologists, is sure of how pink diamonds achieve their color. Nevertheless, it is a natural effect, unlike some other type of fancy colored diamonds.

There are some theories of how pink diamonds obtain their unique hue. One is that under serious pressure at the time of the diamond’s formation, it becomes pink. Another is that a seismic shock impacts the gems’ molecular structure, therefore granting it its pink color.

In any case, fancy pink diamonds are one of the world’s most beautiful stones for engagement rings, earrings, and BRACELETS.

Diamond Shapes and Cuts

Although diamonds have been on earth for billions of years, it was only a few centuries ago that people figured out how to turn an uncut diamond into a faceted gem. By cutting diamonds, more light was able to pass through, which made the diamonds shine brighter, and it released even more beauty. From then on, all types of diamond cuts and shapes were created.

Here are the most popular kinds of diamond cuts and shapes, with a few examples of our fancy pink diamond bracelets that have those specific cuts and shapes.

Round Brilliant Cut 

A round brilliant cut is the standard and most popular type of diamond cut. It is polished and has 57 facets that shape it into its perfectly round structure. The Round Brilliant cut produces a marvelous brilliance (as the name suggests) and scintillation. Furthermore, it has become the reference point for the quest to create the perfect light behavior within a diamond.

pink diamond tennis bracelet

Top: Round Brilliant cut center pink diamond surrounded by a pink and white diamond halo set in a contemporary 18k white gold bracelet design, secured with a safety clasp.

Princess Cut

Out of all the fancy cut diamond shapes, the Princess cut is the most prominent. It has a square shape with pointed corners. Due to its brilliant beauty and square shape, it is extremely popular for engagement rings. Princess cut diamonds are usually polished and have either 50 or 58 facets, which all depends on how the pavilion is cut. The princess cut may also be referred to as a Square Modified Brilliant Cut (technical name).

Radiant Cut

The Radiant cut has a square or rectangular shape with trimmed edges. It takes the grace of an Emerald cut and blends it with the effulgence of a Round Brilliant cut. 70 facets are created to make a Radiant cut diamond, and the general shape fluctuates in the scale of rectangularity.

Marquise Cut

The Marquise cut is characterized by its slender, oval shape, which comes to two sharp points on both ends. They generally have 58 facets. As with the Oval cut, Marquise cuts complement slender fingers and have a bigger surface area. This type of cut was coined “Marquise” by King Louis XIV because he wanted a diamond that represented the smile of Marquise de Pompadour.

fancy diamond jewellery

18k White Gold 3.94ctw Pink & White Diamond Multi Shape Ladies Bracelet

Emerald Cut

An Emerald cut diamond has a very charming shape. Emerald Cuts’ stair-like facets, rectangular shape, and trimmed edges are what define them. Because this style of cut has a larger, “open table” center, it is usually only used on diamonds with top color and clarity. Emerald cuts are polished with 44 facets.

Oval Cut 

An Oval cut diamond is a lengthened version of the Round Brilliant cut. Oval cut diamonds are mostly polished with 56 facets. As long as it in good proportion, an oval cut offers amazing brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Oval diamonds have become super popular for their ability to complement slender fingers (which many women have) so well. Additionally, due to the greater surface area, an Oval cut has over a round brilliant cut of the same carat weight, it’s the perfect choice for people who place a greater importance on size.

Heart Shape

One of the most romantic and playful diamond cuts is the heart shape diamond cut. It requires extreme competence to create a Heart Shape cut that perfectly harmonizes its shape. Heart Shape diamond cuts are polished with 59 facets, and we love them as much as the shape they represent.

18k white gold bracelet with pink diamonds

18k White Gold 3.94ctw Pink & White Diamond Multi Shape Ladies Bracelet

Cushion Cut

The Cushion cut indicates soft edges and round corners, like that of a cushion or sofa pillow, hence its name. Cushion cuts have around, and popular, since the dawn of diamond cutting. They can range from a squarer shape to a more rectangular one.

Asscher Cut

Asscher cuts are quite unique. They are very much alike to Emerald cuts, with their stair/step-like facets and trimmed corners, but they are square shaped instead of rectangular. Joseph Asscher created the Asscher cut in 1902. He took inspiration from the way tables were cut and shaped in the Renaissance era.

Pear Shape

Pear Shape diamond cuts are very special. They combine the cuts of a marquise and a round brilliant, which give them a teardrop, pear shape. This cut is often seen in rings, earrings and pendants. They are generally polished with 58 facets, proportioned beautifully, and they give amazing depth brightness to the tip of the diamond.

fancy pink diamond halo bracelet

Top: Pear Shape cut center pink diamond with pear-shaped pink and white diamond halo set in a contemporary 18k white gold bracelet design with teardrop shaped diamond links, secured with a safety clasp.

Diamond Halo Bracelets

All of the bracelets featured in this article have a halo setting. A halo setting is a style that contains a larger centerpiece diamond encircled by a “halo” of smaller diamonds.

The halo creates such a beautiful, eye-catching look, and is a fantastic way to get the most bling for your buck. Halo settings give the appearance of a bigger center stone.

Even if you have a somewhat smaller center diamond, the halo effect will make the piece as a whole pop.

pink diamond bracelets

The 4C’s of Diamonds

We’ve talked about diamond color, more specifically fancy pink diamond color, and we’ve talked about different cuts. Now, let’s briefly go over the 4C’s so we can get an idea for how diamonds are priced in their entirety.

Here are the qualities the most crucial characteristics when pricing a diamond, starting with the most important. 


The number one factor of the 4Cs is the cut. It is the most important because it has the greatest effect on a diamond’s shine.


The next factor to consider is the color. In terms of regular, non-colored diamonds, the less color (the clearer), the higher the grade, and therefore the price. How a diamond is cut will make a big difference on the color.

In terms of fancy diamond color, there are many different kinds of colors: Pink, Canary Yellow, Argyle Red, Chameleon Purple, Orange, Green, Blue, and Black.

Each color has a grading system, just like we mentioned above for Fancy Pink and just like White Diamonds scale from D-Z. The biggest thing to consider is, natural vs treated. It’s pretty easy to see the difference from natural fancy colored and treated colored diamonds. The saturation in the color of treated diamonds is very noticeable, and most will look like semi-precious colored gems. Of course, as you probably already assumed, treated colored diamonds are cheaper than the superior natural colored diamonds.

fancy color diamond jewelry

Fancy Pink Diamond Bracelets at Diamonds by Raymond Lee


Carat is the term used to determine the diamond’s total weight, not its size. As we mentioned already in this article, many diamonds which equal to the same total carat weight as a single, larger diamond, is not worth the same amount. As bigger diamonds are more rare, the single, larger diamond of the same weight will be worth significantly more.


Another factor which you’ve seen a few examples of with our fancy pink diamond bracelets is the shape. Diamond shapes have unique attributes, which therefore affect the price and quality grade.


Not technically part of the 4Cs, which is why you will hear many say it’s not 4 its 5Cs, is the certification. A diamond that is certified will fetch a higher price, as it is a clear representation of its authenticity. The best way to put this 5th C concern to rest is to only deal with reputable jewelry and diamond dealers.

18k White Gold

All of the bracelets featured have diamonds set in a white gold chain, and for good reason, besides the simple fact that white gold is absolutely beautiful.

Why we use white gold instead of a metal like silver

White gold is more durable than silver. It is a much better option for jewelry that you wear frequently or day-to-day, as white gold will ensure little damage can be done to your piece over time. It is scratch-resistant and the shape will not alter, as it will with silver.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Diamonds by Raymond Lee is Boca Raton’s number one diamond and jewelry boutique. We have been serving Boca Raton and South Florida’s insatiable need for diamonds for over 30 years. Our team of diamond advisers dedicates themselves to assisting you in selecting your perfect, dream diamond jewelry.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee is Sunny Florida’s best engagement ring retailer since 2016.

Our vision has always aimed to forge a unique, professional, intimate vibe. We want our shopping experience to work for all generations. We know what the modern jewelry buyer wants; yet we keep traditions that never fade intact, such as sensibility, artistry, and craftsmanship.

If you’re looking for the best diamond bracelet for your money, then please contact us and let us know your budget and what you’re looking for. We will comb through our selection or even create a new piece just for you, to meet your highest expectation.

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“We’re the new generation of jewelers, perfected. We’re diamonds, perfected.”

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