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Luxury lifestyle: fine jewelry pair diamond bracelet and Rolex

Luxury lifestyle: fine jewelry pair diamond bracelet and Rolex

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The luxury lifestyle is more than fine jewelry accessories. It is a combination of the finer things in life. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we know how things go. That is why we have the most comprehensive collection of fine timepieces and luxury jewelry in South Florida. We are the destination for luxury lifestyle pieces in South Florida. No matter what you are looking for we have the combination for you. Take for example the Rolex and diamond bracelet pairing. A classic and stunning set of luxury lifestyle pieces that can go with any and all of your outings. Particularly when you look at a piece of fine jewelry and a luxury time piece that can take you from a sportive outing or day to day activity to a more formal setting. There is nothing like pairing a diamond bracelet and Rolex diamond watch. Together they are at their best.

luxury lifestyle

There is nothing quite like your go to set of fine jewelry and luxury watch. That match up that takes on any special occasion pairings that you have in mind. They are easy, flexible, and go straight from a day time to night time outing instantly. They are the ones that you do not come by so easily. However once you have your set up there is nothing you have to think about before you get going. It is an accessible and easy to arrange situation. When you want an arm party just get your luxury Rolex Datejust and diamond bracelet together. It is a classic and totally timeless look. The one where you do not have to worry about the time of day or time of year even. It is a stunning set up all the way through. For women who live the luxury lifestyle there is no other.

Diamond bracelet: the best jewelry pairing for Rolex watches 

For the finest pairing around why not add some sparkling stones to your accessories? The luxury lifestyle calls for some fine jewelry of the most classic standards. For example like a tennis diamond bracelet. What else is more iconic and a daily wear yet statement type of piece? It is delicate, refined and yet can be made your very own with unique designs as well. Some of them for example can feature unique stones. Such as yellow diamonds and other fine stones to go with the classic white diamonds. Further you can mix and match the different fine metals like yellow and rose gold to the classic white gold setting. Finally add some diamond bands or other diamond bracelets like chain links to the mix for a stunning any time and any place kind of look. A truly gorgeous look pairing jewelry and a true standard of fine luxury watches.

fine jewelry worn with a Rolex watch

Then there are quite so many different Rolex collection and styles that you can choose from. There are the ultra classics and the seriously sportive collections each with their own features. However for a timeless look that can go with anything including with you off and on during the day or night we went with a more classic style. The Datejust Rolex watch. However we have included some interesting time pieces that have more than just the standard look of a Rolex. From unique watch dials to bracelets of a different kind. These are Rolex watches that bring their very own shine when paired with diamond bracelet combinations. Below you will see the different watches in our collection that we are featuring this week. As well as some fine jewelry pieces that match perfectly with these time pieces no matter what kind of look you are after. 

18k White Gold 16.51ctw White And Fancy Yellow Diamond Bangle

The bangle is a stunning 18 carat white gold set with a stunning 16.51 carats of white and fancy yellow diamonds. These are cut differently to your usual round cut diamond bracelet. While it fits with the tennis bracelet variety this bangle has a looping twist that takes the design up a notch. Not unlike the Rolex watch it is paired with this bracelet brings a singular look to a timeless classic. With the additions of color as well as movement with the unique new design this is the kind of bracelet that catches your eye instantly. It is perfectly paired with the yellow gold and yellow diamond eternity band and of course the star of the show the mother of pearl dial Datejust watch in 18 carat yellow gold. 

Henri Daussi R2-3 Yellow Gold 1.35ct Fancy Yellow Diamond Eternity Band

Take for example this stunning Henri Daussi designer yellow gold and fancy yellow diamond eternity band. It features an incredible 1.35 carats of fancy yellow diamonds that bring out the yellow gold in the matching Rolex and bangle pair up. This is a match made in heaven with the fancy yellow diamond details on the white gold bangle and the mother of pearl dial of this beautiful watch. 

fine jewelry with mother of pearl Rolex watch on woman's wrist

Rolex 116188 Datejust 18k Yellow Gold MOP Diamond Dial Watch

This stunning Rolex 116188 Datejust has a mother of pearl dial as we have said. However beyond that unique detail it also has fine stones set within the watch. There are white round cut diamonds channel set into the bezel of this watch. As well as diamond hour markers along each part of the watch. The hands and settings are all in yellow gold to match the case. Then we have the unique white alligator leather strap. A 36 millimeter beauty it is a larger ladies Rolex Datejust watch. Emphasized by its small details as well as its unique strap. The ultimate combo for this time piece is fine jewelry like the above. They take the white and yellow gold style to the next level. 

Rolex Datejust luxury diamond watches for women

An iconic watch the Rolex Datejust is just one of those watches that is a hallmark of luxury lifestyle living. It is a timeless watch that has been in the Rolex history for a very long time. A forever new style and iteration the Datejust watch is a staple of the Rolex house. From the fluted bezel to the case and of course how could we not mention the date window. It is a stunning piece that reveals just why it is part of the luxury lifestyle accessories so many women want. It is firstly a classic watch that never goes out of style and can also be worn on almost any and all occasions. It can also be dressed up or down depending on what you are feeling or where you are planning to go. 

pyramid dial rolex and fine jewelry combination

These are unique ones that are matched up with some stunning and totally different new diamond bracelet combinations. From the classic tennis diamond bracelet to a bit of a twist with unique diamond cuts like emerald cut diamond bracelets. We have also featured certain designs like open chain links inlaid with diamonds. As well as doubled up diamond looks and fine jewelry pieces that take on the color. 

The watches on their very own are also extremely stunning with diamond bezels, interesting dial designs like the pyramid and mother of pearl style, and finally the bracelets. There are alligator leather and soft leather straps. As well as jubilee Rolex bracelets too. A little something for everybody just how we like it here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Some diamonds here and there always featured in a fine jewelry and luxury Rolex watch pairing. A stunning combination that is both beautiful and effortless to put together. 

fine jewelry with rolex

Rolex 178273 Datejust Midsize Two Tone Watch

An incredible jubilee commemorative bracelet makes this classic watch a unique one. Featuring Roman numeral hour markers on a white dial face this watch is a stunning version of a classic watch. As you can see the fluted bezel on this iconic time piece has actually been inlaid with diamonds all around the dial. A monochromatic look this watch combines the effortless beauty of a timeless time piece with the incredible features of a truly outstanding luxury lifestyle time piece.

Rolex 116189 Datejust 18k White Gold Silver Diamond Pyramid Dial On Strap Watch

When comparing this watch with the one below the very first thing that you will notice is of course the bracelets. Slightly different from one another is an understatement when it comes to these two watches. First of all we have a stunning 18 carat white gold watch with a silver diamond pyramid dial. Just like the white alligator strap watch above this pyramid dial watch is a trend setting timeless look. Unique in its own way as well this stunning watch features gorgeous diamond stones at each one of the hour markers on the dial of this watch. This incredible ground breaking time piece feature was first released in 1945. 

The first wristwatch to automatically maintain the date function. Further, this is paired with the Oyster Perpetual design and function. It was not however released with a leather bracelet like this one is. In fact it was released with the classic and iconic three link bracelet so well known to the Rolex brand. From there there were the interesting and innovative watch designs with smaller links and leather looks. What really steps the next watch up is its jubilee commemorative bracelet.

Rolex 16234 Datejust Stainless Steel White Roman Dial Watch

This jubilee bracelet Rolex is a stunning classic with feminine diamonds set all along the dial face. In the bezel they bring out the details of the dial. Like for example the Roman numeral hour markers. All in white gold as well as the hour hands they have a lovely combination with the white face of the watch. To keep it classic we paired this lovely watch with a classic tennis bracelet and some stunning rings. These vary in both size and shape in order to give some texture and modern touch to this classic look.

combination fine jewelry and rolex

Luxury lifestyle in Boca Raton, South Florida – Diamonds by Raymond Lee your premier destination

When it comes to your lifestyle there is nothing like choosing the luxury lifestyle. There are pairings like no other than you can have for you luxury and glamorous look. For example the Rolex Datejust and diamond tennis bracelet arrangement. The two together is a match up like no other. You can even add a couple of different diamonds to get your Rolex and diamond bracelet set up to the next level. For example you can add yellow or pink diamonds to a white diamond bracelet and Rolex watch mixture. Or even change the Rolex bracelets to leather or colorful fine metal golds as well. These are all ways to stir up an ultimate classic. One that goes with anything as well as with everything. There are no limits to a luxury lifestyle look there is however a springboard. That is this daily look of Rolex and diamond bracelet pairing.

fine jewelry

We have a wide range of Rolex watches for ladies. Including Rolex Datejust watches featuring diamonds and luxury unique dials like mother of pearl and silver. These fine dials also include Rolex watches with Roman hour markers and different styles of bracelets. Such as alligator leather and other fine straps. For those looking for a truly unique look we also feature Horus straps at our shops. These are replaceable rubber straps for luxury watches like Rolexes. There is nothing quite like matching your Rolex to your ride and adding some diamonds to it for extra shine. In the sunshine state there is nothing better that you could ask for than our collection at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. We’re the premiere diamond and Rolex destination in South Florida with two conveniently located stores in Boca Raton. We have been here for the last three decades and look forward to three more.

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