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Kimberley Diamond on Display

If you have never heard of the Kimberley Diamond it is worth a short read for the back story. The Kimberley Diamond was discovered in what is known as “The Big Hole” in South Africa, the Kimberley Diamond Mine. The Kimberley Mine is considered to be one of the first diamond mines of 19th century and when discovered, the Kimberley Diamond weighed an astounding 490 carats, It was unearthed sometime during or shortly after the American Civil war in the mid to late 1860s. It was in 1921 that the Kimberley Diamond was cut into a 70 carat gem, where it remained until 1958. It was in that year that the diamond was carved into an emerald cut 55.08 carat gem to improve its brilliance. Today, the diamond is considered to be virtual flawless. It is dramatic, impressive and an amazing specimen of the forces of nature. It is also now on display and you can see it in New York City.

The Kimberley Diamond is now on display at the New York American Museum of Natural History in the Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems. This diamond is loaned to the museum by the Bruce F. Stuart Trust and will be on display through June of 2014 and maybe even longer. The champagne colored diamond has historic value because of when and where it was found.

Should you travel to be the Big Apple to view it, you have to be impressed with the 1.25 inch width of the stone. If diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend, get ready to for a new BFF. The Kimberley Diamond is quite a sight to see.

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