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Six-row Diamond Ring Eternity Band 

Six-row Diamond Ring Eternity Band 

Six-row diamond ring eternity band

Creating a bond with someone who isn’t a family member is a lot of work. Our experiences together before any significant altitude of friendship or partnership take dedication. And, of course, a bit of luck. So, if you are one of the lucky ones, you may need to celebrate with your friend now and then. You should cheer because the six-row diamond ring eternity band is for this type of event. Give it to that one you love on one of those anniversaries, and watch their face light up. 

Eternity rings are popular across the world. People recognize them as pieces that jewelers made with precious metals. Of course, the persistent link of cut diamonds is what sets the eternity ring apart from others. The cut diamonds have an identical design. And because they repeat a gemstone pattern, it means a never-ending love. 

These rings have earned a reputation because of the way jewelers built them. And the status is nothing but the fact that it represents eternal love. People often want to give their friend or partner an eternity ring during an anniversary. So, it is not odd that you want to give someone you love any brand of this ring. 

Have you been looking for the perfect brand of eternity ring? Look no further! The six-row diamond ring eternity band is just about right. It is the modern-day type of eternity brand that comes with its special beauty. If you have ever wondered what wearing two or more eternity bands on your fingers would look like, this is it! The six-row diamond eternity band is a 14k or 18k gold 6-row pave set diamond ring. 

It is fuller than anything a singular eternity ring would look like. And, of course, the experience is different. Even if they are from the same coat, the six-row diamond eternity ring is still many steps ahead. In a world where we seldom celebrate beauty, it is a rare privilege to have something like this piece. Yes, the brilliance is striking. However, you may find the pave set encircling the band more enthralling. 

Origin of Six-row Diamond Ring Eternity Band

The six-row diamond eternity band is an evolved version of the eternity ring. Over the years, we have had different rows of diamond ring eternity rings. The three-row diamond ring eternity ring is quite popular. And now we know that the six-row is also in demand. 

Origin of Six-row diamond ring eternity band

So, where did it all start from? While it is true that the six-row diamond eternity ring is a version of an eternity ring, there is more to it. Over 4000 years ago, the world discovered the first eternity ring. It was not like anything they had seen before. From the record, the jewelers made eternity rings with metal bands at the time. And, of course, it was not plain. They set it with a gemstone too! We can link the true representation to the ring portraying a snake swallowing its tail. The designers were up to something when they decided to add this special ring. 

Since we are here 4000 years after talking about eternity rings, it is clear that they succeeded. Of course, the evolution of the eternity rings has been intriguing. 

DeBeers made the eternity rings even more popular in the 1960s. He tried to sell stockpiled smaller diamonds. He was good at it, and his marketing strategies were brilliant too! Then, he started an effective marketing campaign for eternity rings from his small corner. 

This little effort from one man inspired a global diamond eternity sale. And over time, the world has continued to see eternity rings as one of the most significant pieces. It has especially been used as the go-to band for celebrating anniversaries. It is common among couples, as it is common among friends. 

As earlier stated, we now have different variations of eternity rings. One of them is the six-row diamond ring eternity band. Of course, the six-row diamond ring eternity band has its different settings. You could see two six-row diamond eternity rings and think they are different. This wouldn’t be because they do not have the six-row pave or the eternity design. It would be because of the settings. The six-row diamond ring eternity band can take up the following settings:

  • Prong Setting

The prong setting for your six-row diamond eternity ring will intersect it from the top. Of course, this overlapping is so that it holds and maintains a balance. The prong setting is often used for a round six-row band. You cannot go wrong with a prong setting when the diamonds are round. 

  • Bezel Setting

A bezel setting is nothing like the prong setting. But of course, it does its work of holding the diamonds down. It does this by surrounding the diamond with a thin metal rim. The work of the thin metal rim is simple: It helps hold the stone together and keep it compact. 

If you want a more closely-knit six-row eternity ring, you might want to go for a bezel setting. While the prong setting has tendencies to hitch on things around you, the bezel does not. In fact, you would never need to worry about losing the diamond stone with this one. It is compact enough that you never have to suffer the loss of a diamond stone.

  • Channel Setting

You may prefer your six-row diamond eternity band with a channel setting. If you go for this setting, you wouldn’t have to worry about the image. To date, it is one of the most beautiful settings for your six-row diamond eternity band. The design is quite different from the prong and bezel. Unlike the bezel, the designers joined this one without using metal. In other words, the channel setting needs no steel. Instead of metal, they put the stones next to one another. Of course, this always goes on until the designers achieve the desired pattern. The diamonds are also safe from getting easily damaged. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about keeping it safe. Many jewelers go for the channel setting when the diamond stone is princess cut. It is also ideal for other shapes like baguettes and rounds. 

  • Bar Setting 

The bar setting has a similarity to the channel setting. Yes, the designers put the stones together too. This time, the six-row diamond eternity band has a long, thinned bar between the stones. The stone’s connection is where its similarity with the channel setting ends. For the bar setting, there is a lot of light between stones. The presence of this light makes it shine brighter. And, of course, it makes it sparkle better than you would ever imagine was possible. 

The Pros of Six row Diamond Ring Eternity Band 

Undoubtedly, it feels wonderful to have a big and full, closely-knit group of stones around your finger. Many people still prefer the six-row over the other rows to date. We cannot find fault in any rationale that favors the six-row eternity piece. Besides the wonderful feeling it inspires, the other pros are worth the hype. 

Pros of six row diamond ring eternity band
  • Six-row diamond eternity ring band sparkles

Do not forget that this ring is rows upon rows of gemstones. With a design like this, the diamonds can reflect light at the highest rate under any setting. 

  • Six row diamond eternity ring represents love

Eternity rings have always been about anniversaries and celebrations of love. The six-row diamond ring eternity band is not any different from its variants. It symbolizes eternal love, and so it is an essential piece to many love stories out there. At least, it can be if they allow it. 

  • Six-row diamond ring eternity band does not spin

For a six-row diamond ring, you need not worry that the gemstone at the top is bigger. This ring’s design has a sturdy form. And, of course, the sizes and areas are equal. So, you should not worry about the balance either. There is a guarantee that this one won’t be taking spins as the typical gemstones will do.  

Styling your Six Row Diamond Ring Eternity Band

Everything about the six-row diamond ring eternity band points to the fact that it is a worthy piece. From its design to the features and the settings, it is hard not to be curious about this piece. If you are brave enough, you might even want to check out some of the best designs online. And if it wouldn’t hurt your budget, you will want one to celebrate with your friend or partner soon. If it ever gets to this point for you, congratulations to you! 

Regardless of the six-row band setting you decide to use, you need to know about styling. Everyone agrees that styling is personal, so you are always free to style as you please. However, we love providing options. Hence, here are ways to style or wear your six-row diamond ring eternity band;

  • Wear it with your wedding ring

Some people can never have too many rings on one finger. While just about one is perfect for some, others do not mind more. If you are the type who doesn’t mind having more than one, you are home. You can always wear the six-row diamond eternity band to complement your wedding ring. And if you are not married, you may still wear this ring with your engagement or fashion ring. 

  • Wear it on your right hand

There are two types of people in the world: those who love wearing many rings on one finger. And then some people love to spread ring pieces across all fingers. If the latter sounds like you, you are not wrong. And thankfully, you have the backing that you need. Expert says you can wear your six-row diamond eternity band on your other hand! 

  • Engrave it

You may decide to engrave your six-row diamond ring eternity band before giving it out. And of course, it is also a worthy course if you want to keep it for yourself. Either way, engraving the band makes it a personal affair. Suppose you wanted to give it out, you may engrave the celebration date. You could write a lovely phrase or draw a pattern on your eternity band. 

  • Wear it on your middle finger

Since the six-row diamond ring eternity band is full and bold, you might want to wear it on your middle finger. This way, it is more visible and invariably a beauty for all who see it. 

Wearing this piece on your middle finger becomes even more paramount if the stones are curvy. It is also applicable if the stones swirl. With the shape of the stones, the best place is the middle finger. That is the only way it does not compete with your engagement or wedding ring. 

Final Thoughts

The six-row diamond eternity band should be on your jewelry shelf for many reasons. And if it isn’t already on it, it should be on the way or in your cart. The brilliance of this piece is like no other. And the sturdiness which makes it a durable piece is enough to assure you. 

Apart from the excellent stone features, we have the attached features. For instance, all the types of settings are great. And the fact that you can choose the one you love best is even more amazing. 

From the above, all the features and parts of the six-row eternity ring are convincing enough. And, of course, there is also the part about being able to style your ring as you wish. Hopefully, you will let yourself enjoy the beauty that comes with buying this piece. 


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