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Square Halo Ring with Two-Thirds Eternity Band

Square Halo Ring with Two-Thirds Eternity Band

Finding the perfect engagement ring doesn’t have to be scary, especially when you choose a timeless style like a square halo ring with a two-thirds eternity band. In reality, this is actually a unique combination of three different popular styles: the diamond solitaire, the halo ring, and the eternity band. All of these are classic and timeless styles and when you blend them together, what you get is something really special. You get an elegant and stylish ring that will stand the test of time and look great with pretty much anything you might pair it with.

We want to choose a ring that we will be able to love for many decades to come. When buying an engagement ring, we are choosing something that we will wear each and every day for the rest of our life. So not only is it important that we like the way it looks, but it is also important that it stand the test of time. Trends may come and go, but classic styles are always in fashion. That is why they make such a popular choice for engagement rings. When you choose a style like this, you don’t have to worry about fashions changing. The classics are always in style. 

Elegance and Style

Of course, the way the ring looks is going to be the main selling point when it comes to a fine engagement ring. And it really is hard to argue against the beauty and style of the square halo ring with a two-thirds eternity band. One of the things that makes this such a great style is the gemstones. There are different cuts on the ring, which allows you to show off the different and unique elements of the beautiful diamond. The square-cut stone that takes the solitaire position is meant to show off the depth and clarity of the stone. This cut isn’t the best for sparkle, but no worries, this ring will give you plenty of that as well.

The square cut will show the depth, flawlessness, and clarity of the diamond, so it is important that you choose the finest diamond you can afford. It makes sense to choose quality over size in this context as any flaw will be readily apparent. The accent stones around the main stone are in a round cut. This is a cut that is meant to show off the sparkle and shine of the diamond. Additionally, the stones around the eternity band are also in a round-cut, sometimes pave-style, in order to provide even more sparkle. 

Timeless Design

It can be tempting to choose something bold and eye-catching, as well as trendy, for your engagement ring. But this might end up being a bad idea. Just think about it. Trends come and go – sometimes quite quickly. The last thing you want is for your wedding ring to fall out of fashion in a few months or years’ time. That is why so many people select classic and timeless styles for their engagement ring. As the category classic implies, these are styles that stand the test of time. The square halo ring with a two-thirds eternity band definitely falls into this category.

It is actually a blending of three different timeless styles that come together to create something elegant, and beautiful, and that will stand the test of time. A classic ring is like the little black dress of jewelry, you will never have to worry that it won’t be in fashion. There are certain looks that just defy time and trends and the ring we feature here is definitely one of them. And, since it utilizes a square-cut main stone, it is actually a classic with a twist. Most often, you see a round-cut or marquise-cut stone as the central stone in a halo ring. Here, you see the square cut which is meant to really show off the flawlessness of the stone.

Since it is such a classic style, it will continue to look great with any fashions for years to come. And, even if your style changes, you have the peace of mind that your ring will still look great.

High-Quality Materials

At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we have a long history of providing the Boca Raton area (and beyond) with the finest accessories available. Our buyers have a ton of buying experience and know exactly what to look for. This is how we ensure that we only sell the finest and highest quality accessories available. Our experience gives you the peace of mind that what you are getting from us is the best possible quality available. And with all our resources, we often get access to some of the finest and rarest pieces as well. 

Of course, the square halo ring with a two-thirds eternity band that we feature here is no expectation. This ring has a quality that you can see. The main stone is incredibly flawless. You can see the depth and clarity of this beautiful stone. And even the accent stones that surround the main stone and accent the band are of the highest quality. They give off a ton of sparkle and shine – that feature that we have come to love and expect from the beautiful diamond. We want to ensure that each and every purchase made at Diamonds by Raymond Lee leave our clients happy and eager to come back again for their next jewelry purchase. 

The Halo Ring

As we mention, this ring is actually a blending of three differnet classic styles. The main style of the ring is the halo ring. This can come in many shapes and sizes, but for the ring we feature here, we have a square halo ring with a two-thirds eternity band. Often, the halo ring will feature a round stone. This, when combined with round accent stones, creates a huge amount of sparkle and shine. The main features of a halo ring are the main stone and the surrounding accent stones. There is nothing that says you have to choose a round stone, it is just one of the more commonly chosen shapes. However, here, we have a square-cut stone instead of a round.

This gives the ring a different quality, as the square stone doesn’t have as much sparkle. But it adds depth and clarity to the ring that is hard to beat. Not to mention, between the accent stones around the main stone and the diamonds on the band, you get plenty of sparkles.

This is a great choice for those who want something a little bit different from the ordinary, but still want that classic sparkle that so many of us have come to know and love. When many of us think of diamonds, it is this sparkle that first comes to mind. And with the round accent stones that surround the square-cut main stone, you get lots of sparkles. This is why the halo ring is such a popular and perfect choice for an engagement ring. Choosing a square cut allows you to have a unique twist on a popular classic. 

A Uniquely-Shaped Solitaire Stone

With many halo rings, you will find a diamond in a round cut. A lot of people like the way the round stone looks with smaller round accent stones. And many of the cuts that people choose will enhance the sparkle and shine the round cut offers. Sparkle is great, but there are more things about the diamond to show off than its ability to sparkle. That is what makes the square halo ring with a two-thirds eternity band so unique. It utilizes a square cut, as opposed to the classic round. And what you get is a totally differnet experience. 

Unlike the round cut, the square cut is not meant to maximize sparkle. If fact, since it has so many fewer facets, it doesn’t give off much of that classic sparkle. But what it does do is show you the depth and quality of the stone. You’ll be able to see the flawlessness of the stone itself, which is stunning to behold. On that same note, we should also point out that since this cut is meant to show off quality and clarity, you will want to prioritize the quality of the stone over the size. Any flaws will be readily apparent with this cut. 

The Eternity Band

The eternity band is a pretty popular style. You will often see it used as a wedding band to pair with a more simple engagement ring. However, as the square halo ring with the two-thirds eternity band we feature here shows, it can be used in conjunction with other styles as well. There is a lot to love about the eternity band. It gives you a sparkly alternative to a simple all-metal band. There are numerous styles of an eternity band, but all entail gemstones that are held in place by metal prongs around the band. There are half eternity bands, two-thirds eternity bands, and full eternity bands. Of course, this refers to how far around the band of the ring the stones extend. 

The square halo ring we feature here has a two-thirds eternity band. A lot of people like this style as the stones go around most of the band of the ring. But they also find it more comfortable than a full eternity band, which can be a bit rough on the surrounding fingers. There is also a lovely symbolism in the eternity band as well. When we marry someone, we are pledging ourselves to them for all time, so the eternal symbolism of this style of band is a really nice addition. 


Part of what makes the square halo ring with a two-thirds eternity band such an attractive option as an engagement ring is that it is versatile. That is the great thing about choosing a classic. They tend to have a lot more versatility than other styles. This is a great feature for an engagement ring since you will be wearing it with a wide array of fashions. A piece of jewlery that you will wear every day needs to be able to pair with a huge range of different fashions for different occasions. That is exactly what you get with this ring. It is incredibly versatile. And this means that it will look good with pretty much anything you will pair it with.

We aren’t always going to be formally dressed as on our wedding day, so we need to choose a versatile style that will work with the types of fashions we wear on a daily basis. Something that looks great with formal attire, but also works well with casual attire is going to be a great choice for an engagement ring. Luckily, the ring we feature here is not only elegant, but it is really versatile. It is one of those pieces that will look great with a huge range of fashion choices. 

Perfect Engagement Ring

Since the square halo ring with a two-thirds eternity band combines three different classic styles, you don’t have to worry about it falling out of fashion. And since it combines more than one style, you are still getting something unique that can represent you and your personality. You get the stunning quality of the flawless square-cut diamond set in precious metal prongs. This stone is then surrounded by small, round-cut accent stones. This not only allows you to appreciate the quality and flawlessness of the main stone, but it also gives off a beautiful sparkle and shine. 

The use of the eternity band not only gives you more sparkle, but it also gives the ring a beautiful symbolism for your relationship. Two lives become one for the rest of time. Having symbolism in a ring that you also just love to look at is one of the benefits of this style. An option like this makes a great choice for an engagement ring since is a classic and timeless style that will never go out of fashion and that also has symbolic meaning for a solid and healthy marriage.  

In Closing

Choosing an engagement ring can seem pretty daunting. We have to choose something that we will be able to wear for the rest of our lives. This can put a lot of pressure on us to choose correctly. It doesn’t have to be that scary though. Just think about the classics. They are classic for a reason and that reason is that they can defy trends and stand the test of time. This is why so many swear by classic styles for their engagement ring. It is something that they have the peace of mind that they can continue to love and wear for the rest of their lives.

The square halo ring with a two-thirds eternity band we feature here is a perfect choice. It combines three classic styles into a timeless and versatile ring. Not to mention, it is absolutely stunning to behold and features the finest materials available. 


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