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2 CT White Gold Marquise Engagement Ring

2 CT White Gold Marquise Engagement Ring

2 CT White Gold Marquise Engagement Ring

No one can say getting down on one knee is easy. Popping that question can be nerve-wracking. It leaves you with sweaty palms and all the shrills. However, the odds of you hearing a “yes” might get higher when you propose to her with a 2 CT white gold marquise engagement ring! 

Of a truth, a diamond is the utmost emblem of love and commitment for a lifetime. Choosing a 2-carat diamond ring with a marquise cut will make any woman feel like royalty. This ring is a timeless shape that delivers a beautiful look without getting too flamboyant.

Introducing the 2-Carat Diamond Ring

Whether spelled as a 2-Carat or a Two-Carat diamond, we are still referring to the weight of the diamond used in any ring. Mathematically, 2-carat equals 400 milligrams, or 0.4 grams. For proper context, a 2-Carat Diamond weighs about the same as half of a raisin.

2-carat diamond ring

Also, it is worthy of note that because of their rarity, 2-Carat diamond rings are not a common presence in local stores. Besides, the few times you find them, they are likely to be of a poor quality cut.

  • How Huge is a 2-Carat Diamond?

Expect a 2-carat diamond to be about 8.10mm in diameter. Meanwhile, various online diamond dealers offer an array of elegant 2-Carat Diamond engagement rings. You will notice certain striking disparities in beauty among these diamonds, as well as substantial differences in cost. Moreover, a higher cost doesn’t always provide a better diamond.

  • Best Shape for a 2-Carat Diamond

An elegant 2-Carat Diamond with a stunning setting will make a statement in any Diamond Shape. Therefore, select the Diamond Shape for that 2-carat diamond based on your personal preference and style. 

  • Sizing 2-Carat Diamonds

Note that the cut of any diamond is a product of its carat weight, not the size of the diamonds. Nonetheless, there is a surface area distinction between diamond shapes. That alone can influence how huge a diamond appears. Based on the table size (which is the top leveled surface of a diamond), 2-Carat Diamonds may seem bigger in particular shapes.

Getting the Best Out of a 2-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

2 CT diamond Engagement Ring

If you’re in the market to buy a diamond of substantial carat weight, quality should be more essential than any other factor. This might even need you to lessen your carat weight narrowly. That way, you can stay within your ring budget. 

On the bright side, the increased grandeur, fire and overall luster of a high-quality diamond in a lesser carat do the magic. These qualities will overpower and outdo any money paid for a badly cut 2-Carat diamond.

Therefore, you need to make sure your diamond is precisely what the diamond dealer claims. To do this, ensure the diamond comes with either a GIA or AGS certificate. To put in perspective, the GIA and AGS are the two prominent and well-respected diamond grading authorities. They issue detailed and consistent reports for diamonds. Truly, certification isn’t one of the 4cs of diamonds. Yet, it is exceedingly crucial. So, politely refuse if a diamond seller tries to persuade you to buy a diamond with any other lab grading entity. The real quality of those diamonds is way less than what they make you see as “true.”

Our Expert Tips

To get the best 2-Carat Diamond rings out there at a great value, follow our expert tips:

  • Diamond Shape

Your personal preference and style determine the best diamond shape for you. Match your preferred shape with a setting that is complementary and gives durability. For example, make sure the edges of your 2-carat Marquise Cut Diamond get protected with prongs.

  • Diamond Cut

Diamond Cut is the most essential of the 4cs of diamonds. This element decides how much brightness and sparkle a diamond oozes eventually. Only go for an Excellent or ideal cut for 2-Carat Diamond engagement rings. Our focus here is a marquise cut.

  • Diamond Clarity

Blemishes and inclusions are not visible to the naked eye when you choose a VS1 Clarity grade. Although you can opt for a better Clarity grade, the difference won’t be evident.

  • Diamond Color

When viewed with the naked eye, a diamond in the G to I spectrum will seem colorless. Also, it will cost much less than diamonds in the D to F spectrum.

  • Online Diamond Engagement Rings Store

Choose only a dignified diamond dealer with years of experience and a widely-recognized certificate. We recommend choosing from our inventories at Diamonds by Raymond Lee today. 

Introducing White Gold Engagement Rings

2 CT White Gold Engagement Rings

When you step out in search of the perfect engagement ring, there are certain important decisions to make. Some of such decisions are what kind of center stone you like the most and what kind of metal you want the band to showcase. With white gold diamond engagement rings, you get a really famous choice, for a good reason. The white gold is lovely and a beauty to behold. This material is very adaptable, and it’s quite easy to take care of. 

  • What Is the White Gold Metal?

To understand the peculiarity of this metal, we take insight from the words of Kim Kanary, the vice president of community development and engagement at JTV. JTV is one of the biggest jewelry retailers in the United States. 

A white gold metal is an alloy of gold and at least one other white metal. This other metal can either be palladium, nickel, zinc, copper, or silver.

According to our jewelry specialist Kim Kanary, white gold receives its signature silvery-white color from a very thin layer of rhodium. We know for a fact that when gold gets mixed with another white metal “the resulting color is still a dull gray to brownish-yellow.” That produces a rhodium plating needed to get that white radiance.

Pros and Cons of White Gold Engagement Rings

One of the biggest benefits of a white gold engagement ring is that the band is a neutral, silvery hue. This hue doesn’t change a thing on the center stone at all. Aside from this, keep reading to learn more about white gold engagement rings. More so, in other sections we will consider what to look for when shopping for one and how to care for this metal.

a White Gold Engagement Ring
  • No Noticeable Color Difference

Kanary says, “Gemstones will reflect the color of the metal in which they are set, meaning that colorless gemstones (like diamonds) can appear to have a tint of color if the surrounding metal contains color.” That effect is common with particular yellow gold settings but not white gold. “Your gemstone will reflect the silvery-white metal, which will not result in any noticeable color differences in your stone.” 

  • A Sleeker Option

In addition, white gold tends to be sleeker, shines more and is less dull. Those qualities make the metal a valuable yet cost-effective choice.

  • Not the Most Durable

Indeed, white gold is more reliable and stronger than yellow gold. Still, it doesn’t quite meet the standards of a metal like platinum. With platinum, you get something more durable. This explains its extra resistance to everyday wear and tear. Also, it is why it gives more security for center stone settings than white gold can. Kanary also believes, “It’s also denser than gold, so if all other qualities are equal, a platinum ring will be heavier than a white gold ring.”

  • Not the Purest Option

Yellow gold is purer than white gold because white gold is the product of mixing gold with other metals. “Pure natural gold is yellow in color, so the higher in purity you go, the more yellow it will be,” Kanary adds. 

However, while yellow gold may be purer, it’s also inherently softer. This means that white gold is the more durable choice between these two. According to Kanary, “If you are interested in a higher degree of fineness, white gold may not be your best option.”

  • Not Hypoallergenic

Finally, white gold gets alloyed with nickel. So, if you’re allergic to nickel, you don’t want to choose a white gold metal for your ring.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a White Gold Engagement Ring

  • What type of diamond cut works best with a white gold piece of jewelry? Almost every diamond cut will look stunning with a white gold band. But, we recommend the marquise cut.
  • Which is best: 14-karat or 18-karat white gold? First, 18-karat is purer. However, 14-karat is better because it is more reliable and scratch-resistant.
  • What is the expected cost of a white gold engagement ring? The cost can differ. Still, generally white gold is a less costly option than platinum.

Taking Care of Your White Gold Engagement Ring

White gold needs a bit more care compared to other metals. According to Kanary, “[It] will require occasional buffing and polishing as well as periodic replating to ensure it maintains its silvery-white sparkle year-round.” This ring type is softer than platinum, so it might scratch more quickly. Regardless, it is still ideal for everyday wear. Please store your white gold engagement ring by wrapping it in a soft cloth or piece of velvet.  

2 CT White Gold Marquise Engagement Ring

2 CT White Gold Marquise Engagement Ring

Legend tells us that the shape of Marquise engagement rings comes from the smile of the mistress of Louis XIV of France. According to history, Louis XIV ordered the state jewelers to cut a stone to be as brilliant as and fit the shape of her smile. That’s quite some move with his girlfriend’s smile, rather than his wife’s!

Meanwhile, the modern cut of the marquise is perhaps much different from the initially produced one. Recent understanding about how light travels through diamonds and gets reflected off surfaces has its impact. This explains why the Marquise is now one of the ‘brilliant’ cuts. That means the angles between the stone surfaces get optimized to reveal as much light as possible. That modification makes it glow dazzlingly.

Even with this, this can be one of the most complicated shapes of diamond to buy out there. That is because of the huge variation in the diamonds out there. More so, there are many poor-quality stones out there.

What Makes The 2 CT White Gold Marquise Engagement Ring Special?

The 2 CT White Gold Marquise Engagement Ring is luxurious, beautiful, and unique. An absolutely special one should feature an extended profile that’s balanced up and down.

That way, it ensures that you get the best carat weight achievable in return. This comes without sacrificing too much of its light performance. For anyone looking for a ring that’s long and lean, then this 2 CT White Gold Marquise Engagement Ring may be your go-to guy.

2 CT White Gold Marquise Engagement Ring

The 2 CT White Gold Marquise Engagement Ring has a symmetrical shape with tipped corners, spotlighting an extended oval shape in between. For those with no issue with the size or budget, go ahead and shop for one that gives you some “bling” factor!

Below are the features that distinguish the marquise cut from other styles:

  • Exceptional Shine

With a brilliant cut, a 2 CT White Gold Marquise Engagement Ring comes with a maximum of 57 facets. With this, it provides enough drama with radiant shine. This shine gets better thanks to the 33 facets on the crown and 24 on the pavilion. Similar to what you get with any other brilliant diamond, it delivers a ton of fire and brightness.

  • 2 CT White Gold Marquise Engagement Ring: The Bow-Tie Effect

A 2 CT White Gold Marquise Engagement Ring is a lovely jewel to behold. Here is a ring that retains a bow-tie effect to add a fascinating touch to the stone’s faceting.

Most people see a bow-tie effect as a flaw in the ring. Meanwhile, this spectacle is actually relatively common in fancy cut styles, including oval and marquise. When there is no bow tie, these diamonds will return less radiance.

Other distinguishing features associated with 2 CT White Gold Marquise Engagement Ring are:

  • Balanced Symmetry
  • A Defining Shape
  • 2 CT White Gold Marquise Engagement Ring has an elongated figure. 
  • Less Expensive Price


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