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Round Cut Blue Sapphire and Diamond 14K White Gold Ring

Round Cut Blue Sapphire and Diamond 14K White Gold Ring

round cut blue sapphire and diamond 14k white gold ring

Are you a bride hoping to break away from the norms with your wedding ring? Then, a round cut blue sapphire and diamond white gold ring is what you need. This ring is an amazing way to stand out on your special day. Made popular by Princess Diana in 1981, and now Kate Middleton (who wears the late princess’s ring), these blue sapphire and diamond rings are a superb choice for jewelry.

Introducing the Blue Sapphire Gemstone

the round cut blue sapphire in a wedding ring

Sapphire is an adaptable gemstone belonging to the corundum group of minerals. Also, sapphire is the September birthstone and at a time, was thought to carry spiritual qualities. For a closer look at the blue sapphire gemstone, we take from the words of the design director at Taylor & Hart, Kate Earlam-Charnley. She is also a custom engagement ring and wedding band jeweler.

According to Kate, “Unlike diamonds, which are known for their fire and brilliance, sapphires are known for their variety of colors. Sapphires are often bought not because they are more affordable than diamonds, but because of their outstanding colors…from rich indigo blue to ocean spray blue, from white (colorless) to orange, champagne, and even green.”

In addition, the blue sapphire gemstones are both conventional and modern gem options for engagement and wedding rings. These rings can cover “something old” or “something new” but will always make a statement when brides need “something blue.” 

Meanwhile, blue sapphire gemstones are rare, gorgeous, durable and costly. Anytime you step out to shop for sapphire wedding ring stones, you need certain information. Knowing this gem’s visual and physical details, grading, and varieties might save you some time and money.

The Round Cut Blue Sapphire Ring: An Emblem of Romance, Then and Now

Blue sapphire rings have many representative associations. These rings have a long stretch of popularity being engagement and wedding ring stones for nobility and celebrities only.

While still a poor soldier, Napoleon spent on a ring set for Josephine. This ring featured an inverted pear-cut sapphire and a good pear-cut diamond, with each stone being one carat in size. That ring style, recognized as “You and Me,” was extremely prominent during the 18th century. 

More so, Princess Kate’s engagement ring comprises an oval 12-ct Ceylon sapphire encircled by a halo of diamonds. Then, in the 1980s, Prince Charles chose the center stone with Lady Diana and had it set in a ring. Later on, in 2010, Prince William, their son, presented this ring to Kate Middleton. The blue sapphire ring has since become one of the most popular rings in the world.

Some other celebrities with striking blue sapphire rings are Elizabeth Hurley and Penelope Cruz.

Pros and Cons of Blue Sapphire Rings

round cut blue sapphire ring

As for choosing this stone for your ring, Kate says, “A sapphire is the perfect balance of classical beauty and contemporary expression, allowing you to choose one that reflects you or your partner’s personality.” 

One other plus? Blue sapphire rings come in a variation of colors (not only blue). Some may come as purple, pink, yellow, green, orange, brown, black, and even white. However, Kashmir and Ceylon blue are the most sought-after versions of this stone out there.

Besides, some of the lesser-known colors of the sapphire are extremely rare. Kate Earlam-Charnley says, “The rarest type of fancy sapphire is the Padparadscha, a delicate balance of orange and pink. The variety and range of color ensure that each gemstone has subtle differences.”

The price of a blue sapphire ring can differ greatly. It is hanging on the carat weight and quality you opt for. Generally, sapphires cost narrowly less than diamonds. Plus, this price can range from about $500 to $2,000 per carat. However, Kate Earlam-Charnley confesses that “the sky’s the limit.”

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Blue Sapphire Ring

blue sapphire wedding ring

Are you looking for a sapphire for your engagement or wedding ring? Below are a few questions and answers you should understand before stepping out for the perfect pick.

  • What is the most fundamental component of blue sapphire stones? 

According to Kate Earlam-Charnley, “While all sapphire rings are graded by foundational factors such as cut, clarity, color, and carat, a sapphire’s quality is primarily determined through its color and shape.”

  • What stone cut is ideal for blue sapphire rings?

Although blue sapphire rings can look beautiful cut in any way, the oval cut puffs a sapphire’s rich color best. “Oval cuts allow the most light to travel through the gemstone, enhancing its color and making sure the sapphire does not appear flat,” Kate explains.

  • What settings and metals are ideal for blue sapphire rings? 

Kate Earlam-Charley says. “Sapphires look stunning in both contemporary and traditional ring settings. Given their diversity of colors, sapphires look wonderful against white metals like platinum and white gold, and depending on the shade of stone you select they can look lovely against the warm hues of yellow and rose gold.”

  • How strong and lasting are blue sapphire rings? 

Sapphires are quite tough and score nine on the Mohs hardness scale. They are perfect options as pieces of jewelry for everyday wear. Earlam-Charnley points out, “Second only to diamonds. A sapphire should last a lifetime and can be passed down for generations.”

  • Where should I get my blue sapphire stone from? 

According to Earlam-Charnley, some of the best blue sapphire stones are from Thailand, Sri Lanka, and East Africa. “Source of origin is usually a factor in price,” she adds

Considering the Difference a Blue Sapphire Stone’s Source Make?

Indeed, one can find sapphires all over the world. Yet, their origins have a huge effect on prices. Specifically, the most important locations include Kashmir, Myanmar (previously Burma), Sri Lanka (previously Ceylon), Cambodia, Australia, Madagascar, Montana and Thailand.

Here are places well-known for manufacturing quality sapphires. Hence, any sapphires from these regions automatically carry a particular reputation. Nevertheless, not all of the sapphires from these areas exemplify the elements of the top stones. Likewise, just because a trader cites a sapphire with a regional name doesn’t suggest it actually comes from that region. Consider an example of a “Ceylon sapphire.” This may simply suggest the stone shows traits common with sapphires from Sri Lanka. 

Remember to ask gem dealers what they mean when they use such regional descriptors for sapphire stones. More so, blue sapphire stones from Kashmir, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka could cost more than stones of comparable quality from other sources. This is as the prestige attached to these areas are higher.

Therefore, If all you need is an elegant blue sapphire, ignore the regional descriptors. Simply examine the stone on its own terms.

Taking Care of your Sapphire Ring

round cut blue sapphire and diamond 14k white gold ring

Earlam-Charnley warns, “While diamonds and precious metals are not easily damaged, they do need regular care. Pick up your ring from the band, not the center stone. This keeps your setting from becoming loose. And avoid touching the stone. You’ll protect it from the build-up that comes from our skin’s natural oils.”

If you own one, you should store your blue sapphire jewelry separate from other pieces. Additionally, always remove your ring when taking part in physical activity or coming in contact with household cleaners.

When it comes to cleaning a blue sapphire ring, Earlam-Charnley again recommends doing this at-home monthly and professionally once every year. In her words, “With a small drop of washing up liquid, gently scrub your ring with a soft clean toothbrush. Rinse your ring under warm water and gently scrub again to remove any soap residue. Dry with a microfiber cloth.”

The amount of care sapphires need depends greatly on their treatments. An untreated sapphire stone as well as those that only received heating are both reliable and lasting. These gems, as well as lattice-diffused sapphires, are somewhat immune to heat, light, and most chemicals. You can clean these rings in ultrasonic and steam cleaning systems.

Note that mild acids can harm fracture-filled or dyed blue sapphire stones. It is best to clean these gems with damp cloths only. Keep in mind that Boric acid can destroy any sapphire. Therefore, keep your sapphires away from any solutions that contain this acid. 

Finally, Lattice-diffused gems usually only carry a shallow layer of color. With scratches or re-polishing, you can easily remove this layer of color. Treat these gems very carefully or their inner color will appear through, giving them a messy appearance.

Are All Sapphire Stones Blue?

Sapphire stones come in a vast mixture of blue colors. There is the brilliant sky blue of a cloudless day and the royal blue of twilight to the inky navy of night as well. However, be rest assured that any blue sapphire and diamond ring you own is sure to become a lasting masterpiece. Nevertheless, aside from red, sapphire stones come in every other color you can think of.

round cut blue sapphire stone in a wedding ring

Note that the term sapphire comprises all non-red gem-quality corundum. More so, red gem-quality corundum also gets considered as ruby. Totally colorless, pure corundum contains aluminum and oxygen. They can’t form if silicon is present. Keep in mind that silicon ranks as one of the most plentiful elements in the Earth’s crust. By extension, this makes corundum somewhat limited. 

In addition, trace elements give corundum gems their hue. Also, chromium makes rubies red. While iron and titanium give us blue sapphire stones. Varying grades of these and other substances create other colors. Some of these other colors are 

  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange, and 
  • Pink. 

Note: These non-blue sapphire stones are occasionally called “fancy sapphires.”

The Round Cut Blue Sapphire and Diamond 14k White Gold Ring

Technical Specifications 

  • Total carat weight: 0.07
  • Sidestone Diamond Clarity: I2
  • Sidestone Diamond Color: I+
  • Round Sidestone Diamond Cut
  • Sidestone Diamond Setting: Prong/Claw
  • Metal color: White
  • Metal content: 10 Karat
  • Gemstone: Sapphire


Evoke a feeling of refinement with this blue sapphire and diamond white gold ring. You get striking blue sapphires curled up between sparkling white gold diamonds. With the blue sapphire stones alternating over 2 rows, this blue sapphire and diamond ring will make a statement anytime. 

Here is an expertly crafted wedding ring set with the world’s most precious diamonds and most beautiful sapphires. This is a white gold diamond ring created to make that sparkling statement. As a lasting symbol of commitment and love, these blue sapphire and diamond wedding bands are the perfect complement to your unique engagement and wedding rings. They can be worn as stackable fine jewelry styles for any event.

Famous jeweler, Harry Winston once said, “No two diamonds are alike.” Therefore, each of these exquisite white gold diamond rings comes with a unique arrangement of one-of-a-kind diamonds and gemstones. Meanwhile, the carat weight and stone quantity may differ narrowly from piece to piece. Stop by at any of our stores in Boca Raton today to find out more.

The Rarity and Refinement of Blue Sapphire and Diamond Rings 

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Rings are now the latest ‘IT’ rings of the moment! That explains why Kate Middleton’s fascinating Blue Sapphire and Diamond ring mesmerized the world when she stepped out showing off this stunning sparkler.

Charles Bentley from Diamonds International says, “Ceylon sapphires are one of the rarest and most beautiful gems in the world. Next to a diamond they are the hardest precious stone in the world and wear very well. As a result, the cost of Ceylon Sapphires has doubled over the past 12 months as the market has been depleted and it is becoming very difficult to buy them.

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we have a collection of blue sapphire and diamond rings, earrings and bracelets. These white gold diamond rings are well below the current market price. Therefore, there is no better time than now to buy this rare beauty.


If you prefer a round cut blue sapphire and diamond ring or you would prefer another color besides blue, consider a fancy sapphire stone. You will get that variety and still get a price drop. That’s a win-win situation for you eventually.


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