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Omega Moonwatch Professional 

Omega Moonwatch Professional 

Omega Professional Moonwatch

There may not be many more celebrated timepieces in watchmaking history than the Omega Moonwatch Professional. It became popular during the Apollo 11 moon expedition. Human kind witnessed the first timepiece worn on the moon. With such a feat, this Omega Professional watch earned a favorite spot in the annals of horology.

Overall, Omega continues to make improvements on the Omega Professional watch. The brand updated the movement, bracelet, and case. Even with all these adjustments, the actual look and feel remain the same. 

Here is a timeless tool watch design that continues to blend well with time. The Omega Moonwatch Professional enjoys high praise from many in the watchmaking industry. This Moonwatch variant is popular for its reliability and ultra-legibility, and relaxing wearability.

Meanwhile, this expert analysis of the Moonwatch Professional will expose you to why NASA preferred this timepiece. Also, discover why the Moonwatch Professional is the most prominent Omega watch. Learn more about its specs, pricing, and unique references from over the years.

Why NASA Prefers the Omega Moonwatch Professional?

In the present technological community, a trusty wristwatch does not strike much as a necessity. Although, in the 1960s, a well-built timepiece made all the difference between life and death. A perfect example is the Apollo 13 space mission.

Omega Professional Moonwatch for NASA

While planning for the United States moon missions, NASA began sourcing the best equipment. Specifically, NASA needed safe and reliable equipment to accompany its astronauts on their journey to space. For those who know a little about NASA, you will agree that every system comes with a backup system. In that capacity, the helpful Omega Moonwatch Professional plays its role. 

So, NASA decided to rely on a watch that delivers precise time, 12hr timing function, distance calculator, and speed calculator. For this, NASA had a ton of alternatives to select from. The options included the Rolex Daytona. However, only one could be triumphant. Eventually, NASA banked on the Omega Moonwatch Professional.

Hence, this watch became the sole choice as it was the only watch to satisfy all the crucial requirements. There were tests as well. Some tests included exposure to severe temperatures, simulated alterations in gravity, shock resistance, high-pressure tests, acceleration, and decompression.

Moreover, the initial reference of the Moonwatch Professional selected came fitted with a hesalite cover over the dial. This presence replaced the more rigid sapphire crystal. According to Omega, this choice was that if damaged, the sapphire shatters into several sharp pieces. That outcome is different from the scratch, dented, or punched hesalite (plastic) dial cover.

Into the Omega Moonwatch Professional

Omega Moonwatch Professional

Omega Professional Moonwatch Technical Details According to the Manufacturer 

  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Movement Mechanical Manual Wind
  • Caliber 3861
  • Accuracy 0/+5 seconds per day
  • Power Reserve 50 hours
  • Case Size 42mm
  • Water Resistance 50m
  • Crystal Domed Sapphire or Hesalite


The Omega Professional Moonwatch remains somewhat untouched by Omega for years. Therefore, when it gets reworked, not much changed. For the latest 2021 Moonwatch Professional, Omega updated the watch with some actually huge modifications. 

For starters, the brand ushered this watch into the age of modern watchmaking by powering it with a co-axial master chronometer movement. That alone brought back all the vintage allures Omega fans relish. Meanwhile, the Omega community and Moonwatch Professional lovers received these modifications with joy.

Keep reading to discover more about each update in our objective Omega Professional Moonwatch review.

Powered by the Co-Axial Master Chronometer Caliber 3861 Movement

Sheltered in the latest 2021 Omega Professional Moonwatch is the Co-Axial Master Chronometer Omega Caliber 3861 movement. With the Omega Caliber 3861, you get a manual wound and 50-hour power reserve movement. This movement ensures. Omega keeps it true to the initial specifications to get flight certified by NASA.

Omega Professional Moonwatch caliber 3861 movement

Additionally, it has been a long time since Omega provided the Moonwatch Professional with an upscale movement. Most Omega fans confess that they looked around at the rest of the Omega lineups and noticed superior movements. This discovery left the average Omega fan confused as to why the Omega Moonwatch Professional got left behind. Therefore, Omega realizing that universally accepted truth, took it as a challenge to change the narrative. 

What do we think? For us, we see the upgrade from the 3861 Omega caliber as a significant upscale. We would like to add that the Omega Moonwatch Professional movement is now METAS certified. What that means is that it is exceptionally accurate. More so, it remains unfazed by severe temperature and magnetic environments. Plus, it has an extended service interval. 

Overall, consider the watchmaking capabilities of Omega and the legendary status of the Moonwatch Professional. Then, this improvement makes the most sense.

The Omega Professional Dial

The dial of the Omega Moonwatch Professional is nearly flawless. First, it is not showy and the design isn’t out of this world. Yet, for some reason, most watch enthusiasts and collectors get drawn to it. This dial is an excellent representation of what a legible chronograph tool watch should look like. 

Omega Professional dial

When you cast a glance, reading the dial on the Moonwatch cannot be quicker and easier. Hence, this might be one of the reasons Moonwatch’s dial earned that trust from NASA. It got the trust to lead NASA astronauts to space.

In addition, in the last few years, there have been a couple deviations of the dial on the Professional Moonwatch. However, they have all been very subtle. Also, most of the modifications had to do with the subdials and the Omega logo. Check out the new 2021 Omega Professional Moonwatch. What you see is the “Stepped Dial” getting reintroduced along with the extra of a hand applied Omega logo.

For clarity, a stepped dial is simply the sub dials getting caved in. Thanks to this feature, there is more considerable depth to the dial. Also, this feature adds extra legibility. Meanwhile, older references of the Omega Moonwatch Professional featured stepped dials. Also, Omega chose to bring back the overwhelmingly prominent design for the latest 2021 reference.

Comfortable Case and Choice Materials

It’s impossible to go through a review of the Omega Moonwatch Professional without it referring to how comfortable the watch and its dimensions get. First off, there is the case playing a large part in this comfort. 

Also, the case dimensions for the Moonwatch Professional are 42mm case size and 20mm lug width. Such dimension delivers a bigger but very well-fitting case. Again, the lugs come finely tapered in a way that provides convenience and aesthetics.

Additionally, the varying references encircling the initial Omega Professional Moonwatch are products of gold, platinum, and ceramic. On the other hand, the initial production is a product of 316L stainless steel. Combined with the Moonwatch Professional case is an aluminum tachymeter bezel. Also, you get to make a choice between either a hesalite or sapphire crystal.

The Functional Tachymeter Bezel

Omega Professional Moonwatch Tachymeter Bezel Dot Over 90

The function of a tachymeter bezel is to measure distance and time. Practically, you can’t think of a better location to gauge space and time than outside of Earth’s orbit. Therefore, the black tachymeter aluminum bezel of the Moonwatch Professional remains one of the eye-popping celebrated features of the timepiece. 

Note: Even with years of wear, older Omega Professional Moonwatches feature tachymeter bezels that fared well and maintained their scale through time.

Besides, the new updated 2021 Omega Moonwatch Professional brings back a small design feature. Yet, this feature made many older references collectable. With this design feature, it was possible to move the dot over the 90 indicator on the tachymeter scale. It might add nothing to the functionality of the tool watch, still, it provides what many Moonwatch Professional lovers cherished in the past.

Modernized Bracelet

Professional Moonwatch bracelet

Our expert review of Omega hasn’t been the quality of their bracelets but their designs. Going through history, previous Omega bracelets either don’t taper or they barely taper. Therefore, having a tapered bracelet is not only a design feature. Here is a feature that adds to the comfort of this timepiece. This feature is one of the reasons why anyone will trade their Omega Seamaster 300m.

More so, thanks to the Moonwatch, Omega hit a home run. Now, there is a bracelet delivering more comfort and has a much more distinctive design. Omega shows forth a new design that comprises a thinner 5 link bracelet. The bracelet tapers quite fine down to a smaller clasp. That alone passes as a very welcomed upgrade.

Overall, the specs of the Omega Professional Moonwatch bracelet is a lug width of 20mm lug width that tapers down to 16mm. Also, there is a 5 link system, stainless steel construction, and a smaller upscaled deployment clasp.

Different References of the Omega Moonwatch Professional Watch

The Professional References

The Omega watches that get considered as Moonwatches are part of the Professional references. Here you have references that comprise both the hesalite edition, which holds NASA flight certification, and the sapphire crystal.

The Snoopy References

We witnessed the creation of special editions of the Moonwatch. But, they got released gradually. These Omega Snoopy watches bear close resemblance to the Omega Moonwatch. Still, they occasionally differ in color but always comprise the popular Peanuts character Snoopy.

In addition, the snoopy watches enjoyed recognition as collectors items and they are unique. On most instances, the Omega Snoopy are special reservations for a dealers’ best customers. These references enjoy a substantial premium in the pre-owned market.

The Dark Side Of The Moon References

These Omega Dark Side Of The Moon watches were the earliest real step the brand took towards upgrading parts of the Moonwatch line into modern Omega technology. Thanks to these references, we got watches housed first with the co-axial escapement technology. One stand out detail on these references is that the case is a product of complete ceramic.

The Apollo References

From time to time, the Omega brand launched the Apollo moon mission limited edition of the Omega Professional Moonwatch. We got watches that were ultra popular references. The watches got featured in special moments and images from every expedition.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Omega Moonwatch

In this section, we will consider some of the important questions surrounding the essence and acceptance of this tool watch. These questions are important as lovers of Omega timepieces and general wristwatch lovers ask them often. Read on to find answers to all of the top frequently asked questions about the Omega Moonwatch Professional.

Is the Omega Professional a Better Wristwatch than the Rolex Daytona?

Most times, the Omega Moonwatch gets compared to the Rolex Daytona timepiece. This will pass as one easy comparison because they are both celebrated watches. More so, they are top products from highly-rated Swiss watchmaking brands. 

To compare both watches on paper will certainly impress on us that the Omega Professional Moonwatch is the better of the two. Truly, most people acknowledge the Omega Moonwatch to be the better timepiece. Still, there are many that prefer to buy the Rolex Daytona watch instead. Their reason is that the Rolex Daytona watch holds a better monetary value.

How Good an Investment is the Omega Professional?

The Omega Professional Moonwatch does not fall in the category of watches that get considered a good investment. This is as buyers do not enjoy that benefit of getting to net a return. However, the Moonwatch will certainly hold its value and last a lifetime with its owner.

Which of the Omega Speedmaster Is The Omega Moonwatch?

There are several Omega Speedmaster references. However, the references that get considered as the Moonwatch are the Omega Speedmaster Professional tool watches. You can get these references out there with both hesalite and sapphire crystal. 

Also, it is worthy of note that only the hesalite references get considered “Flight Certified” by NASA.

Do Omega Speedmaster Watches Retain Their Value?

Omega Speedmaster watches, most notably the Moonwatch, deliver an excellent output when we consider holding and retaining their value. Indeed, you will not net a profit while in possession of this watch. The only exception will be the Snoopy version. Yet, as we mentioned earlier, you can expect your Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch to hold its value over the years. 

Here is the watch you need to accompany you on several voyages throughout your life.


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