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Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial Master Chronometer

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial Master Chronometer

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M

With its introduction way back in 1948, the Omega Seamaster Diver announced itself as Omega’s response to the rising demand for a strong, everyday watch. It was a testament to the immense success and watchmaking expertise Omega possesses. 

This watchmaking brand honed its expertise by creating over 110,000 watches for the British military during World War II. Based on these, the first Omega Seamaster Diver was a strong, do-it-all watch with even better water resistance than its military predecessors. These qualities come from the design of the rubber o-ring gasket that keeps the elements out. 

Going Back in Time with the Omega Seamaster Diver

Omega Seamaster chronometer

Note that these timepieces were strong, waterproof, and more aesthetically fitted to civilian life compared to their military forebears. Regardless, it wasn’t until 9 years after, in 1957, that Omega launched its first proper, civilian dive timepieces. This latest introduction came complete with a timing bezel. Also, it delivered 300 meters of water resistance. Such was the outstanding quality of the Omega Seamaster 300M. 

This Seamaster chronometer earned its bona fides when it helped Jacques Cousteau and his team out. That happened during the CONSHELF II underwater habitat explorations in 1963. After that, the Seamaster line production doesn’t seem to wane. Since then, this timepiece comes in many different varieties. 

Perhaps, like most non-watch people, you also see the Omega Seamaster Chronometer as the timepieces worn by some bloke called James Bond. He started his Seamaster affair with his portrayal by Pierce Brosnan and continues until present. 

Omega Seamaster 300M

Particularly, the Seamaster chronometer can be found in every composition you can probably think of. There is the quartz or mechanical version, men’s or women’s, square or circular. Evidently, Omega makes them in every spice. As for the present collection, we have: 

  • The Seamaster Aqua Terra, which is the contemporary edition of that original
  • The non-diving Seamaster; 
  • The Seamaster Planet Ocean line, which is the special edition that makes up the chunkiest and most water-resistant dive watches of the collection, 
  • The recently-introduced Seamaster 300, a classic re-edition of the legendary 1957 watch, and
  • The watch under review in this article, the Seamaster 300M Diver.

The Seamaster 300M Diver

The Seamaster 300M Diver collection got reworked in 2018. That upgraded it to an in-house, Master Chronometer-certified movement. Also, this white colorway followed in 2019, which was a year later. We might describe this as a bit of a sleeper hit. Yet, it gradually gains that rage, particularly in the fans community. The Seamaster 300M Diver is proof of slow yet steady growth over the past few years. 

Alt-Image: Omega Seamaster Diver 300M chronometer

In this text, we will put this classic Seamaster 300M through its paces. How does it fare on a day of sailing and also, on a day of diving? Here, we will see if it lives up to its reputation as a timepiece for all activities, maritime and otherwise. We shall begin with a close look over the details.

Technical Specifications Of The Omega Seamaster Chronometer (According to the Brand’s Website)

  • Reference:
  • Dial: white ceramic dial – laser-engraved wave pattern – applied indices with Super-LumiNova – blackened skeletonized hands with Super-LumiNova
  • Case: 42mm diameter x 13.7mm height – 50mm lug-to-lug – stainless steel, brushed and polished – unidirectional rotating bezel – polished black ceramic ring filled with white enamel diving scale – helium escape valve at 10 o’clock – domed sapphire crystal with A/R treatment – sapphire caseback – screw-in crown – 300m water-resistance
  • Strap: black rubber strap with brushed central areas – steel pin buckle
  • Movement: Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8800 – officially certified by METAS – 25,200vph (3.5Hz) – 55h power reserve – rhodium-plated rotor and bridges – Geneva waves in arabesque – blackened screws, barrel and balance wheel – hours, minutes, seconds and date

The Omega Seamaster Diver: The Fundamentals

Omega Seamaster Diver chronometer

In its true essence, the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M is a 42mm stainless steel tool watch for divers. With this specification, it prowls confidently in a different league with some of the fiercest rivalry in the watch industry. This Omega timepiece ranks up there with some of the biggest hitters out there. 

The Structure and Fit

With 13.7mm thickness and 50mm lug-to-lug coupled with a lug width of 20mm, it fits squarely in the perfect sizing range. More so, the case finishing is a delightful blend of polished and brushed surfaces, comprising the celebrated Omega twisted lugs. 

The Dial

In addition, there is the beautiful white polished ceramic dial. This dial features the etched wave pattern that has been a constant presence on the Omega Seamaster since 1994. Moreover, right under the heart of the dial, if you look very closely, you will notice the engraved symbol “Zr02” From that, you can pick out the dial is a product of the ceramic material Zirconium Oxide. 

However, it remains to be known if this is necessarily pertinent information. Should the brand instead display this right on the dial? As it is now,  it appears subtle enough that you perhaps won’t even see it unless you pay close attention.

Seamaster Diver 300M dial

Meanwhile, on another part of the dial, you will discover applied markers filled with a white Super-LumiNova and thin black borders to aid contrast. Also, the Omega logo is right below the 12 o’clock markers as you would expect it. Again, below that is the legendary Omega Seamaster logo. The logo appears in a sharp, luminous red. That presence, along with the tip of the lollipop second hand, is the only sight of color on the dial. For us, that is just the perfect amount. 

Besides, something about the little bits of red amidst all the white and black is that it pops in flawlessly. For a long time, you will find yourself just gazing at it intermittently throughout the day. This attention doesn’t stop even when there is no desire to know what time it is. 

In addition, the polished, blackened hour and minute hands come skeletonized and filled with the same Super-LumiNova. It comes in as much as skeleton hands can get. The same is the case with the lollipop part of the second hand. 

The Bezel

The bezel on this watch is a polished black ceramic with white indices and Arabic numerals popping up at ten minute intervals. It all gets sealed up with a screw-down crown at the 3 o’clock position. Also, there is a helium release valve set at the 10 o’clock position. We will consider that and the bezel in more detail when we get to the diving section. Keep reading!

The Sapphire Caseback and Movement

Positioned in the perfect place is a sapphire caseback. It comes in perfectly as protection for the true star of the show here. That is the Omega Master Chronometer Calibre 8800. That movement is the Omega’s METAS-certified automatic movement. It features a co-axial escapement and free-sprung balance with silicon balance spring. Here is a movement equipped to deliver a 55-hour power reserve. Also, it beats at the oddball cadence of 25,200 vibrations/hour (or 3.5Hz frequency). 

Omega Seamaster movement

According to Omega, that is the optimal frequency and they surely know better than any of us will. More so, the bidirectional rotor comes finished with Geneva waves in arabesque. For those who aren’t familiar with the METAS certification, it is a set of eight additional tests for movements. Only movements with the COSC certification can undergo these tests.

In all, you are truly getting the “Master Chronometer” advertised on the dial. 

How Does the Omega Seamaster 300M Diver Fare Above The Sea?

Suppose you get the chance to take the Seamaster chronometer sailing and diving. All we will discuss here get relatable. We take insights from other experts who tried it out in all conditions sea-related. On the first day, the watch made a trip to the Gulf of Mexico for a day on the water. 

Note that the white dial of the Seamaster gives it a head start here. With that dial, it already appears substantially more nautical-themed compared to its blue and black counterparts in the lineup.

Meanwhile, there are no real timing-intensive activities involved in recreational sailing. Hence, the Omega Seamaster wristwatch only did what 99% of people wanted them for anyway. It simply told the time and looked its part. When it comes to these two things, the Seamaster Diver is certainly a genius.

More so, the Seamaster chronometer flawlessly straddles the line between tough and toolish. It is as elegant as it is classy. Therefore, are you close-hauled and hiking windward? Or simply relishing a glass of wine back at the marina? Expect the Seamaster Diver 300M to play its part flawlessly. 

In addition, its size and dimensions feel just about complete on a 16cm wrist. This watch is big enough to feel like it is there when you have to look at it. Also, it appears smart enough that it doesn’t get caught up in any of the several halyards and sheets involved in sailing. Moreover, if you happen to fall in the water mistakenly, the Seamaster doesn’t let you down there as well. There is enough water resistance to deal with that mishap. 

Here is a sailing, boating, or just all around maritime timepiece. This Omega Seamaster comes with everything you need in a chic little bundle. 

How Does the Omega Seamaster 300M Diver Fare Under The Sea?

It is a clear fact that the days of timing our dives with just a watch are long gone. Computers are now in place to satisfy that need as well as many others. This change brings in a great advancement in safety in modern diving. 

A “Memorist”

Getting relegated to a backup timer makes our mechanical watches hold one other crucial position: a memory collector. Many dive watch lovers have a very unique few personal wristwatches that they take diving with them. We notice that most of the time they wear a certain one when doing anything extra-memorable. There is that watch that you wear when achieving a new depth or gaining a new certification, or any kind of landmark. 

With this, years down the road when you look back, you recollect that this special watch was with you through all of that. More so, there is that chance that those stories will get passed on to whoever gets it next. That’s what keeping memories imply. 

In that capacity, the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M leaves very little to be desired. This watch easily works a person’s one dive watch all through their lives. With the white dial and contrasting, lumed indices, it gets highly visible and legible. It maintains this quality even deep underwater. 

More so, the rubber strap that this one came on is very satisfying. Plus, it has plenty of length to fit over a wetsuit. Here are hands down the most pleasing and high-quality OEM rubber straps you will ever we’re. Again, the wristwatch continues its wonderful wearability below the sea. It comes up right there when you need it and it fades off into your wrist when you don’t. 

Disadvantages Under the Sea

One small complaint with the watch when diving comes in the bezel. On the bezel, you will normally see a ridged, gear-tooth-esque pattern. This pattern surrounds the bezel and ensures full grip. Also, the Omega Seamaster features larger, curved recesses to aid its traction.

Consequently, you get a slightly harder bezel to grip and rotate. It gets worse with a neoprene gloved hand. However, you might still manage it. So, it may not be a deal-breaker. Still, it could be better.


Overall, you would be doing yourself a great disservice if you see the Omega Seamaster Diver as some second fiddle. This watch is a standout excellence amongst top-quality tool watches. Here is an Omega timepiece with a build quality that matches any of the other big boys available out there. In fact, we can say there is enough quality on this one to surpass others. Finally, there is no ignoring the special indefinable allure that the Seamaster chronometer possesses.


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