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To consistently hold the pedigree of being a sought-after dive watch for 25 years is not a regular feat. This is one of the reasons the Omega Seamaster 300m stands confidently alongside timepieces like the Rolex Submariner.

With the new updates from Omega in 2018, the Seamaster 300m got a new reference. This is the reference it features till today. These updates came with various new perks. Notable among them are the lovely indices, the modern and superior movement, the amazing hands, the new and unique dial, and the helium escape valve

All of these perks come together to produce the latest Omega Seamaster 300m. This timepiece combines the best aesthetic features with high-end functionality. 

Clearly, Omega put in an excellent shift. The brand remained true to the tool watch appeal of the Seamaster 300m. At the same time, the brand further improves on its design.

Furthermore, you discover 3 outstanding features when you view this timepiece from a design standpoint. These features really make this wristwatch stand out from the rest of the pack. There is the mirror refined ceramic wave patterned dial. Also, the watch parades large luminous hands. Finally, the well-finished Master Chronometer Omega Caliber 8800 is another delight.

Thanks to them, Omega created the Omega Seamaster 300m uniquely. This watch will easily pass as a super legible tool watch with a striking look on the wrist. In all, this is the all-rounder watch every professional must get.

Introducing The Omega Seamaster Professional 

A deep look into the close details of the Omega Seamaster 300m reveals how much quality the Seamaster provides. 

With an MSRP beginning at $5,200, the Omega Seamaster 300m is not a fluke regarding the best value proposition timepieces out there. 

Additionally, that the Seamaster 300m sits confidently up there with the Rolex Submariner is no fluke as well. That alone is enough reason to check it out when next you’re in the market shopping for an all-rounder dive watch.

Why The Omega Seamaster Is An Incredible All-rounder Timepiece For Professionals?

To begin with, what is a tool watch? 

Simply put, a tool watch is a timepiece that attends to function first before giving credence to beauty. It’s a tool watch when you can trust it to remain sturdy and constantly tell the exact time. 

To be more explicit, a tool watch is a wristwatch that gives the wearer an all-round dose of confidence. Hence, you feel assured when you have it on in any situation.

Based on all of these, the Omega Seamaster Professional is the perfect tool watch. 

An Enabling Design

This watch comes with a design that enables it to deal with the toughest settings. Therefore, it remains reliable even in an unfavorable condition.

Tested And Trusted

This assertion is not an assumption. This is after the wristwatch passed through serious testing. To attain the Master Chronometer reputation, the Omega Seamaster’s movement put in the shift. The watch went through various testing to confirm its precision at the extremes.

Suffice to say that we now understand that the movement is durable and equally reliable. The next part is to go over the watch’s bracelet and case. 

Impressive Water Resistance

Judging by the name of this timepiece, the Seamaster 300m comes with an impressive water resistance rating. The rating indicates water resistance up to 300m. 99.999% of us cannot go deeper than that ever underwater. 

The implication of this is that, for that percentage of us, the Omega Seamaster Professional remains reliable. 

Remarkable Case Design And Production 

More so, for the case, its design and creation make it a very solid companion as well. It comes with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. This crystal features on both the front and back. They are very tough materials. Also, there is the bracelet and a protected stainless steel case that comes with the watch. 

So, are you in the air, on land, or in the sea? This Omega Seamaster Professional remains an ideal and reliable option.

The Unique And Special Seamaster Professional Dial

Thanks to the new adjustments of the Omega Seamaster 300m diver, the famous wave dial is back. The wave-patterned dial is back in production. And, this time it adds another perk. 

Now, the dial is a product of a sleek ceramic that combines very fine with the laser inscribed wave layout. The sleek look on the 300m ceramic wave dial blended with the elevated indices gives a practically cool water reflection. 

The manner the dial stages itself in the light is unique. Plus, the way the indices reveal themselves off the dial is virtually too tough to capture in pictures.

This blend furnishes this Seamaster 300m diver with terrific legibility in both normal and low light conditions. 

The Well Crafted And Comfortable Omega Seamaster Professional Case Design

The Omega Seamaster Professional comes with a 42mm case design. This case design parades transparent case back, tapered lugs, unidirectional rotating ceramic bezel, screw-in crown, and a helium escape valve.

In summary, it is enough to say that the case design is faultless execution. Major among the real perks of Omega cases is even beyond how they taper the lugs. Beyond that, they curve the lugs in as well. This passes off an even thinner appearance. 

Another impressive part of this case design is its finishing. It features an excellent mixture of polished and brushed finishes. Then, these finishes give back reflections in every right way possible.

How about the transparent case back? Truly, it is exciting to see that Omega chose a transparent case back in the model’s latest design. This transparent case back flaunts the elegant in-house caliber 8800 movement.

For every watch enthusiast, it’s always extra fun. Now, you can flip your wristwatch over and relish in the glamour of the art. Also, you can appreciate the engineering strides required to deliver this piece of elegance you have on your wrist.

The only significant shortcoming you can notice on the Omega Seamaster Professional is the helium escape valve. This is as some see it to be too huge. For some people, they wish it wasn’t added to the case at all. 

If this is not your first diver with a helium escape valve, it would not be a bother at all. Even if you are not a fan of the graphic element of a helium escape valve, you might not notice it for days. Might seem impossible but that is the reality.

The Modern And Superior Movement Of The Omega Seamaster Professional: The Omega 8800 Caliber

The Omega Seamaster Professional comes with a new addition. This is the in-house Caliber Omega 8800 movement. 

Following strings of thorough testing, this movement passes off as a master chronometer. It has to itself the METAS certification. To get the META certification means you took accuracy certification tests. These tests are a step beyond the more prominent COSC testing.

There were several upgrades to the Caliber Omega 8800 movement for the Seamaster Professional. However, three upgrades stand out in defining the value of this movement.

First off, there is the addition of a co-axial escapement. Thanks to this escapement, there are jewels present on the watch. This greatly reduces the demand for maintenance. 

Also, there is advancement to its level of anti-magnetic resistance. For this modern Co-Axial Caliber Omega 8800 movement, the resistance rating it comes with is set at 15,000 gauss.

Finally, there is the third upgrade. This is the rise in the movement’s power reserve capacity. It improves on its predecessor range set between 38-42 hours. Presently, the new superior 8800 movement boasts a power reserve that lasts up to 55 hours.

The Luminous Hour Markers & Hands Of The Omega Seamaster Professional

The Omega Seamaster Professional brilliance is precisely what you want to see on any luxury Swiss dive tool watch. Thanks to the lume, the hour hands and markers brighten up with colorful green and blue colors. 

When you use this watch through the night once, you will certainly marvel. It is amazing how long the luminescence lasts even in a low light condition. The brightness of the dial can literally last for as long as 10 hours in dark conditions. There is no such thing as the lume fading at all. It stays as bright as it was since you take it out of the light setting

Probably, the manufacturers realized that telling the time correctly is a matter of life and death for any diver. Now, you can be confident that your Omega Seamaster Professional comes with enough brightness. Certainly, this brightness will survive your deep dives every single time you take one.

The Rare Design Of The Minute & Hour Hands Of The Seamaster Professional Watch

One of the distinctive details of the Omega Seamaster Professional is the watch’s hour pointers and hands. It is impressive to find a dive watch that directly has nothing in similarity to its closest rival, the Rolex Submariner. 

Most times, for dive watches, a brand takes off at least a few features of the Submariner DNA. The brand then incorporates it into its own design. Thankfully, Omega does not subscribe to this style of design creation.

From the hour tags on the Omega Seamaster Professional, you get a completely different feeling. What you have are large rectangles and marks. Then, you find a double rectangle emerging at the 12 o’clock area. 

The shapes may appear identical to what we notice on a Submariner. Yet, the differences between them are poles apart when you relate the two. 

Thanks to the big hour markers, the Seamaster Professional is one of the sharpest watches. It can tell the time in a flash. The watch is always straightforward and fast. You can pick out the location of the hour markers at a glance. This is thanks to the minutes and hour hands.

You might have doubts concerning the wristwatch’s hand legibility due to their skeleton design. With time and consistent wearing, you will get rid of all that uneasiness. A symphony of the minute and hour hands’ angle moves your eyesight right to the exact position in no time.

Then, when you couple it with the huge indices, you have an incredibly legible view. 

The Stainless Steel Bracelet Of The Omega Seamaster Professional 

The stainless steel bracelet featured on the Omega Seamaster Professional is quite drastic. You either adore this addition or not! No one is ever indecisive about their feelings concerning this design detail.

The blend of the polished and brushed textures of the bracelet is uncommon. They remind you of when the Seamaster Professional first began. This is not a familiar bracelet design. You might not be too sure about this feature at the point of purchase. But, you will most likely love it later on.

Sturdy And Durable Clasp Of The Omega Seamaster Professional

When you take away the design of the Seamaster Professional, there is more to enjoy. Check out the resilience and stability of the bracelet and clasp. This is truly something to enjoy. 

Thanks to this, you can wear your Seamaster Professional timepiece with confidence. You do not doubt your watch being less secured on your wrist.

It is important to add that this clasp is a top-level piece. It sits confidently up there with top brands like the Rolex Submariners Oyster clasp. 

These two come with a glide lock extension. However, the push extension featured in the Omega is simpler and faster to use. All you need is to apply pressure to the clasp. Then, slide it out to how long you need the watch to be. The process cannot be simpler and more secure than this!

Technical Specifications Of The Omega Seamaster Professional

  • Case Back: Transparent Sapphire Case Back
  • Case Diameter: 42mm
  • Crystal: Domed Sapphire
  • Crown: Screw Down
  • Hands: Skeletonize
  • Complications: Second, Minute, Hour, Date
  • Lume: White Super-LumiNova
  • Bezel: Ceramic Unidirectional
  • Clasp: Push Glide Lock
  • Water Resistance: 300m / 1000ft
  • Magnetic Resistance: 15,000 Gauss
  • Power Reserve: 55 Hours
  • Movement: Omega 8800 Caliber


When you bring together all of these perks, you will understand one fact! The Omega Seamaster Professional watch is a careful blend of different aspects of professionalism. Thus, making it the perfect professional time tool every diver must get.

We will recommend that you try out an authorized dealer, like Raymond Lee Jewelers. That way, you can see in person what draws most watch lovers to the Omega Seamaster Professional.



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