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In the world of wristwatches, there are various landmarks, trademarks, peculiarities, and features marking comparative advantages.  From all of these, watchmaking brands carve out their niche. These attributes are why certain watches are high-end watches and others aren’t.

Numerous brands grace the watchmaking stage. Over time, these brands set the tone for the present battle of quality, functionality, aesthetics, and overall time-telling excellence. From all of these brands, a few names continue to linger in our minds. 

This list will be incomplete without names like Richard Mille and Rolex. In this text, we will compare two products. Each of these products comes from the dexterity of each of those two luxury watchmaking brands. 

Introducing: The Richard Mille RM-011 FM and the Rolex Sky-Dweller Perpetual!

Which will you pick: Richard Mille RM-011 FM or Rolex Sky-Dweller Perpetual?

At the end of this text, you should have an answer to the question above. So, which will it be?

We begin with the Richard Mille RM-011 FM.

Introducing The Richard Mille RM-011 FM

It all began with an opening in the watchmaking world. Richard Mille noticed this opening and made the best of the opportunity.

From this opening, the brand established its ever-present commitment to exceptional watchmaking. Not just that, Richard Mille also decided that this must be done with uniqueness and class. 

Thus, the brand blended this motive with the owner’s fondness for Formula 1 cars. What the product of this blend was is the Richard Mille RM-011 FM wristwatch we all admire today.

A little fun fact is that, prior to this time, Richard Mille was not a watchmaker. Therefore, he sought the assistance of one of his friends, Giulio Papi. At the time, Guilio Papi doubled as the co-founder of Renaud et Papi. 

About Renaud et Papi: This is a structure operating under the auspices of Audemars Piguet. This facility is to thank for some of the most outstanding movements globally.

The brand sits comfortably at the top of the ladder thanks to their production of entirely special movement to suit everyone’s preference. With Renaud et Papi, everyone’s liking comes out in the movement made for them.

You can be a one-man entity seeking to break into the Audemars circle or the high-end part of the industry. This manufacturing brand makes the best to assist you. Plus, the cost of getting their services is very competitive.

Why Pick The Richard Mille RM-011 FM?

So, the question truly is, why should you pick the Richard Mille RM-011 FM?

In this section, you will realize why this product commands the price tag it has today. You will get a passage into the world of this Richard Mille RM011 through different entries.

You will examine it from its many parts. From these parts, you can appreciate the uniqueness of this timepiece. Thus, making it easier to make your choice eventually. Follow through!

  • The Case Of Richard Mille RM011

The case of the Richard Mills wristwatch is our first stop in this text. From here, you will uncover the sophistication surrounding the tonneau-shaped (barrel) case this wristwatch comes with. 

This case played a major role in Richard Mille carving a niche for itself in the big community of Swiss watchmaking.

When it all began, building a case required only three metals. They are:

  • Titanium 
  • Red gold
  • White gold

Hence, there was practically no difference in the cost of watches featuring any of these materials.

Then, the Richard Mille watch case came in a unique sandwich style. This case became one of the most distinguished, grand, and strong cases ever produced.

The Richard Mille RM011 case comes from a blend of three decks. Additionally, it features front and back bezels. To round it up, there is the central area. Peculiarly, each of these facets is curved. No flat faces at all. This makes the case easy to use.

Another part of this case is that to make a perfect production, the three curved surfaces must conform perfectly. Particularly, the symmetry of this watch’s case falls within 100th of a millimeter. 

With that, there is no space through which dust can get in. Also, it takes away every form of moisture.

The titanium skeletonized bridges of the Richard Mille RM 011-FM watch will ever be different. The design of the watch’s case evokes a unique image. 

The case in a way creates a distinct resemblance. You can see the horns of a bull. Then, the tourbillon bears resemblance to the head of a bull.

  • The Use Of Highly Specialized Materials

Following the case is another component of the Richard Mille wristwatch. These are the materials used by the brand in the creation of this timepiece. 

With this timepiece, Richard Mille started to underline base plate materials and case materials These are materials you will only find in specialized worlds like aerospace, racing yachts, and Formula 1 cars.

The materials used for this watch are high-end and highly specialized. This is not a pedigree these materials hold in the watchmaking world. They do the same in other industries aside from the watchmaking industry. 

Furthermore, these materials come in two more phases aside from the entire watch itself. They are the strap and the bracelet.

  • The Strap

Richard Mille involves this cutting-edge technology in the creation of the strap this wristwatch features. Presently, the new Carbon TPT strap comes with only a few timepieces from this brand. These few timepieces mainly use similar materials in their production.

  • The Bracelet

Again, the watch features a 200-part bracelet. To create this bracelet it took a total of 13 months. As a whole, the bracelet barely weighs 29 grams. 

In summary, here is a list of some of these high-end materials used: 

  • Toughened ceramic
  • Perrfluoroelastomer 
  • Silicon nitride
  • Gold fused with carbon and quartz
  • NTPT® carbon which formerly featured on the sails of racing yachts 
  • Carbon nanotubes

They are only a few from the long list of alchemist wishes. This watch finds a way to bring them to reality by mixing them up. This produces the watch’s exceptional sturdiness and a unique patina.

  • Modern And Innovative Movement

The Richard Mille RM-011 FM’s uniqueness goes beyond the cases. The interior movement of this wristwatch is another part to love.

The movement of this watch comes in PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) or Titalyt finishes. It is a product of mainly titanium with other materials. These materials are thanks to the committed group of micro engineers, horologists, and watchmakers with years of experience.

  • Formula 1 Vehicles In Wristwatches 

Imagine a wristwatch with the make and components of a Formula 1 car. A wristwatch that does not follow the standards in the Swiss watchmaking community. That is what the Richard Mille RM-011 FM stands for in its design and production.

In all, the end product for you as a watch enthusiast is a highly limited innovation.


Imagine a timepiece featuring a full-bodied application of all the perks explained above. That is what the Richard Mille RM 011 FM wristwatch gives you. The wristwatch is a flawless combination of the mechanics of a Formula 1 car and a grand tool watch. 

The Richard Mille wristwatch is not only worth the price it commands, but it is also an outstanding and special timepiece. 

So, when you sport a Richard Mille RM-011 FM wristwatch on your wrist, what do you get? You get the exact feeling a Formula 1 car gives its rider on the road. 

Introducing The Rolex Sky-Dweller Oyster Perpetual

The prominence of this timepiece goes beyond its 42mm case measurement, its 14mm case height, its stunning wrist swagger. The Rolex Sky-Dweller boasts itself as existing on the exact status as a mechanical supercomputer. 

This wristwatch enjoys its best advantage from its combination of the two best functional complications. They are:

  • The GMT Function 
  • The Annual Calendar

Furthermore, the design and scenery of this timepiece create incredible simplicity and legibility. So, you have zero issues when you have to read the time, the month, or the date. This usage ease applies to both local and home time. 

Additionally, the creative and totally unique Ring Command system adds another perk to this watch. This device is the connection between the rotatable bezel, the winding crown, and the movement. 

As a result, the Sky-Dweller maintains that position as the clearest and most instinctive wristwatch. It gets even better with the introduction of the annual calendar feature.

Get to experience the splendor that comes with this timepiece. Also, the usefulness of its capacities for every traveler with a knack for luxury watches.

A Brief Backstory 

Rolex recognized that for travelers spending every new day in a new city, a tool watch will come in handy. For the rigors of the lengthy trips and experiencing a new environment daily, something must keep them informed. With this, you as a traveler can ease through those expeditions that make up your daily life.

Accordingly, Rolex chose to create that ultimate ally for every modern traveler. That ultimate ally is the Sky-Dweller Oyster Perpetual timepiece. With the Rolex Sky-Dweller, in a glance, you get an explicit reading of time regardless of the location. 

This tool watch delivers a perfect and understandable reading of both date and month. You have a watch that gives you some level of smartness. That is only what explains it recognizing which months have 31 days and those with 30. Then, this timepiece adjusts the date for you using this information.

To sum it all up, the Oyster Perpetual maintains a simple output regardless of its list of incredible functions. It is understandable, intuitive, and easy to use. 

Welcome the perfect luxury watch for every traveler. Welcome the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller!

Why Pick The Rolex Sky-Dweller Oyster Perpetual?

Once again, the question comes up: why should you pick the Rolex Sky-Dweller Oyster Perpetual?

Like you did in the earlier section, you will understand why this product is another prime tool watch. Come along into the world of the Rolex Sky-Dweller Oyster Perpetual.

From its different parts, you can understand its uniqueness and know if it’s the watch you need. Therefore, making it simpler for you as you decide which of these wristwatches to go for. Continue reading!

  • The Annual Calendar

The introduction of this unique feature did not come until 2012. That year, Rolex unveiled its first-ever watch featuring the annual calendar function. That was the Sky-Dweller Oyster Perpetual. 

This is in pursuance of Rolex mission to produce a highly reliable, thorough, and robust time tool. This wristwatch is clearly one-of-a-kind in the world of watchmaking. Hence, it was simply right for the brand to focus on the more useful annual calendar. Even though the perpetual calendar feature had to give way.

As deserving of this brand, Rolex’s annual calendar sits comfortably at the top of the tier. When you consider easy usage and robustness, Rolex’s annual calendar is the ultimate choice. 

  • 24-Hour Display And Dual Time Zone 

In 1955, Rolex created the first version of a watch with GMT-Master complication. Thanks to this, the Rolex Sky-Dweller can offer new local time reading. 

Moreover, this does not hinder the operation of the seconds or the minutes. The majestic Sky-Dweller revealed this feature upon its launch.

The Perfect Traveler’s Luxury Timepiece

In a phase in one’s life, you get to afford a complicated watch. However, most of the time, at such an age, your eyesight is no at its very best anymore.

That might pose a challenge when reading the calendar details of your wristwatch. Thankfully, that is not the case with the Rolex Sky-Dweller timepiece. 

And, why is that so?

This tool watch integrates a large magnified “date” from its signature Cyclops lens. This feature goes alongside its very unique and cool design that displays the months.

Conclusion: Which Will You Pick: Richard Mille RM-011 FM Or Rolex Sky-Dweller Perpetual?

To answer this question is to first go through all the details provided in this post. Take your time to read through and get the different peculiarities of both timepieces.

From that, you can relate it to your preference and needs. By doing this, you can pick out which one of them you truly need based on the features, functions, and personal preferences. 



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