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Dangle and Drop Earrings

Accessories can take any outfit to a whole other level of style and glamour. A carefully selected piece of jewelry can add a touch of luxury to an outfit. Or it can add a bold dash of color and style for the fashion-forward. Choosing accessories to enhance your look is a time-honored pursuit. People have worn accessories made from bone, shells, metal, gems, and more since humans have lived in groups.

Jewelry and other accessories allow us to show our style, it shows our fashion sense, and may even say something about our place in society. For example, a certain piece of signet jewelry can indicate belonging to an exclusive organization. A ring on a certain finger lets others know that we are married and taken. The pieces we choose tell others a lot about us before we ever even open our mouths.

Choosing accessories that make a style statement or that become a part of your signature look is an important part of displaying who we are to the world. Whether we are looking for a piece of jewlery we can wear daily to enhance our look or we want a stunning statement piece for special occasions, jewelry is how we achieve these things. 

There are tons of options for well-made, high-end jewlery that will take any look to another level of class and style. Necklaces, rings, bracelets are all common pieces of jewelry. However, we shouldn’t forget about earrings. These are a great piece of jewelry that will make any look a bit more glamorous and put-together. They can give our look a sense of femininity or even bold style.

Earrings as a Style Statement

Earrings are rather underrated when it comes to statement jewelry or pieces that can become part of a signature look. Too often, we relegate ourselves to rings or necklaces. However, earrings can be a great style statement and can take your look to another level of elegance and class. This is especially true with dangle or drop earrings, which we discuss in more detail below. 

Earrings can be simple with classic sophistication and elegance. They can also be bold, sexy, and eye-catching pieces of jewelry that will make your look one that many covet. Earrings can draw attention to your neckline. They also have the ability to accent an outfit and work well with other pieces of jewelry. If, for example, you choose a simple dress, a pair of sparkly diamond dangle or drop earrings will give that look an enhanced level of glamour and class.

An eye-catching, daring dress, paired with a simple pair of all-metal earrings will give your look a put-together feel but doesn’t take away from the focal piece of your look. Pairing earrings with other jewelry is another great way to create a signature look. You want to make sure that the metals, stones, and styles you pair don’t clash.

Many will wear different pieces that are made from the same metal or that use the same type of stone. Some choose pieces that are in a similar style. Say, for example, you like understated elegance. In this case, you will choose well-made but subtle pieces that will create that air of class and timeless glamour, without being too flashy. 

Whatever you choose, a well-made pair of dangle or drop earrings will make any look a bit more glamorous. Earrings can draw attention to your neckline or pull together an entire look. 

What Are Dangle Earrings?

Most people would assume that dangle and drop earrings are two words for the same thing. While they are very similar, they have some subtle differences that make them two different categories of earrings.

Both styles extend below the earlobe. As the name implies, dangle earrings will swing back and forth when you walk. They have a flow to them. They move with you and drop earrings do not. 

Dangle earrings can be short or very long. They may extend just a short distance from your earlobe or they may be an inch or more long. Longer earrings will move more and have a more dramatic look and feel. 

A set of dangle earrings may be sophisticated and classic, or they may be bold and fashion-forward. Dangle earrings made from all-metal can have unique shapes and designs that create a stunning look of drama to your outfit. Earrings that pair precious metals with gemstones are another great way to make an eye-catching statement. 

Dangle earrings studded with diamonds will catch the light as they sway. This can create a dramatic sparkle and shine that makes you stand apart from the crowd. This light refraction creates a look of glamour and unparalleled sophistication. 

What Are Drop Earrings?

Drop earrings are very similar to dangle earrings with the exception that they tend to be stationary when we move. Like a dangle earring, drop earrings will extend below the earlobe. However, rather than flowing and light material, they tend to be made from more solid, thicker materials and don’t flow as you move.

While they don’t have the movement of dangle earrings, they are no less sophisticated and glamourous. Drop earrings may extend just a little below the earlobe or they may be long and more dramatic. The most popular types of drop earrings feature a bar of metal from which precious gemstones are attached. These stones may form a pattern or the earrings may feature a large central stone flanked with smaller accent stones.

Both all-metal and gemstone-studded drop earrings create a look of sophistication and elegance. Pairing a pair of all-metal drop earrings with a daring dress will create a put-together look and the accessories won’t take away from the outfit.

Pairing a pair of earrings that feature large central stones paired wiht other precious gemstones works well with a simple dress. This makes the jewelry the focal point of the look and draws attention to the accessory. 

Dangle or Drop Earrings with Stones

Diamonds and other precious gemstones take any piece of jewlery to a glamorous new level. We all know that diamonds are a status symbol and indicate that we have discerning tastes and high class. Diamonds are not the only precious gemstone that works really well in dangle or drop earrings. Pretty much any type of gemstone you can think of will look amazing when paired with the right metal and configuration.

Sapphires, rubies, opal, garnet, emeralds, and other precious gemstones may be used by themselves or in combination to create truly stunning pieces of jewelry. These pieces will be eye-catching and well-made and take the look and feel of even the most modest outfit to an entirely new level of style. A simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt, paired with a gem-studded pair of dangle earrings takes what would be a super casual outfit to a sophisticated new level. 

Drop and dangle earrings can be made from any precious metal. Commonly you’ll see dangle and drop earrings made from gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, and more. Pairing more than one type of metal together creates a unique look and feel. Any precious metal pairs well with gemstones and finding the perfect pairing will depend on your taste and style.

Dangle earrings studded with gemstones catch the light in unique ways. Since these earrings move with you, light is refracted more than it is with drop earrings. This creates glitter and sparkle every time you move. For those who like bold glamour and eye-catching pieces, this is a great option. 

Drop earrings with a large central gemstone, either alone or paired with accent stones, is a great way to create a look of classic glamour and effortless sophistication. These earrings showcase the gemstone and create a truly stunning piece of jewelry. 

All-metal Dangle or Drop Earrings

David Yurman Two Tone Acorn Cable Drop Dangle Earrings

Dangle and drop earrings may also be made entirely from precious metals. It might seem like this style of earring isn’t as sophisticated as earrings studded with gems, but this isn’t the case. You can find truly stylish, high-end, and eye-catching dangle and drop earrings that are entirely made from precious metals.

Precious metals may be twisted or shaped into a wide range of unique designs. Geometric or flower patterns are common choices and look amazing with a simple dress or daring ensemble. Some people like two-tone earrings, which pair two different metals together. Pairing white and rose gold, for example, creates a unique pairing of colors that catches the eye.

There is no end to the creativity you can employ with all-metal dangle or drop earrings. If you can’t find the perfect pair for your taste and needs, you may consider having a custom piece of jewelry made that allows you to turn your idea into reality. New computer programs make it far easier than ever before to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. Who doesn’t want a piece of jewlery that no other person in the world has?

Even if you don’t choose a custom piece, there are so many options you are sure to find something that fits your needs and personality. Whether you want a simple pair of all-metal dangle or drop earrings, or you want a complex pattern, these accessories will amplify and enhance the look of any outfit you choose.

Simple dangle earrings made from hoops of gold or other precious metals can enhance a look that is casual or formal. Sophisticated two-toned gold drop earrings are a great way to enhance the look of an eye-catching dress or a simple formal outfit. 

Perfect Occasions for Dangle or Drop Earrings

Tiffany & Co. Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Drop Dangle Earrings

Dangle and drop earrings work well with any type of outfit for any occasion. Depending on the style of the dangle or drop earring, they may work best with a formal or a casual outfit. Say, for example, you have a simple pair of gold dangle earrings that features rings of gold that extend below the earlobe. This can be the perfect pairing for a little black dress or an informal beach outfit.

Something that is studded with precious gemstones or that is more complex in design may work better for formal occasions. When choosing flashy or complex pieces, you want to pair them with outfits that won’t clash or take away from the jewelry. If the earrings are the focal point, you want to choose clothes that will accent and not distract from the jewlery.

Formal wear pairs great with diamond-studded dangle or drop earrings. Simple designs that use the highest-quality stones will enhance a ballgown or other formal outfit. They add a bit of sparkle and shine that creates a look of effortless and timeless glamour and class. 

Whatever you choose, dangle and drop earrings are perfect for any occasion. They allow you to draw attention to your neckline or showcase your unique style and class. 

In Closing

When people think of statement pieces they don’t often think about earrings. This is a shame. Earrings are a great way to add a touch of class, glamour, sophistication, and even bold style to any look and outfit. They can draw attention to your neckline. They can accent and enhance other pieces of jewelry and can easily be a statement or signature piece.

Dangle and drop earrings make excellent statement or signature pieces. While similar, these are two different types of earrings. Both extend below the earlobe. Dangle earrings have a flow and move with you as you walk, whereas drop earrings are stationary. Both can be made from precious metals and studded with gemstones. 

There are tons of different designs, whether you choose to use a single type of gemstone or you wish to pair different stones to create a unique pattern or style. Multiple types of metal may also be used, which creates an eye-catching two-tone look that enhances any outfit with an air of classic sophistication and class.

Dangle and drop earrings may be simple or dramatic. They may be modern or vintage in look and feel. There are so many options and if you can’t find what you are looking for, you may even have a custom piece of jewelry made. This allows you to create a true one-of-a-kind piece that is unlike anything you’ll see elsewhere.

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