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Speedmaster Omega 3573.50 Professional Black Dial Moonwatch Review

Speedmaster Omega 3573.50 Professional Black Dial Moonwatch Review

speedmaster omega moonwatch

There are watches made for fashion statements and then there are time pieces crafted to be powerful tools. The Omega Speedmaster watches are one of the latter category. An arguably consistent leader in the world of haute horlogerie Omega is an innovative company. They are always at the cusp of creation and refined engineering. Inspired by sports time keeping their time pieces are all created on a base of precision and power.

The speedmaster collection is one of their most famous collections. A chronograph closely linked to magnificent achievements of our times. A watch that has well over half a century under its belt the Omega speedmaster is a cornerstone of a fine watch collection. With a strong legacy of getting innovative and courageous men from the deepest depths to quite literally the highest heights there is a reason the Speedmaster is nicknamed and well known as the moon watch.

This week we are reviewing the Omega 3573.50 Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. With all of its strong history and legacy the watch is still as cutting edge now as ever. While carrying with it the history of not just famous men but of all mankind. The Omega speedmaster’s incredible legacy starts with the space odyssey. In 1962 it became the first watch on the moon, literally as astronauts used this incredible tool to help them navigate space walks and the like.

First and foremost known for its precision, strength, and reliability the speedmaster is an icon of exploration and style. The time piece that made history continues to be an integral part of sports, and cinema planet. From equipping 007 on his missions to the master chronometer certification the Omega speedmaster is the best of the best in and outside of fiction. Let’s take a closer look into the speedmaster.

speedmaster omega moonwatch

Speedmaster legacy

The speedmaster watch is not known as the Moonwatch for small reasons. Not only was the Speedmaster the select watch from Omega to leave the Earth and take mankind to new heights on the very first lunar mission,but in fact it has been a part of all six lunar missions. A small step for Omega, a giant leap for time pieces the Speedmaster is a reliable tool not just for sportive time keeping but for inter planetary missions.

That is quite the legacy and history to carry. It is part of what makes the Moonwatch so exceptional. However, it is of course not by far the only thing that make these time pieces exceptional. The movement within the watch and the consistent innovation coming from Omega are also a key part in keeping the Speedmaster a mission favorite. Important, since who knows when the next lunar mission will be?

Always prepared and always at attention the Omega’s most prominent achievement is ready to be deployed. A key instrument in calculating the Apollo program flights the Speedmaster embodies the company’s impressive pioneering spirit in every way. The speedmasters adventures with astronauts did not end on the moon though. Even in their latest iteration you can see Buzz Aldrin sporting the iconic watch. Not coincidentally you also have famous celebrities like George Clooney who looked up to Aldrin as a child hood hero also repping the brand.

Their associations reflect the company’s ethos as well as their commitment to crafting the finest high level tools with innovative materials. Creative in their use of resources an Omega watch is enhanced by the precious metals, innovative alloys and modern materials. This is the legacy that the Moonwatch carries forth for future generations. An iconic aesthetic with a history unlike any other on Earth.

speedmaster omega moonwatch skeleton back

Omega history

Beyond their forays into outer space the Omega brand has also explored other facets of human creativity and innovation. From cinema to the world’s greatest arenas Omega is also present. The rich history that they have with cinema is most notable for its 007 missions. Omega is the watch of the world’s best spy. James Bond calculates his escapes and narrow misses on the same watch the astronauts time their moonwalks.

From there to the Olympic games. The place where milliseconds will make or break the records of the world. Omega is the trusted time keeper to decide who the world’s greatest athletes are. Proud of their involvement in the international sports scene Omega’s precision goes beyond the games. They are also the makers of exceptional commemorative time pieces. To remember those moments that changed the course of history. A watch from the company key to making the change possible.

Masters of their craft and captain’s of their future. Omega also has a history deeply entrenched in the ocean. A sea legacy intimately known for their voyage into the Earth’s last frontier. Omega has even matched up their cinematic connections with this sea faring love. Their eco-documentary Planet Ocean and the “Time for the Planet” conservation projects are some of the ways Omega partners up to make social change real.

Focused not only on the frontiers and possibilities at the edge of our known existence they are deeply concerned with conservation and preservation as well. These iconic moments in the brand’s history tell the story of a pioneering spirit. Around since 1848 Omega is one of the oldest fine watchmaking companies in the world owning an Omega timepiece is to be a part of this rich human history.. Shared achievements and world marking events is part of their personal history.

speedmaster omega moonwatch

Omega 3573.50 Speedmaster Professional Black Dial Moonwatch

The NASA flight qualified for all manned space missions watch is stunning. With such  rich history and legacy you would know that the time piece itself holds powerful movements and design. Further the moonwatch is a professional chronometer 42 millimeter watch. A pure stainless steel beauty. Also unique on this watch is the  hesalite crystal protecting the black dial. A signature look of this watch the black dial features a small seconds sub-dial, 30-minute recorder and 12-hour recorder along with a central chronograph hand.

A monochromatic look the fixed bezel is also black. With its tachymetric scale it is the finishing touch to this marvellous watch. The stainless steel case is matched by an all steel oyster bracelet. At the heart of this chronograph is Omega’s 1861 mechanical calibre, the legendary manual winding movement worn on the Moon. now with automatic movements the speedmaster moonwatch is ready for your mission.

Although the watch is known by its nickname the moonwatch and is absolutely NASA certified to join the next astronauts blasting off. The watch is not limited only to new heights. Also featuring a 5 bar or 50 meter depth water resistance this watch can go with you wherever your next adventure takes you. It is a refined piece of master craftsmanship as much as it is a robust and resistant time piece.

Solid with its curved edges on the inside of the lugs the watch is made for readability. Ease of reading is of course prioritised with luminescent hour markers all along the watch. As well as on the hands. So whether you are on the far side of the moon or completing a mission under the cover of night the speedmaster moonwatch is the ideal tool. A watch for collectors the speedmaster is unlike any watch ever created.  

 speedmaster omega moonwatch skeleton back  

A classic movement

A watch for every true fan of time pieces. It is still the only watch ever to be certified by NASA for use on an EVA (extra vehicular activity). The movement is groundbreaking. A mechanical calibre 1861, this updated highgrade rhodium plated finish is reliable to say the least. Powered by virtually the same movement as the watches that made it up to the moon with the Apollo missions the Omega speedmaster professional moonwatch is a powerhouse.

With a master chronometer certification Omega has built itself a reputation on revolutionary watch movements. Approved by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology their chronometers are a spotlight of the brand. An important part of the brand’s history and legacy in fine watch making it further cements their leadership in haute horlogerie.

For a luxury watch that rounds out any collection and that is professional both on an adventurous pioneering mission or in a boardroom meeting. The Omega speedmaster moonwatch definitely fits the bill. It has both the technical achievements and historical breakthroughs to prove it too. Regardless of whether you yourself are a gentleman of adventure and pioneering or a man after historied pieces this is an iconic time piece to own.

A unique style and aesthetic

Beyond the powerful movements and features on this watch the aesthetic design of this watch is also an important feature to note. Sleek and smooth the functionalities of this time piece are considered with each bevel and measurement. First the push buttons and crown are tightly placed securely against the case.

In this way the watch fits comfortably against your hand regardless of its large case. Further the distance between the lugs ensures that the bracelet and watch sit comfortably along your wrist without affecting wear. At a precise 20 millimeter width the bracelet is not just an accessory but key to the time piece’s proper functioning. The tachymeter scale is slightly indented into the bezel of the watch. A fine groove between the circle holding down the crystal and the outer edge of the bezel it is a fine touch that adds visual texture. Further it also enhances the readability and durability of the readings on the bezel.

This watch may go great with a moon walking suit, excuse the pun, but it also fares just as well on any a formal occasion. Whether you are George Clooney hitting a red carpet, or 007 going up against Spectre the speedmaster makes an entrance there too. It transitions seamlessly from the action packed frontiers of the world to the fine elegant gala’s in life. A truly unique style and aesthetic it is your classic stainless steel luxury men’s watch.

A symbol of the Omega classic designs. However at the same time it is a breakthrough. A design style fit for breaking records unlike any other time piece in its stead.

speedmaster omega moonwatch

Where to buy an Omega speedmaster watch? 

That is the speedmaster moonwatch. If you are keen to take a piece of the world’s history with you the next time you walk out of your door then look no further. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton we have fine time pieces like the Omega speedmaster on hand. A family owned and run business catering to the refined clientele of South Florida for the last thirty years. We are deeply connected to the history and tradition behind each of the time pieces we carry. A selectively curated collection of fine time pieces we offer superior service.

When buying a time piece like the Omega speedmaster moonwatch you want to know you can trust your source. At our stores we rigorously test and examine each time piece that comes through our shop. Therefore you can trust that the piece you are acquiring is only the finest time piece.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton

Our watch experts and connoisseurs are here every day to help you find your next watch. Whether it is the moonwatch of your child hood dreams or the perfect missing piece to your collection. Well versed in the ins and outs of every luxury time piece in store we are here to support the finer things in life. Whether that is a watch for the aspiring astronaut within you. Or the fine accessory for your daily missions. There is a watch for every gentleman.

A speedmaster moonwatch is for those looking to break frontier barriers. The ones unafraid to take that small step. The one that is sure to lead to a giant leap for others. Community focused and excellence driven our Diamonds by Raymond Lee family is here to support you whichever it is. Pop into one of our stores to meet with our experts and see for yourself the watch that took part in the Apollo missions.

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