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Day-Date II President Review – White Gold, Black Dial (ref. 218239)

Day-Date II President Review – White Gold, Black Dial (ref. 218239)

rolex day date II president review

The Rolex President. 41mm, 18K white gold case and fluted bezel, black concentric circle dial, black Arabic numerals, and President bracelet.

In this Day-Date II President Review, you will learn about our exquisitely exclusive and super rare Rolex Day-Date II White Gold 41mm watch with black numerals on a black concentric dial. The black on black dial is referred to as the “BLACK-OUT”.

The Day-Date 218239 Black Dial in 18k White Gold is exotic, rare, and outstandingly breathtaking. If you are looking for an exclusive Day-Date II in white gold form, look no further.

The legendary Swiss luxury watchmaking company has lived up to its reputation of delivering the finest, most prestigious watches the world has ever seen with the Rolex Day Date II.

Rolex day date 2 white gold

The Essence of Luxury

The Day Date II is the very essence of luxury and no other watches are engineered quite like a Rolex. The Day Date II is an enhancement from the original Day Date, which was the first of its kind to display the date and day in full, as it has a much larger case.

The original Day Date was 36mm, which is a size that is still produced to this day in the Day Date line, however, it is most popular among women. The Day Date 2 has a commanding 41mm case, following the natural evolution of the watch industry’s trend for bigger watches.

The Day Date 2 discontinued a few years back and is now set in stone as a timeless design, which is highly sought out by the masculine spirit for formal occasions. It is without a doubt one of the most prestigious Rolex watches and one that every collector and influential people wants to get their hands on.

The Presidential Nickname

This is a stunning wristwatch that shows Rolex’s precision and quality perfectly. It is an outstandingly fresh and classic appearance and it continues to seal the Day Date line as the ultimate model for the world’s elite. Hence, it’s nickname, the Rolex Presidential.

The Day-Date is commonly known as the “Rolex President Watch” or the “Rolex Presidential”, as it has become a favorite watch amongst Heads of State across the world. The most illustrious leaders of the 20th and 21st have been seen wearing the Day Date timepiece. This made it extremely popular and a household name amongst the general population.

In fact, many people say it was when Eisenhower appeared on the cover of LIFE donning his Day Date that it gained the most notoriety, and obliquely gave the Rolex Day-Date its “President” title.

Lyndon B. Johnson also secured the Day-Date’s image as the President watch. And, more recently, you can catch Donald Trump flashing his gold Day-Date, along with other watches such as Patek Philippe.

rolex day date II president

Rolex Day Date II Black DIAL (Black-Out Edition)

The dial on this specific Day-Date II is very rare. It is a Black concentric dial with black Arabic numerals. The dial has an incredible reactive quality and you can see the gleam of the black-stylized white gold numbers catching the light. The height above the dial is all applied by hand.

There are discreet railroad style minutes and seconds track outboard at the hours. And if you look closely, you can see a small numeral outboard of each individual hour station.

The dial has minimal printing and the graphics are fairly muted. This is one of the advantages of the size of the Day-Date II. Sometimes printing can become somewhat of a clutter and certainly overbearing on smaller Rolex models, yet on the Day-Date, it looks nicely contained thanks to the sheer scope of the dial. It doesn’t become busy.

Size Matters

You’ll also note facets for the day and the date, which is a nice transition from the plane of the dial down to the day and date discs. The cyclops eye also helps to remove clutter. Another benefit of the bigger case and the bigger dial is that it allows the dial to breathe a little more. On the 36mm models, the cyclops eye can overwhelm the watch, but on the bigger watch like the 41mm Day Date 2 it looks right at home and makes it uncluttered and anything but busy. The cyclops magnifier lens, placed on the sapphire crystal was developed in the 1950s as a way to easily read the date.

The hands are white gold and blacked at the center to match the numerals. However, they don’t have an applied luminous filling to make viewing them in the dark easier, as most Rolex sports watches have.

As mentioned above, the Day Date, which was first released and presented in 1956, was the world’s first watch to indicate the day of the week spelled out in its entirety. And since the watch is popular and worn by many world leaders, it is available with a bespoke day display in a wide range of languages.

Further more, the Day-Date II released numerous different dial displays, such as blue, white, gold and more, and also different hour marker displays, like Roman numeral or baton markers.

The Day Date II was one model with many unique styles/series, which makes them each quite rare and highly sought after by collectors.

rolex presidential

Rolex Day Date II 41mm White Gold CASE

There is a reason why the Day Date II sits at the top of the size hierarchy in the Day Date family. It is massive, both visually and physically. The watches case has a broad stance at 41mm, not including the crown. That measurement is from the 9 to 3 across the case.

The case features extended solid end links on the President bracelet, and those end links swell its span across the wrist from extremity to extremity out to 53mm. So, the watch does have a very impressive stance for a timepiece that’s nominally 41mm.

However, the watch isn’t thick. It is only 12mm tall and you can see how generously sloped the conical bezel is. This makes it an easy watch to wear underneath a dress cuff. Nonetheless, when it’s out from underneath the sleeve, the Day-Date 2 has an impressive visual presentation.

The Fluted Bezel

A very special feature of the Rolex Day-Date II watch is the brilliant fluted bezel. Although you can opt to get the bezel in flat, domed and polished. However, we think the fluted bezel is a distinctive feature that makes this watch even more historic.

The fluted bezels come in precious metals, ONLY. They come in all colors of gold – yellow, rose, and white. This one, of course, is the white gold version.

This impressive 41mm Oyster case and bezel is 18-karat white gold and makes use of scratchproof sapphire crystal to cover the dial. It also comes with Rolex’s world-renowned trademark screw-down crown that is waterproof until 100 meters.

The back of the watch is screw-down as well, which is part of the legacy of the Oyster case style. The caseback is also completely blank, utilizing a simple brushed finish.

Both the case and the bezel have a high polish finish that is stunning to the eyes.

president bracelet

Rolex Day Date 2 President BRACELET

The Rolex Day-Date 2 features the traditional President Bracelet. Although the watch isn’t actually called the Presidential, as that is just a nickname, the bracelet is in fact named the “President Bracelet”. This is, in fact, the major reason for it having the nickname the “Presidential Watch”

Our Rolex Day Date 2 White Gold has a magnificent president bracelet. It has none of the rattle, none of the stretch, none of the play that develops over time in Rolex bracelets. There’s also beautiful differentiation of finish, as you can see polished down the center links, satin or brushed on the hoods of the out links, and then high polished on the flanks.

The President bracelet was created in 1956 for the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date. Rolex has pretty much only used the President bracelet on the Day-Date, with the exception of a few women’s Datejust models in gold or platinum.

The Crownclasp

The bracelet employs semi-circular, three piece links with a concealed Crownclasp. The clasp is everything you would expect of a modern Rolex. It has a crown clasp with a five-point pivot point. So it has a degree of movement, such that it pops the bracelet open, rather than prying it open as past versions had. It closes with a reassuring snap for complete security and confidence.

The design and functionality of Rolex bracelets and clasps undergo stringent tests and involve the highest degree of technology. Furthermore, the aesthetic controlled by the human eye guarantees an impeccable charming beauty that Rolex is so well known for.

Lastly, make note that you will only find the Rolex Day-Date II with a Rolex President bracelet.

buy rolex luxury watch

Rolex Day Date 2 White Gold – Precious Metal

There is no stainless steel Day Date 2’s. Rolex’s plan was to increase the watch’s reputation as the model for elites. So, they only make this particular model in 18 carat yellow, rose and white gold, as well as 950 platinum.

Because Rolex produces watches in-house at their own factory, they are able to create the highest quality 18k gold alloys and always maintain a standard that is truly unparalleled in the watch industry.

Superb Quality

The 18k gold alloy is made with only the purest metals and is assiduously examined with the most advanced equipment before being molded and shaped into form. The process of creating the watch from the gold alloy also undergoes extremely meticulous inspection. They do this to make sure that every watch lives up to Rolex’s top-notch reputation.

18k gold colors can range from yellow, rose or white. The model in this Rolex Day-Date II President review is of the white gold variety.

The white gold Day-Date 2 is a stunningly eye-catching gold that charms anyone in its presence.

rolex day date 2 white gold price

Rolex President MOVEMENT

A Rolex Calibre 3156 movement powers the 41mm Day Date II. Furthermore, it uses the Parachrom hairspring and Rolex Paraflex shock absorbers and has a power reserve of around 48 hours.

One of the most important features of the Calibre 3156 is the day and date disc mechanism, which change together when the clock strikes midnight. This feature is a very important element for the watch to be treated as a daily wear. What is really spectacular is, this important feature is one that hasn’t changed since the original release of the Day Date in 1956. Additionally, it spells out the day and date in full. As we mentioned above, this is the first watch to do so.

Lastly, the Day-Date 2 was created with a Double Quickset. The “Double Quick-Set” allows the Day and Date to easily be set independently of each other and the time.

The Rolex President ON THE WRIST

The Rolex Day-Date II is a powerfully, striking watch that will surely draw attention. The history behind this watch and all of the stunning and innovative features make it a great conversation piece.

Due to its chunky build, thick lugs, and wide bezel, it looks great on men with bigger wrists. Nonetheless, it will fit a size 7.75” wrist perfectly.

The Day-Date II is a sportier watch when comparing it to the newer Day Date 40. It’s very comfortable and although it is a larger watch, it’s not very tall so it’ll slide nicely under dress cuffs.

rolex day date 2 41mm

Rolex Day Date 2 White Gold PRICE

This specific model is quite rare and we are selling the exact watch featured in this Rolex Day-Date II Presidential Review (Rolex 218239) for $29,995. It comes with a Raymond Lee Jewelers exquisite presentation box and a One Year Warranty.

History of the Rolex President

The Day-Date II was introduced in 2008, and it was a larger version of the classic Day-Date model. The original Day Date, which was first released in 1956, had a 36mm case. The Day-Date II’s distinctive change was the increase in size to 41mm. And, it also had a more rugged movement, Rolex 3156 calibre. It was, and still is, a very popular model of the Day Date collection; however, it was discontinued in 2015. That’s when Rolex launched the Day-Date 40, which has a 40mm case; hence the name.

From the birth of the Day-Date series, it was considered the watch for the elite. When Presidents and Heads of States across the world started wearing the Day-Date in public, it was sealed in history as a watch for leaders. It still is to this day.

The Day-Date II is classified as a Rolex President model. It has the famous and very prestigious President bracelet and Day-Date complication.


The Day-Date II is a timepiece that was produced by Rolex from 2008 through 2015. It is now highly sought out by collectors and elite members of society. It definitely wears a hefty price tag due to the rarity and demand.


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rolex day date II president review
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