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Rose Gold Engagement Rings For The Holidays

Rose Gold Engagement Rings For The Holidays

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement rings are a “trend” we fully support. While the explosion of rose gold engagement rings on Pinterest, We Heart It, and our own personal Instagram feed is hard to ignore, this isn’t actually the first time rose gold engagement rings have basked in the glow of the bridal spotlight.

Long before the Snapchat pretty filter began enhancing that pink glow of your new rock, rose gold engagement rings charmed brides across the nation – just not this one. Rose gold made its first appearance in 19th century Russia, and was actually widely known as Russian Gold. It popped up in Western Europe & the US briefly during the Victorian era, then disappeared before making a comeback in the Roaring ‘20’s.

And once again, pink is popping. Rose gold engagement rings today combine that antique charm with the warmth of the alloy to play in opposition to modern design. The tension works well, creating rings totally unique to our modern era that combine the best of both worlds.

Rose gold engagement rings are the perfect choice for brides whose style leans towards the classic, but who still want something that will stand out on their left hand. It is a gorgeous option for diamonds with a slightly higher color grade – think warm H all the way through L – because the color of the gold enhances the warmth of the diamond. The same stone in a white gold setting might look weakly yellow with too strong a color presence to be desirable. But in a rose gold setting, it takes on the properties of shimmering candlelight. This, of course, lets you focus your budget on superior clarity, cut and carat weight (so you get a bigger, prettier diamond!)

Add to this the feminine beauty of rose gold engagement rings, and the emerging trend of mixing metals in a wedding ring stack, and you can see why we’re NOT surprised that rose gold engagement rings are enormously popular with fabulous DBRL brides. If we haven’t convinced you yet, don’t worry: we brought photo evidence.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

A two tone beauty with a twist, by Simon G.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

A sleek oval solitaire with a diamond rope band, by A. Jaffe.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Simon G.’s signature bold and playful style in warm rose gold.

A Henri Daussi double halo that’s totally deserving of the double wedding ring treatment, too.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Tacori’s Pretty in Pink collection shines bright with a halo and channel set diamond band.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

One of our all-time favorites from the Verragio Insignia line.

A Tacori RoyalT number just waiting for the perfect diamond and Tacori Girl.

Nothing beats the combo of a sculpted wedding ring with a rose gold soft square halo engagement ring.

Obsessed yet? Good! You’re just in time to start shopping for any holiday proposal your planning (or expecting #HintHint.) These rings can all be yours by December 25th, and with our plentiful financing options you won’t need to wait for your holiday bonus to say “Will You?” Learn More With:

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How to Finance Verragio Engagement Rings

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