Finance Engagement Rings

Can I Finance an Engagement Ring?

You likely already know that you can finance a car, a new computer, or even a mattress. But if you’re just now asking yourself “Can I finance an engagement ring too?” The answer is YES!

We’re passionate about a few things. One, obviously, is gorgeous jewelry. But without clientele, that jewelry would just sit in our vault for us to swim laps in, Scrooge McDuck style. So our clientele are people we care about and making them happy is the only other thing we’re just as passionate about.

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The key to happiness, when it comes to a jewelry purchase, isn’t necessarily walking out with the biggest diamond in the store at a ridiculously great price (though that definitely helps.) No, it’s actually one part communication – about what you’re looking for, what your expectations are of both your engagement ring and your jeweler, and asking the questions you really want to. It’s also an equal part education. Whether you do your homework ahead of time with plenty of online research, or you rely on your jeweler to teach you the ins and outs of diamond buying. We think an equal combination of both makes for the happiest clientele (which we happen to know a lot about.)

So today we’re communicating about what you can expect and what you need to know ahead of time about how to finance an engagement ring. So now when you ask “Can I finance an engagement ring?” You’ll not only know the answer (yes) but they why, the how, and the where.

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So yes, you CAN finance engagement rings! The most important thing to remember is that financing is a tool to help you use your budget wisely. You still need a budget (unless you’re a tech billionaire, in which case we can still help.) Financing is not a way for you to buy a ring you can’t afford – never buy an engagement ring you can’t afford! This means finding a ring for which you can easily afford the monthly payments and have paid off in a comfortable amount of time.

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How do you finance an engagement ring? We’ve chatted about this before!

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Finally, where can you finance an engagement ring? You can finance both online and in-store when you shop with us. It’s something we’re super excited to offer, because in years past we’ve only been able to extend financing to our in-store clientele. Now we can better serve our online shoppers with option from PayPal and Affirm. Both are fantastic tools that offer different perks, and you can read more about them here.

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If you have any questions about financing we didn’t answer in this post or any of our helpful engagement ring financing posts from this summer, PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask them! Like we said before, the happy client is the informed client, and we always want to be open, transparent, and helpful to you – whether you end up buying your ring from us or not. We hope you do, of course, and for that reason we’re ready to do whatever it takes to make your dream ring a reality! Chat with us, e-mail us, call us, DM us, send us a carrier seagull. We’re all ears!

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