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Engagement Ring Eye Candy: Magnificent Marquise

It’s been a while since we shared some of our favorite engagement rings from the online showroom, so today we thought we’d indulge. Our newest cravings have made us sweet on marquise engagement rings – especially our largest! Marquise engagement rings became enormously popular in the late 70’s – early 90’s, but have been keeping a low profile for the past few decades. Recently, trends at jewelry shows indicate that marquise diamonds are poised to make quite the comeback, and why shouldn’t they? Cut in the brilliant style with oodles of sparkling facets, in a finger-flattering (and carat weight enhancing) elongated shape, marquise diamonds are simply one of the most beautiful diamond shapes. We love marquise solitaires, marquise diamonds set with tapered baguettes, even marquise-on-marquise fabulousness – especially when there are precious gems involved! Below are a few of our favorite rings, all from our online selection of breathtaking marquise engagement rings.

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