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Unisex Baguette Diamond Jewelry

Truly, unisex Baguette diamond jewelry cannot measure up in quality with the timeless Brilliant Cut diamond. Yet, these pieces of luxury are amazing when used as accents. How about when you use them in eternity rings? The result is stunning and lovely.  More so, these Baguette diamonds come at a low cost. That makes them the perfect low-cost option to replace other Step Cut diamonds such as the Emerald Cut. In addition, unisex Baguette diamonds are amazing accessories that help bring out the beauty of the centerpiece. Imagine tapered Baguettes featured in a three-stone setting. That is simply the best way to reinforce the overall sparkle and allure of a ring. It is even more appealing as it does not take attention away from the center diamond. Enough said about these Baguette diamonds for now. This text will still reveal more details you need to know about these amazing diamond pieces. However, we will include suggestions from certain experts in this field to explain the major parts of this diamond better. 
  • First, we have Olivia Landau who is a diamond specialist and the founder of The Clear Cut.
  • Then, there is Mason Roberts, the founder of Ringagement.
  • Lastly, we have Madeline Fraser who is the founder and CEO of Gemist. Gemist is a jewelry brand located in Los Angeles.

Introducing The Unisex Baguette Diamond 

A Unisex Baguette diamond is a slim, long diamond with a rectangular shape. Sometimes, Baguette diamonds are nearly square in shape. However, they are more typically long and tiny. You find them with a 5:1 length to width ratio. Furthermore, Baguette diamonds come with straight edges to form an exact rectangle. And some other times, they come with tapered edges that form an angle. That is where we get the names: “straight” or “tapered” Baguettes. Note that the edges are perfectly square. That is what makes the greatest distinction between Baguettes and other cuts, like the Emeralds. Moreover, Baguette diamonds come with 14 facets. This is even lesser than other regular diamond cuts. Other regular diamond cuts will mostly come with more than 50 facets. Hence, Baguette diamonds are commonly small. This explains why they often fit well as side stones for engagement rings. And sometimes, as side stones for wedding rings or eternity rings.
  • Other Details About Baguette Diamonds

Baguette diamonds are members of the Step Cut family. This family also comprises Asscher and Emerald Cuts. One major feature that distinguishes Step Cut diamonds is their straight, and well-defined facets. With these facets, diamonds like Baguette diamonds get a very distinct look different from Round Cut diamonds.  Although, virtually all unisex Baguette diamonds are Step Cuts, yet, you may find some hybrid Brilliant Cut Baguette diamonds. When you have this type, you get additional facets. Hence, you also get a much more breathtaking radiance. That must be tempting! Meanwhile, keep in mind that a ring set with Brilliant-Cut Baguette diamonds will cost you more. That is because it does not only feature the Baguette itself. It also features a higher quality center stone that cones in to add that appeal. Maybe not too tempting then, if you’re on a tight budget. In all, a unisex baguette diamond is a step-cut diamond typically employed as an accent stone or side stone. These Baguette diamonds have extended figures with rectangular or tapered structures. They also feature a total of 14 facets. Olivia Landau, the founder of The Clear Cut and a geologist certified by GIA has the following to say: “You will usually find baguettes flanking a larger center diamond in a three-stone ring. They are rarely used as a center stone for an engagement ring.”  But, understand that this doesn’t make these diamonds any less appealing. They are not as expensive as other diamond shapes. That makes them a terrific option for someone on a budget. Lastly, their shape bestows that lovely vintage appearance to any ring.
  • History of the Baguette Diamond

The baguette diamond hit the world of jewelry during the 1920s Art Deco movement. Madeline Fraser explains thus: “Reminiscent of the roaring ‘20s, the baguette diamond has a vintage nostalgia that is incredibly alluring. It was named for its elongated rectangular shape after a French baguette. It’s timeless in its classic beauty—a cut that will never go out of style.” Baguette diamonds stormed the world of jewelry with a grand entrance in the 20th century. It came in as a contemporary and active cut. Presently, baguette diamonds are now a distinguished option for three-stone engagement rings. This is thanks to their shape and typical carat size.

Best Settings For A Unisex Baguette Diamond Jewelry

These Baguette diamonds are amazing options for side stones especially a three-stone setting. With an excellent setting and an ideal stone, the center stone becomes prominent. With that, you have for yourself an elegant unisex Baguette diamond jewelry. Additionally, when rings come with Baguette diamonds, they appear in a horizontal setting. So, you have one Baguette diamond on each flank. That draws all the attention to the center stone.  More so, Tapered Baguettes appear commonly in this style of ring. There, you will have the narrow edge pointing away from whatever stone is at the center. Here are a few other settings that bring out the best in unisex Baguette diamond jewelry.
  • Three-Stone Baguette Rings

With a Tapered Baguette diamond, you can beautifully add that additional sparkle to a ring. You can do this without taking anything from the center stone. When you have a Three-Stone Tapered Baguette setting, you might find two Baguette diamonds set with a Round Cut diamond. Such a setting will easily draw the spotlight to the diamond in the middle. Moreover, Tapered Baguettes will also flawlessly fit right beside an Emerald Cut when using a three-stone setting. These kinds of rings showcase faultlessly fitted Step Cut diamonds in the Emerald and Baguette Cuts. These diamonds complement each other effortlessly and elegantly.
  • Channel Set Baguette Rings

Have you tried Baguette diamonds as accents for channel set rings? The result is faultless! When you use this setting with small diamonds fitted into the metal, it goes up to the center stone. There, you have a perfect and elegant look.
  • Vintage Baguette Rings

Using Baguette diamonds as additions to luxurious vintage settings can never go wrong. When you have rings with a ton of round diamonds, then, you get Baguettes to add that touch of variety. That alone will take the ring all up to a different level.
  • Hexagon Baguette Diamond Engagement Rings

Do you think all of those are luxurious? Wait till you see a spectacular Hexagon Baguette diamond engagement ring. You have two rows of Baguette diamonds all set around the center stone in a halo setting. Then, punctuated thanks to round accent diamonds. In the end, it creates a show-stopping appearance.
  • Baguette Eternity Bands

Baguette diamonds are perfect fits for eternity rings. Combine a row of straight Baguette diamonds, with a channel set and you have a ring with a clean and grand appearance. With Baguette diamonds, you also keep the cost as low as you can.  That is better in comparison to matching the ring through using high-quality brilliant cuts. In the end, they will all be mostly concealed.
  • Ballerina Diamond Rings

For ring lovers that desire a ring that truly stands out, try ballerina halo rings. These rings do that and even more. They are not like the hexagon-style halo. With this setting, you have a ring of Baguette diamonds structured to point outwards in a radiant layout. These ballerina halo diamond rings produce an unusual and attention-grabbing attraction.

Important Aspects To Look Out For In Any Unisex Baguette Diamond Jewelry

Below are certain things to watch out for when shopping for unisex Baguette diamond jewelry. Check them out!
  • Color Grade

First off, it is important that when they come in as side stones, their color must match the center stone. Take brilliant cuts for instance. They often appear whiter compared to a Baguette even though they are in the same color grade.  Hence, when you place a Baguette right beside a brilliant-cut, select a color grade a little bit higher. That will ensure there isn’t an obvious disparity. However, you do not want to pick a color grade so high that it ends up surpassing the center stone.
  • Clarity

You do not need unisex Baguette diamond jewelry to be perfect in clarity. However, be sure that it is eye-clean at least. Thanks to its huge surface area, you can notice the flaws or inclusions easily.
  • Setting

You should also pay attention to the setting of the Baguette diamond. With an exposed setting, there is more room for additional light to go through the diamond.  Moreover, Baguette diamonds are easier to crack. They even become dislodged easily. Therefore, a more protected setting will come in as the best to allow it last longer.
  • Wearability

The shape of baguette diamonds makes them more exposed to dulling and chipping. When the diamond gets any damage, get the necessary assistance from your jeweler instantly.  Note that the type of setting you go for will also determine how great your jewelry will look. It is this setting that holds the diamond firmly so it doesn’t get damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions About Unisex Baguette Diamond Jewelry 

  • What Is The Nature Of A Unisex Baguette Diamond Jewelry In Terms Of Quality?

After making a baguette diamond your center stone, do not forget the words of Mason Roberts. Roberts says: “They are not as brilliant as other popular cuts such as a round cut or even emerald cut. And because they don’t sparkle as well, their inclusions and color flaws are more visible.”
  • How Much Does A Unisex Baguette Diamond Jewelry Cost?

In comparison to others, these baguette diamonds are different in price from other cuts. Hence, baguette rings come in at the least expensive price point.  More so, Baguette rings get their grades following the GIA-recognized 4C grading scale. What this means is that the higher the grade of that jewelry, the more money you have to pay to get it.

The Good And The Not-Too-Good Sides Of Baguette Diamonds

We go with the words of the founder and CEO of Gemist, Madeline Fraser on this one. According to Fraser: “Cut and clarity matter more when it comes to a baguette-cut diamond. Baguette stones require fewer cuts than other cuts of diamonds. There are only 14 facets in a baguette-cut stone; this means that precision is important. With other stone cuts, you can get away with a lower clarity because many facets help to cover up imperfections.”  Therefore, if you go for a ring that features baguette diamond side stones, ensure this one thing. And, that is that they fit when placed side by side. Be sure that they don’t conflict with the look of the center stone.  More so, even though baguette diamonds are mostly accents, they still come in as center stone. And for this, here is Fraser’s recommendation: “To really show off the shape and look of the stone, the best setting is solitaire or solitaire pavé. With this setting, the baguette stone can be oriented north/south for a classic look or east/west for a more modern approach.”

Taking Proper Care Of Any Unisex Baguette Diamond Jewelry

The way you take care of your unisex baguette diamond jewelry is similar to how you care for other diamonds. Simply, ensure you keep it clean using a jewelry cleaner. You can also use soap and warm water. Lastly, select a well-made setting for your jewelry. In addition, Landau says: “Since baguettes have pointed corners, you want to make sure that when they are set, the corners are protected.”


It is mostly about how well that piece of jewelry graces you. It is not always about the price. With baguette diamonds, you have a cheaper option as a side stone. And when they are the center stone of your unisex baguette diamond jewelry, they still pass off a grand look. You can use them in various ways. Either as baguette rings or in any other unisex baguette diamond jewelry. Regardless, you are sure to get a stunning, grand, and lovely look from this diamond always. 

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