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Yellow Diamond Halo Cocktail Ring with Eternity Band

Special occasions are a lot of fun and they can be the perfect place to show off a fun statement piece like the yellow diamond halo cocktail ring we feature in this post. A special occasion is one of those rare times when you can be over the top and have a ton of fun doing it. Especially for those of us who already have a bolder and trendier sense of fashion, the opportunity to wear something really stunning, fun, and unique is a great chance. Showing off our fashion sense allows us to show others who we are and what is important to us.

Choosing accessories, especially for a special event or statement piece, is a ton of fun. It opens up a lot more options. When we are choosing something that is meant for daily wear, we are more likely to stick with the classics. And there is a good reason for this. But for those special occasions – that’s when you can really go all out. And with a ring such as the one we feature here, you will get tons of compliments and looks as well.

Quality and Elegance

One thing that has always been important here at Raymond Lee Jewelers, is to provide our customers with a huge selection of the highest quality pieces. This is something our client base has come to expect and we don’t plan on letting them down. We have made a reputation for ourselves as having some of the most unique, elegant, and high-quality pieces of luxury jewlery in the Boca Raton area and beyond. It is important that we continue to strive to keep this reputation.

This is why our buyers have a ton of experience and only select pieces on the basis of a wide range of very rigorous standards. With these standards, we can help ensure that each and every piece, such as the yellow diamond halo cocktail ring that features in this post, is of the highest quality. We look for elegant, unusual, and rare pieces to offer our clients something they can’t find anywhere else. And this ring is definitely one of those pieces. It features the finest materials you can find and has a ton of sparkle and shine. A ring with such a huge diamond, and so much sparkle, is sure to draw the eye of anyone who sees it.

The Cocktail Ring

The cocktail ring is one of those accessories that are incredibly varied but hardly need any explanation. They are some of the most fun pieces of jewlery to buy because they are so ostentatious, and they are supposed to be! What really makes a cocktail ring is the size of the piece. Typically, these are very large pieces. They aren’t always made from fine materials. In fact, paste jewelry is where the cocktail ring really got its popularity. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t fine versions of this accessory out there. Our yellow diamond halo cocktail ring is the perfect example of this,

Really, a cocktail ring is simply an oversized ring. They are often meant to be eye-catching and bold. This isn’t the place for a diamond solitaire ring. It is the perfect opportunity to wear something really special that is unlike anything you would normally wear. This is what is so fun about cocktail jewlery. It is the perfect opportunity for you to really express yourself and your style in a way that you can’t do for daily wear. Have fun with this kind of jewelry and use it as an opportunity to show off your bold side. 

Yellow Diamonds

The yellow diamond halo cocktail ring with an eternity band that we feature here has, as the name implies, a yellow diamond as the central stone for the ring. This is an absolutely massive stone and people won’t be able to help but look at it. Not to mention there is a ton of sparkle from the accent diamonds that make up the “halo” portion of the ring. Many people think that diamonds are simply those stunning colorless stones that we are all familiar with. But actually, there is a whole rainbow of different colors of diamonds.

What gives diamonds a colorful hue is often trace elements or other impurities within the composition of the stone. Impurity might sound like a bad thing, but if you want something that has the strength of a diamond, but that has a nice punch of color, these fancy-colored diamonds really are the way to go. They range in hue from black to pink, from blue to yellow. The richer and deeper the color, the rarer the stone. With yellow diamonds, there is a higher than normal level of nitrogen in the substrate, which, in turn, gives the stone a yellow hue. 

Halo Rings

Whether we are talking about cocktail rings or traditional jewelry, the halo ring is an incredibly popular style. Many women like the halo ring as an engagement ring as it can feature two different cuts of diamond or more than one kind of stone. But you don’t have to be looking for an engagement ring to appreciate the halo ring. The yellow diamond halo cocktail ring with an eternity band we feature here is a great example of this. It is an overstated take on a popular classic. 

What sets a halo ring apart from other styles is that it features a large, central stone that will have smaller stones that surround the main stone. In effect, making a halo around the focal stone of the piece. Here, we have a huge, oval-shaped yellow diamond that is flanked by round, brilliant-cut diamonds. These smaller diamonds are meant to maximize the amount of light that reflects off the stone, giving the piece a ton of sparkle. This ring really is much like a traditional halo ring, just in a much larger than usual size. It is a bold take on a popular classic.

The Eternity Band

The yellow diamond halo cocktail ring we feature here also boasts an eternity band. In many ways, it’s like two different styles in one ring! This is a really great feature for any ring, but for one that is meant to be bold and eye-catching, it makes a ton of sense. Not to mention, it adds a ton of class, style, and elegance to this already stunning piece of jewlery. An eternity band is a popular style for a wedding band. This is because it is beautiful, of course. But there is also a nice symbolism in the eternity part, which makes it a great choice for symbolizing your relationship. But wedding rings aren’t the only place you’ll find this style.

The eternity band is simply a band that, instead of simply being metal, actually has stones inset around the band. While the stones are most often diamonds, they don’t have to be. You can choose pretty much any stone you wish, so long as it is strong enough to take on the cut. Eternity bands are most often full, half, or two-thirds bands. This simply refers to how far around the band the stones extend. 

A Really Unique Piece

The cocktail ring we feature here is a really fun blending of three different, highly unique, styles of jewlery. There is, of course, the cocktail ring part. This is the oversized nature of the entire piece. Then, we have the halo part, which in this case, refers to the small diamonds that surround the main yellow diamond. These diamonds are cut into a brilliant cut so as to allow them to reflect as much light as possible, giving them that unmistakable sparkle. 

Finally, we have the eternity band, which gives the ring even more sparkle. And to top it all off, rather than using paste or some other stone, this ring features a really large yellow diamond. All of these things put together lead to a really bold and stunning piece of jewlery that will be unlike anything others are wearing. And who doesn’t want to look unique and in such a fine way? You are sure to turn many heads when you wear this piece out to your next cocktail party or other fine gatherings. We know that you will look forward to any opportunity to bring out such a fun piece of jewlery. 


There are many different styles, but some of us don’t mind when the proverbial spotlight is on us. In fact, some of us crave that attention. If you are one of those bolder and trendier types, a ring such as the yellow diamond halo cocktail ring we feature here is a great choice. It is made from the finest materials, so in addition to being bold and drawing the eye, it is also an incredibly high-quality piece of jewelry. This means you’ll have the peace of mind that you can enjoy this ring for many years to come. 

Not only is this ring large, which will naturally catch the eye, but it also sparkles and is made from unique materials. The huge yellow diamond that serves as the main stone is a unique departure from your typical colorless diamond. It gives the ring a punch of color, without sacrificing the quality of the piece. The ring also has a ton of sparkle thanks to the diamond accent stones of the halo and the extra stones in the eternity band. Just the size alone would be enough to draw in most eyes, but if that isn’t enough to catch their attention, all that sparkle surely will.

The Perfect Statement Piece

Because this is such a bold and over-the-top piece of jewlery, it makes a great candidate for a fun piece of statement jewelry. Statement pieces are those bolder pieces of jewelry that really aren’t suitable for daily wear. They are meant to be held back for special occasions. It is great to have a few fine pieces of statement jewlery that you can bring out for special events or certain occasions. And what makes a better piece of statement jewlery than a huge cocktail ring, bursting with diamonds? We couldn’t think of anything better either!

This is a ring that can easily steal the show. It is bold, eye-catching, and stunning to behold. It can easily pair with bold fashions, or you can let the ring be the star of your outfit. You can do this by pairing the ring with something more simple, that allows the ring to really stand out against your other attire. Whatever your style or however you choose to wear it, we know that you’ll love having such a great piece of jewelry to bring out for special occasions. It is definitely a piece that people will remember, if for nothing else because of its size and sparkle. 

In Closing

We don’t always have the opportunity to wear an over-the-top and bold piece of jewlery, but a special event is a perfect occasion to bring a piece like this out. With its unique size and the use of yellow diamonds, you have a ring that is unlike anything you’ll see elsewhere. This is a huge cocktail ring, in the halo style, that also features an eternity band. With the addition of the diamonds that make up the halo and that are inset in the band, you get tons of sparkle and shine.

This is a piece that can stand on its own, or that you can pair with something equally bold. It allows you to show off your personal sense of style in a fun and eye-catching way. Whatever you choose to pair with this cocktail ring, we are sure that you will get tons of compliments on this highly unique and elegant piece of jewlery. With the sheer size and all those diamonds, it is every woman’s dream piece of jewlery. It will be a piece that you look forward to bringing out for that next special occasion to wow the crowd with. And you can be sure this ring will wow!

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