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What You Need To Know When Buying Diamond Bands

What You Need To Know When Buying Diamond Bands

diamond band

If you are looking to build upon your diamond jewelry collection, specifically with diamond bands and eternity rings, this guide has everything you need to know. 

At Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton, we stay up-to-date with the latest in diamond jewelry designs, so we are sure you will fall in love and be inspired by all that you are about to read and see below. 

Have fun and choose a style that suits you! There are so many options out there that you are guaranteed to find a diamond band that you will cherish for the rest of your life. 


A diamond band is a ring with multiple diamonds, which either loop around the entire band or just the top part of the band, and they do not have a centerpiece. Thus, you would not call an engagement ring a diamond band. Diamond bands are more synonymous with eternity bands or wedding bands. However, the term may also include other designs of diamond rings that wouldn’t fall into those two categories.

Now, once a diamond band becomes very larger, we would put it into the category of a cocktail ring. Therefore, most diamond bands can be stacked with other rings. In fact, many women buy diamond bands with that purpose, to stack or layer them with other rings. 

All in all, a diamond band is more of a high-end, elegant, contemporary-fashion ring for women who love precious metals and diamonds. While they will stand out in a striking manner, they will not overpower any look. They are there to compliment a woman’s beauty and her style rather than be her style like a cocktail ring would. 

diamond eternity bands


A wedding band and an eternity band typically differ in that a wedding band doesn’t have diamonds all the way around the band. Moreover, a wedding band usually uses round diamonds or the band itself has a unique shape. Conversely, eternity bands come in all kinds of diamond shapes. And the settings are simple, a continuous loop of diamonds on a straight band. Eternity bands can be much larger than a wedding band as well, in terms of the individual diamond sizes. 

That being said, the name of a ring really comes down to its purpose. If an eternity band was given to a woman on her wedding day, which often happens nowadays, then it is basically a wedding band. 

Traditionally, an eternity band is given to declare eternal love, oftentimes on an anniversary, which is why they are synonymous with anniversary rings as well. 

However, modern women simply like the style of eternity bands, so they are worn by single women who are not married or in a serious relationship too. 

With all that in mind, a diamond band can be any of these two styles of rings, or different, but it is called a diamond band because it is not given on the wedding day or gifted to declare eternal love like an eternity band traditionally is. A diamond band is an eternity band, either half or full eternity, and it is also any other kind of stackable band with diamonds. It’s that simple. It’s a flexible term for a diamond ring that doesn’t have a prominent centerpiece.  

Below you will see various kinds of gorgeous diamond bands from Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers. 


Before we get into styles, we must understand what makes up the quality of a diamond band. The three most important aspects to keep in mind when evaluating the quality, beauty, and style of a diamond band are the diamonds used, the setting, and the precious metal.

So, we will be discussing these three aspects as we continue on…


When it comes to choosing a diamond band, the diamonds that are set in the band will determine the style and the price. 

Pay attention to the 4Cs for diamond bands with sizable diamonds. The jewelry store will know the color, cut, clarity and carat weight of the diamonds. For diamond bands with very small diamonds, you don’t need to worry so much about the 4Cs or the certificate. Just as long as they are real diamonds and you appreciate their beauty.


As most of us know, diamonds are cut into many different kinds of shapes, such as round, oval, pear, cushion, princess, radiant, Asscher, emerald, baguette, heart, marquise and so on. 

For diamond bands, the most common are round brilliant, oval, cushion, princess, Asscher, emerald, and baguette. These shapes go best with identical diamonds looping around the band, while the other shapes are made more for centerpieces. So we will stick to the aforementioned diamond shapes from now on. 

Step Cut vs Brilliant Cut

While there are many diamond shapes, they all fall into two main categories, step cuts and brilliant cuts. 

Brilliant cut diamonds are cut in form with many facets so they have exceptional brilliance. Brilliant cuts come in round, pear, oval, heart, cushion, and princess (rectangular) shapes. No matter what shape, the diamond has a cone-like bottom and the diamond provides maximum light return through the top. 

Step cut diamonds are either square or rectangular in shape. The facets are larger than brilliant cuts and they are arranged parallel to one another. The name “step” cut refers to the way the diamond looks, as the facets resemble steps. Step cut diamonds are not as brilliant as brilliant-cut diamonds. They are revered for their immense clarity and the way they reflect light with a hall of mirrors effect. Step cut diamonds include Baguettes, Emeralds, Asscher, and Carre diamonds.

Round Brilliant Diamond Bands

Round brilliant diamond bands make for a classic statement. They offer unparalleled beauty and brilliance and they can be worked stacked or solo. A round brilliant band is the most versatile of them all. 

Note: any diamond cut that is not round brilliant is considered a “fancy” cut diamond.

Cushion Cut Diamond Bands

Cushion cut diamond bands provide the brilliance of round brilliants with the uniqueness and modish appeal of step cuts. You don’t often see cushion cuts on a diamond band. Cushion cuts are typically saved for engagement ring centerpieces. Thus, a cushion cut diamond band will show a lot of individuality. 

Radiant Diamond Bands
radiant cut diamond bands

Radiant cut diamond bands ensure a distinct appearance. They are a striking option that serves up an immense sparkle. Radiant cut diamonds have straight edges and cut corners, making them a very strong, eye-catching option. 

Emerald Diamond Bands
emerald diamond bands

Emerald cut diamond bands offer a sleek, modern, geometric look. They look best paired with other step cut diamonds but they can also contrast beautifully with brilliant-cut diamonds.

Emerald cut bands are coveted for their elegant, clean appeal. It’s really top of the list for contemporary diamond band styles.

Baguette Diamond Bands
baguette diamond band

While baguette diamond bands have less shine than emerald cut diamonds due to fewer facets, they make up for it with remarkable clarity and unmatched luster. Undoubtedly, baguettes are one of the most popular styles these days. 


While a colorless white diamond is the most classic and timeless look for a diamond band, fancy colored diamonds are also a fantastic choice. Currently, fancy yellow diamonds are all the rage. Everyone wants to show their originality through their diamond jewelry choices. Fancy yellow diamonds, aka Canary Yellow Diamonds, are a great option to do that. They make for a very unique and intense appearance that women and men alike love. 

What’s more, fancy yellow diamonds hold their value very well. They have become a highly attractive investment that is proving to continually rise in value. 


In terms of eternity bands, there are various diamond settings. The most popular are single prong, scallop, gallery, and u-prong. 

Single Prong Setting

gemstone settings for rings

The single prong setting is a very popular choice. This setting is absolutely stunning, allowing the shape of the diamond to take full attention. They are most common for brilliant cut diamond bands like round brilliant bands, oval cut, and cushion cut bands. 

Scallop Setting

scallop setting ring

The Scallop setting is also a stunning option typically used on brilliant cut diamonds, although this setting extends to step cuts as well. Scallop diamond band settings look wonderful with square brilliant diamonds like radiant cut diamonds and cushion cuts. It is also a majestic choice for emerald cut diamonds. 

Gallery Setting

gallery setting

The gallery setting features more precious metal and makes for a much thicker band. It’s a stunning option for step cut diamonds like emerald cut and baguettes, especially baguettes. The contrast in luster simply looks incredible. 

U-Prong Setting

u prong setting

The u-prong setting is a variation of the traditional four-prong setting. The prongs create a u-shape from the profile view. It gives the diamonds a lot of security without the bulky basket look of the gallery setting. U-prong settings lend themselves to all diamond shapes. 

Various Other Settings For Diamond Bands

unique settings for jewelry

There are many other setting styles to consider when it comes to diamond bands.

Rows: Diamond bands can have rows of diamonds. Two, three, four and even five rows of diamonds. These types of diamond bands can use a number of specific prong settings or even a pave setting. 

East-West: For oval and rectangular diamonds, a popular style is the east-west setting. This places the diamond horizontally long rather than vertically. They can use single prong, gallery, or other various prong settings to create this special look. 

Halo: If you thought halo settings were only for engagement rings, think again. A diamond band, which includes eternity bands and 3 to 5 stone bands, can have a halo diamond setting. For an engagement ring, this is not exactly a distinctive look, yet it is very radiant. However, for a diamond band, it creates a very quirky, incredibly scintillating appearance. 

From there, the list goes on. There are truly tons of ways jewelry designers can go about creating a diamond band. The options are only limited by the creativity of the designer. 


The final point to consider is the precious metal you want your band to be made of. This really makes a world of difference to the style. The obvious choices are platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

While platinum and white gold have a very similar look, as they are both a white metal, there are some key differences to consider.

We will discuss each precious metal option below.



Platinum is the strongest and most durable of all precious metals. It is also the most expensive.

Platinum is about 20% denser than white gold, and about 2.5 times more expensive! 

What’s more, platinum is rarer than gold. 

And to top it off, it will not fade! Unlike white gold which gets a yellowish tinge over time. 

That being said, some people prefer white gold, respectably, as it offers its own advantages.

White Gold

white gold

White gold has a lighter weight than platinum, which some women prefer.

It is also much more malleable than platinum, so it allows for finely detailed, intricate designs. 

Not to mention, the price is better. 

The only real downfall of white gold is that it will fade a bit over time. Well, not the gold itself but the rhodium that coats the gold and makes it white.

To be clear…

First, Rhodium is also a precious metal, and it is even rarer and more valuable than silver and gold. Second, the gold itself never tarnishes or corrodes. It’s just the rhodium plating wears off. 

So, with that, to keep your white gold ring looking brand new, you may have to re-plated every 5-10 years (depending on how often you wear it). Thankfully, this is not an expensive endeavor and if you buy from a jewelry store like Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers, they will do it for free. 

Note: Yellow gold, rose gold and platinum will also need to be polished after years of wear if you want them to look new. Some people actually like the patina so they never polish their rings. Plus, polishing does remove some of the metal so it should only be done very sparingly, if ever. With white gold, you aren’t losing metal, you are just adding new rhodium plating.


If you decide to go with white gold or platinum, you will need to choose a diamond of good color grade, as any hues of yellow will be noticeable with the white metal. So, when choosing white gold or platinum, be sure to consider the color grade of the diamonds carefully, if this is a concern to you that is. 

Yellow Gold

yellow gold

While white metals like platinum and white gold are the most popular, yellow gold is the most classic of all precious metals for jewelry. 

Yellow gold is the king of golds. The gold of golds. When you think of gold, you think of yellow gold. Gold in its purest form. 

When it comes to diamond bands, yellow gold makes for a tremendously distinct look. Just having the band made from yellow gold will set you apart from the rest.

There are some more benefits to yellow gold as well. First, it doesn’t rust, tarnish or corrode and it will never lose its color. Yes, it will lose its shine, but a simple polishing will bring it back to new. That said, a lot of people appreciate the luster of a long worn yellow gold band. Some say yellow gold improves with age. 

What’s more, it’s very malleable, so it can form easily into any intricate design. 

Lastly, with yellow gold, you don’t have to be so worried about getting a high-grade diamond color. For example, with white gold, you would want at least a G color diamond. Even a G color diamond may show a very slight hint of yellow on a white metal when inspecting very closely. However, with yellow gold, you can get away with a diamond color that shows it’s yellow, as the yellow gold will display yellow in the diamond anyway. It won’t take away from the beauty at all. 

Rose Gold

diamonds by raymond lee

Rose gold is one of the trendiest colors of gold at the moment. Everybody wants rose gold these days it seems. It has taken the jewelry (and even luxury watch) industry by storm.

Like yellow gold, it is very distinct and unique. It also allows you to get away with less than perfect diamond colors as the rose gold will display color through the diamond anyway. 

The pros of rose gold over other golds is that it is the most durable. And unlike white gold, it will not need to be re-plated. Rose gold is simply an alloy that uses copper to get a reddish-pink color, hence its durability. 

The only issue with rose gold is it is less malleable. That said, it doesn’t prove to be any issue with diamond band designs. Any design you want can be made from rose gold by an expert jewelry maker. 

All in all, rose gold is a very modish choice. Plus, it will give your ring a vintage appeal with a romantic connotation. 


See our huge collection of diamond bands at Diamonds By Raymond Lee.

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