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Best Anniversary Rings For Her By The Year

Best Anniversary Rings For Her By The Year

anniversary rings by year

Are you looking for the perfect, special ring to celebrate your anniversary this year? Have you reached a milestone in your marriage that calls for a gift she will remember and cherish forever? At Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers, we are anniversary ring specialists, so we will lead you in the right direction. Below you will find everything you need to know about Anniversary Rings, so you can impress your wife and give her a memory that lasts for a lifetime. 


An anniversary ring is a ring that you give your significant other as a gift for a special milestone in your marriage. They are rings made from precious metal, diamonds, and gemstones. While anniversary rings can be gifted for any anniversary, they are commonly given at major milestones, such as 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and 25 years of marriage. 


anniversary rings for her

1st Anniversary: Yellow Gold Diamond Eternity Ring

For your first anniversary, there is no better choice than a diamond eternity ring, which is also known as an infinity ring. A diamond eternity ring is one continuous loop of diamonds. It represents everlasting love.

With the gift of a diamond eternity ring on your first anniversary, you will have created the “trinity” – engagement ring, wedding band, eternity ring. This pattern symbolizes fidelity, love, and eternity. 

While tradition states a diamond band is a 10 year anniversary gift, the modern woman would greatly appreciate this on her 1st anniversary, because women love the look of a diamond ring stack. 

The engagement ring, wedding band, and eternity ring is the ultimate ring stack for a married woman, so what better time to create this revered look than on your first anniversary. 

Now, in terms of keeping with tradition, you can still manage tradition while pleasing your woman with the highly coveted ring stack look. To do this, get the diamond eternity ring in yellow gold, as yellow gold is the standard, and dare we say “good luck”, first year anniversary gift. 

Yellow Gold Diamond Eternity Ring
first anniversary ring
Choosing the right diamond eternity ring

Choose a diamond eternity ring that matches her engagement ring and wedding band, as you want the stack to be harmonious. So, if her engagement ring is big, opt for a large yellow gold eternity ring. Moreover, pay attention to the diamond shape, as it can really make or break the stack. They don’t have to be the same, but they should go well together.

All in all, consider her style and the stack as a whole when choosing the eternity ring. 

Note: Eternity rings are not all about stacks, of course. Larger eternity rings like the one pictured above look fantastic on their own finger too. So, if your lovely lady prefers to stack rings on multiple fingers, get a juicy eternity ring that will shine proudly on its own. It will give her more flexibility in how she wears it too.

Shop Yellow Gold Eternity Rings at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

See more yellow gold eternity rings at Raymond Lee Jewelers

5th Anniversary: Sapphire Ring

Tradition suggests that a sapphire ring is given on the 5th anniversary. It’s the perfect reminder of the love you share, and it’s a symbol of strength and hope of the marriage for many years to come. 

Beyond what the sapphire constitutes in a loving marriage, the gem is unbelievably gorgeous and highly valuable. It is the most coveted precious gemstone in the world, as well as one of the rarest. The value of sapphires continues to exponentially increase, year after year. Thus, a sapphire ring is not just an emotional investment for your relationship, it is an investment investment that she can wear on her finger. Win-win. After 5 years of marriage, you are past the honeymoon phase, so financially sound thinking is an even bigger attraction, and undeniably a sort of glue for most marriages. 

How to choose a sapphire ring

There are 4 simple things to look for in a sapphire. 

  • Juicy, even color
  • No glaring inclusions visible to the naked eye
  • Well proportioned cut
  • Carat size (the larger it is the more expensive it will be!)

Beyond that, just choose a ring you think she will love. You can also include her in the decision. After all, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting your wife a ring she absolutely adores, is there? Even if that means she chooses it herself! It’s 2020, that’s how things are these days, and women don’t seem to have any complaints about it. Not when it comes to a purchase that costs thousands of dollars. 

Let’s have a look at a few breathtaking sapphire rings that make for the perfect 5th anniversary gift for her:

Oval Sapphire Ring With Diamonds
5th anniversary ring

This is a very beautiful three stone ring with a 6.13 carat sapphire diamond at the center. The accent diamonds are equally impressive. They are kite cut G color VS diamonds. If you want a ring that she will love forever, this is the one. 

Star Sapphire and Diamond Ring
sapphire ring for marriage gift

For the woman who loves things that are larger than life, this jaw-dropping ring will surely do the trick. It features a massive 39 carat oval shape star sapphire and approximately 3 carats of baguette cut and trillion cut diamonds. The design is incredibly unique and just the sheer size will make it so this ring simply can’t be missed. Moreover, because of its size and style, it can be worn on any finger flawlessly (i.e. index, ring finger). If you want a ring that your wife can show off proudly at any extravagant event, this star sapphire and diamond ring is a great option. 

Round Brilliant Diamond Sapphire Halo Flower Motif Ring
jewelry gifts for wife

This ring doubles down on the emotion of love with its flower shape motif. It showcases a huge 4.1 carat round brilliant diamond at the center, surrounded by “petals” of diamonds and sapphires. The sapphires weigh up to a total of 1.5 carats and are of the highest quality. All in all, when you give your wife this gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring, it will be like you just reignited that special day when you first proposed to her. 

How to wear these sapphire rings?

Sapphire rings are made for their own finger, and often times their own hand. She will likely opt to put her sapphire anniversary ring on her right hand. While it can be placed on any finger she pleases, but typically it would go on the right hands ring finger. 

See more sapphire anniversary rings at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

10th Anniversary: Large Diamond Band

Ten years of marriage is very big milestone. So, if you can, go big with this one. 

Tradition states that the 10 year anniversary ring is the diamond band. With this, you will have a lot of options.

You’ll need to consider the size of the ring, the diamond shape and cut, and the precious metal. While mixing metals is awesome, is that a look your wife will love? Ask yourself what her style is and go for it.

We like to think of the 10 year anniversary ring as a stand-alone piece. Not something she will stack. So, we suggest going as big as you can afford, without sacrificing diamond quality or your bank account. 

Let’s have a look at some exquisite, large eternity rings with timeless appeal that make for the flawless 10 year anniversary ring for her.

Cushion Cut Eternity Ring
10 year anniversary ring

This is an absolute stunner that will look great on its own finger or stacked with an engagement ring of colossal size. It features 12.55 carats of identical cushion cut diamonds set in 14k white gold. While this piece is ridiculously stunning, it is also highly durable. So, if you have an active lady on your hands, this will be a great choice. 

Emerald Cut Eternity Ring
Emerald cut anniversary ring

This is an eternity ring that looks as pure as fresh water ice. If your wife has an engagement ring with baguettes in it or you think she prefers the more contemporary diamond appeal of step cuts, this is the one. Just be careful, as this eternity ring might steal the show from her engagement ring. In any case, this is more than worthy for any relationship milestone. It’s a ring that will drop the jaw of any woman. Not to mention, make her friends jealous. 

All in all, we suggest talking with your wife about what she would like. At 10 years of marriage, we are sure you already know this though. 

Want to see more diamond eternity rings that make for a great 10-year anniversary gift? 

We have plenty of options for all budgets at Diamonds By Raymond Lee & Raymond Lee Jewelers. You’ll find round brilliant, radiant, emerald, cushion, and baguette cut diamond eternity rings. We have eternity rings in all precious metals – gold and platinum – and we even have fancy colored diamond eternity rings for the woman who really likes to stand out from the rest. 

Shop diamond eternity rings at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

best rings for anniversary gift

Anniversary Rings By Year

  • 1st Anniversary: Gold (gold diamond eternity ring)
  • 2nd Anniversary: Yellow Diamond
  • 3rd Anniversary: Pearl
  • 4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz
  • 5th Anniversary: Sapphire
  • 10th Anniversary: Diamond
  • 15th Anniversary: Ruby
  • 20th Anniversary: Emerald
  • 25th Anniversary: Gold Jubilee
  • 30th Anniversary: Sapphire or Opal
  • 40th Anniversary: Emerald or Ruby
  • 50th Anniversary: Diamond

Of course, any kind of ring can be bought for any anniversary. There really are no rules. This just gives you a little idea of what people traditionally give on these big milestones. You can also give your wife a ring even when it’s not your anniversary if you feel like spoiling her. 

More Anniversary Rings For Her

Tacori Blue Topaz Crescent Gem Ring

gifts at diamonds by raymond lee in boca raton

Blue topaz has always been associated with love and affection, so it makes for the perfect gemstone anniversary ring. This one features an 8 carat sky blue topaz. It is a very affordable option at only $490. 

Round Brilliant Diamond Halo Band

rings for her at diamonds by raymond lee

When you think of diamond halos, you probably imagine an engagement ring. This anniversary diamond band pulls inspiration from the classic halo setting. It features 2.24 carats of round brilliants. They are of remarkable quality at F color and VS clarity. Price: $7,995.

Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Ring

what is an anniversary ring

If you know your woman loves emeralds, this is the anniversary ring for her. It features a 2.51 carat emerald cut diamond surrounded by Asscher cut emerald gems. The contrast of the green gem and crystal clear diamonds is incredibly beautiful and it makes the ring pop in such a radiant and vidid yet elegant and graceful way. Price: $21,995

Gregg Ruth Platinum Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

gregg ruth jewelry

Designed by the famous Gregg Ruth, this special ring was made for that special one-of-a-kind lady. It features a 3.42 carat radiant cut light fancy yellow diamond with 1.12 carat trillion diamonds and round brilliant diamonds as accents. The yellow diamond is a symbol of love and devotion, as well as knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom. It is a fun and uplifting color, which makes it ideal for an anniversary ring gift. Price: 29,995

Heart Shaped Yellow Diamond Ring

huge heart shape diamond ring at raymond lee jewelers

This ring is titanic, both in size and all-around pretense. It showcases an 8.32 carat fancy yellow heart shape diamond that will make a fun and loving woman’s heart melt. If you are going for romantic, this anniversary ring has you covered. And when she wears this, it will cover the whole lower half of one lucky finger. Price: 68,995.

Fancy Yellow Internally Flawless Diamond Engagement Ring

internally flawless diamond at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Beware, this ring is only for those with the deepest of pockets. It is a 12 carat internally flawless fancy yellow diamond. The diamond is so big and so exquisite, you will get lost in its natural beauty. It is truly something to marvel. Event the accent trillion diamonds are incredible, they could honestly be their own rings, super impressive rings at that. If you have the means, this is the kind of ring that women dream of. It’s guaranteed to impress your wife, her friends, her family, all while making the other husbands secretly resentful – like we said, beware. Price: $400,000.

Tips when choosing an Anniversary Ring:

  • Consider her style, first and foremost.
  • Is she active? Get something more durable or less protruding.
  • What is her birthstone gem? Would she like that?
  • Get your wife involved. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking her what she likes. Communication is key, right? She will appreciate it. That said, if you know she’s all about surprises, then surprise her.

And the most important tip, work within your budget. There are tons of great anniversary ring options at Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers that will suit your budget.

Check out Diamonds By Raymond Lee’s Anniversary Rings and Raymond Lee Jewelers’ Anniversary Rings to find something right for you and your significant other. 

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