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Review: The Rolex President Day Date II Ice Blue Dial Platinum Watch

Review: The Rolex President Day Date II Ice Blue Dial Platinum Watch

rolex day date ii platinum ice blue watch

You are about to be in the presence of Royalty. Wait, scratch that. You are now in the presence of the President. They say Barack Obama, George Bush, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were Imperial Presidents, but the real “Imperial” President is this platinum Rolex Day-Date II glacier Ice blue dial watch, reference 218206.

While this Rolex watch is, of course, a Day-Date, the collection has always been colloquially known as the “President”, as every President since JFK has worn one. 

That said, the bracelet is actually labeled the “President” by Rolex themselves. 

Now, we are are here to discuss this watch because it is one of our favorite modern Rolex watches, ever. Thus, it deserves its own special feature. Plus, it is now for sale at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton 😉


The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Date II, reference 218206, is a fully platinum watch that was made from 2008 to 2014, at which time Rolex released the Day Date 40 and discontinued this model.

This specific Rolex President expertly pairs a platinum construction with a “Glacier” ice blue concentric dial. It is irresistibly cool, robustly masculine, and unapologetically presidential.

To this day, the Rolex 218206 is the biggest Rolex Day Date President ever made. It is the last of its breed. 

It is 41mm across the round of its large platinum case. Yet it wears a fair bit larger. Lug to lug, this watch has a sizable wingspan. Across the wrist, the case measures 49.5mm. However, it’s the solid end links of the platinum President bracelet that really expands the size of this watch. From end-to-end, meaning the outer cropping where the bracelet contours the wrist, the watch measures 53mm. This puts any wrist under 14cm in circumference out of reach for the fit of this watch. 

All in all, it’s a 41mm but it feels and looks like it’s in the league of 42 or 43mm watches. Put simply, the watch is amazingly substantial.

With it being made completely by platinum, it is heavy, it is premium, and it smells of pure luxury. 

Between the case and bracelet, this watch weighs in just shy of 270 grams. As for its height, it is not super thick, but it’s also not slim. It measures 12.1 millimeters in height, which includes the conical bezel. Therefore, it will easily slide under any tight sleeve. 

Even with all the richness of this special timepiece, it has a sort of stealth to it.  For those who are not big fans of colored gold, yet still appreciate the finer things in life, you will definitely like the lavish stealth-wealth quality of the Rolex 218206 President in platinum. 

We like to think of this as the “ultimate” Rolex President. This watch has it all. It is a dress watch with a sporty demeanor. You can wear it to a special, fancy gathering or to work, impressing people all the same. It looks good with pretty much any outfit, casual or dressy. 

Let’s go over the finer details of the case, dial, bracelet, and movement. 


As we mentioned, the case is a sizable 41 millimeters. Besides its robust stature, it is also very curvaceous. There isn’t a single hard edge on the case. 

This rounded look is emphasized even more with the smooth bezel. Smooth bezels are not something you often see on Rolex Day-Date Presidents or precious metal Rolex dress watches in general for that matter. The bezel definitely gives the watch a much sportier look. 

The finishing of the case and bezel corresponds with the bracelet as well. The case and bezel are high polish, creating a sheen of prestige, and the flanks are satin, for that added contrast and coolness.

As for the crown, it is obviously a screw-down Twinlock crown. It features a single, distinctive Rolex crown with a dot underneath, this is how you know you are looking at a platinum Rolex of the current generation. 

Between that and the screw-down casebook, the Rolex 218206 is thoroughly water-resistant. The watch has 100 meters of water resistance. So it is perfect for any type of water activity. 


The dial of the Rolex Day Date 218206 is very appealing. It is cooler than ice. It’s to the eyes what peppermint patties are to the mouth. 

The Rolex 218206 showcases an ice blue that has two different finishings. The base of the dial has a drone-style, concentric circle cut where the blue Roman numeral indices lay. Then at the center, you have a slightly elevated, grainy sunburst disc with faceted blue hands. 

The combination is impeccable. The raised sunburst center dial with the contrasting concentric circle metallic outer dial looks ridiculously beautiful. The dial is vibrant and has a gem-like feature to it. It almost appears like the metal of the dial was rendered with sapphire crystal. 

Revolving around it all, you will notice a small railroad track outboard styled with Roman numerals to match the larger ones. Excessive, and we love it.

There is just so much articulation on this dial and it creates a very slick and impressive composition. 

As for the Roman numeral hour markers, they are heat applied. They have a ton of body, texture and gleam to them. Each Roman numeral has its own powerful presence. For appliqués alone, to have that kind of quality, it says a lot about Rolex’s meticulousness and how they pay attention to every single detail.

Also, make note, the hands and the applied numerals are made from white gold. But they’ve been oxidized blue to correspond with the primary color of the dial. Moreover, Rolex made them dark enough to create a two tone appearance and allow for a stunning pop on the ice blue backdrop. The two different colors of blue add contrast and make the watch blaze beautifully. Besides aesthetics, it also has function, as it makes it easy for the wearer to read the watch’s time. 

Needless to say, the Rolex Day Date II 218206 has a day and a date function and display, and it is a double-quick set. After all, it’s a Day Date. 

Overall, with the bigger size of this Day-Date, the dial doesn’t feel crowded at all, which tends to happen with Roman numeral watches of smaller size. 

Pictures simply don’t do enough justice for the dial. In person, it’s incredibly impressive. We really love the dial, it is charismatic to the max. 

Sadly, this dial design is no longer produced. No ice blue dials are produced anymore with this combination of sunburst center dial with concentric circular outboard hour track. Fortunately, you can get this watch on the secondhand market. We have it at Diamonds By Raymond Lee right now. 


The President bracelet is as comfortable as it gets. Comparing to the Jubilee dress bracelet, the President feels more robust in the hand and on the wrist. Furthermore, it feels more supple and silken, so to speak, then the Oyster bracelet’s three big link design. The three, relatively narrow, links of the President make for a very breathable, plush feeling. 

As for the finishing, the center links are high polish while the outer links are satin, brushed-finished. 

What’s more, the 218206 Day Date was the first Rolex to have ceramic coated link pins. So the pins used to join the platinum links are made from ceramic, which means they can not be worn down by the platinum. Ergo, this bracelet will not fall to stretching over time. The watch play it had when new and right now is the same, and it will remain that way for its life. Another fantastic Rolex innovation.


The clasp is fully platinum as well. It is a hidden style clasp so when it is shut the bracelet has a seamless appearance all around, with only the Rolex crown being the demarcation that opens it up. This also helps avoid desk diving issues some watches have. This bracelet will never get in the way. 

To open it up, the Rolex crown is a release trigger. This is more sophisticated than the clasps of the past, which used a flat shim that would pry the clasp open.

On the interior of the clasp, Rolex doesn’t miss a beat. It is fully finished with a blasted base and high polish edges and swingarm. 

What’s more, the bracelet has screw fixed individual removable links so you can adjust the size. All in all, the bracelet and claps together make for a very gorgeous consummately integrated look and feel. It perfectly traces the arch of any wrist, making for a superbly comfortable fit. 


This watch is extremely tough internally. It features the calibre 3136, which has only ever been used on the Day Date 2. 

The movements features 31 joules, automatic winding, 48 hours of power reserve with smooth bi-direction winding action. It uses a jeweled staff rather than bearings so that it is almost completely silent. What’s more, it features hacking seconds and a double-quick set for the date, so you can rapidly set the date and day without having to spin and spin the hands. If you pull the crown to the last click you stop the seconds, thus synchronizing the time precisely when needed. 

28,800 vibrations per hour. It is braced with a full balance bridge and free-sprung balance, so it has great shock resistance. It also has a brigade overcoil hairspring for resistance to gravitationally induced timing deviations. And finally, a Parachrome blue alloy, which is oxidized niobium zirconium that provides the watch with high anti-magnetic capability.

Of course, the watch is a certified COSC Swiss chronometer. All in all, it’s a brute. Highly reliable with unparalleled preciseness. 


The watch is a real bruiser, but that doesn’t mean it is not exquisite, rare, and luxurious. In our opinion, this is one of the most lovable and stunning watches ever made. 

For some reason, there’s something a little bit goofy about it, like a kid wearing his father’s shoes. Maybe that’s just because it is a Day Date II in 41mm with a smooth bezel and we are so used to the classic 36mm.

Now, we should note, this Day-Date II is big, but it is not overly big, even by Day Date standards. Comparing to modern sports watches, it wouldn’t even be considered oversized. It’s just going to seem very big for those who are used to the traditional, classic, 36mm Day Date

The proportions on the Rolex 218206 Day Date are similar to an AP Royal Oak, so you’ll either love its size or you’ll prefer the slightly smaller Day Date 40. To us, this watch is perfectly proportioned. It’s grand and we appreciate the excess of opulence. Rolex took it far, but definitely not too far.

Taking it all into account, the Rolex Day Date II 218206 is a fun yet serious timepiece. The glacier blue dial pops beautifully and steals the show. However, you will also be drawn to the 950 platinum’s gorgeous luster. Together, the ice-blue-on-platinum look is unbelievably eye-catching. There may be no better color companion for Platinum than ice blue. Overall, the watch has a very contemporary appearance with the perfect amount of wrist presence for those who like an up-to-date look without going overboard. It’s simply such a pleasure to wear this watch. 


The price for this pre-owned Platinum Ice Blue Dial Rolex Day Date II is $48,995. While pre-owned, this Rolex Day Date 218206 is in excellent condition. It looks like a brand new watch. 

At Diamonds By Raymond Lee we authenticate and carefully inspect all of our watches to ensure the integrity before selling it. We only sell Rolex’s with genuine parts, and this watch has all of its original components. What’s more, it comes with the box and papers. It’s an investment-worthy timepiece just waiting for one lucky owner.

From the dial’s signature ice blue design that Rolex reserves only for its platinum timepieces to the robust and supple size and feel, this watch is a pure winner on all fronts. If you are going for platinum, this is the one to get. It has immense style and character of all the Day-Dates in platinum. Personally, if we had to choose from the Day Date 40 or this one, we’d choose this one. Of course, both the Day Date 40 and the Day Date II 41mm are great watches. The reference 218206 is just more of an everyday watch for those who aren’t afraid to show off a little. 

If you like this watch as much as we do, you can buy it at Diamonds By Raymond Lee now

Diamonds By Raymond Lee review of rolex ice blue dial watch


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