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12 Diamond Cocktail Rings That Will Make A Powerful Statement

12 Diamond Cocktail Rings That Will Make A Powerful Statement

diamond cocktail rings

Are you looking for a modern or vintage-style diamond cocktail ring that will make a powerful statement? An everyday or special occasion piece that will wow anyone in your presence? 

Great news, you’ve come to the right place. We are about to share with you 12 of our favorite diamond statement-making cocktail rings that are for sale at Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers. As statement rings come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, you are about to see some really unique pieces. 


Cocktail rings, also known as statement rings, are large, opulent rings made of precious metals. They typically showcase gemstones and diamonds and have designs that are visually striking and unique. While they are made for special occasions, they can be worn like fashion rings, as a way to express your style and personality. 


There are various names for a cocktail ring, such as:

  • Statement ring
  • Dinner ring
  • Right hand ring
  • Cluster ring
  • Dress ring
  • Fashion ring

One of the big differences between “fashion” rings and cocktail statement rings is cocktail rings are made from precious materials, while fashion rings don’t necessarily have to be. Nevertheless, the names can be interchangeable. In the case of Diamonds By Raymond Lee, we only sell high-quality fine diamond and gem rings made from precious metals. 



Cluster rings are all the rage these days, so we decided to feature various kinds of cluster diamond cocktail rings. Not only clusters, but that is the underlying theme here.

What’s interesting is the cluster setting is one of the oldest gemstone settings of them all. It dates all the way back to the classic Georgian jewelry era (1700s).

The following cluster diamond statement cocktail rings bring the old world to the new with modern designs and advanced diamond cutting technology. 

18K White Gold 5.43Ctw Multi Shape Diamond Flower Cluster Ring

This incredibly unique cluster diamond cocktail ring showcases multiple diamond shapes set in a flower motif. 

The head of the flower is depicted by a centerpiece of baguette diamonds with four round brilliants at each corner. Revolving the center diamonds are free form settings of pear and marquise diamonds, which represent the pedals. All combined, this cocktail ring’s diamonds weigh 5.43 carats.

As the picture suggests, this ring is very large, so it will stand out with an immense presence no matter what the occasion is. 

While it will look great on finger, we think it makes for the perfect index finger right hand ring. If you are looking to make a statement with a diamond ring, this one will do so in the most modern, 21st century way. 

18K White Gold 2.50Ctw Round Brilliant Diamond Cluster Ring

This 18K white gold cluster cocktail ring is the perfect expression of vintage-inspired. It’s almost as if state of the art diamond cutting technology (with instructions) was sent back in time to the Georgian era and the finest jewelry maker put this ring together then sent it back to the future. 

The ring shines with unparalleled beauty thanks to 2.5 carats of round brilliant diamonds. The sheer size, as well as the open cluster setting, allows light to hit the ring from all angles. 

When it comes to statement-making diamond rings, it doesn’t get more elegant than this. It is unique yet it doesn’t try hard to be.

Wear this ring on your left or right-hand’s index finger, with or without other rings, and watch all eyes turn to you. 

18K White Gold 3.70Ctw Round And Baguette Shape Diamond Bypass Cluster Ring

Here we have a ring that combines two distinct styles in one. It is a cluster setting bypass diamond ring. And a very big one at that. 

What is a bypass ring?

A bypass ring is characterized by a band that overlaps or passes by, rather than forming one continuous loop. It twists around the finger in a graceful manner and bypass rings often have two centerpieces. 

Bypass rings have a long history, first appearing in the Victorian era. Ever since, it has been a popular style for those who want to express their individuality. Yet, bypass diamond rings are still a rare sight to see, especially one of this quality. 

This ring features 28 baguette diamonds, weighing in at 2.36 carats, and 28 round brilliants, totaling to 1.34 carats. The two diamond cuts create marvelous contrast with each other. The baguettes are as clear as water, offering an almost multi-dimensional shine and the round brilliants provide the classic, snowy diamond radiance. The best of both diamond cutting worlds – step and modern brilliant.

If you want a ring that declares originality and will look absolutely splendid at a fine dining diner or out for drinks with the girls, there might be no better, classier option. 

Platinum 4ctw Round Brilliant and Marquise Shape Cocktail Ring

Here is a cocktail ring that is undeniably singular. You have never seen a diamond ring like this before. It has a dome, tower-like shape that sits high above the finger. If you are in this ring’s presence, you will not miss it. It is the epitome of a statement ring.

The ring itself is crafted from platinum. The stage is set with an open dome that features round brilliant diamonds set in platinum crescent-shaped channels. In-between each crescent is a marquise diamond.

From an airplane view, the ring would only appear globe shaped. However, above the dome sits a halo tower of round brilliants (have a closer look). Altogether, the ring is massive. It won’t just cover the lower half of the finger it is resting on, it will also take up real estate on the surrounding fingers. 

Quite possibly the best thing about this ring is its price. You won’t find a better deal on an exquisite fine diamond cocktail ring. 

18K White Gold 13.2Ctw Diamond Pave Dome Ring

Here we have an ultra-modern, ultra-sparkly, huge cocktail ring that is like wearing a diamond dome building on your finger. 

This consummately globe-like ring will sit on your finger with a powerful presence. It shines like no other thanks to hundreds of small round brilliant diamonds in a pave setting that total to 13.2 carats.

The ring is ostentatious in its size and stature but graceful in its shape. It’s a ring made for an elegant woman who is not afraid to be seen and drop jaws. You can wear this cocktail ring with other large statement rings or on its own to equally impressive effect. 

14K White Gold 8.82Ctw Wide Diamond Band

Rows and rows of diamonds will make any woman’s eyes sparkle. Even more so when the diamonds are of exquisite color and clarity like these. This wide diamond ring will make a statement of sophistication and class.

What’s great about a statement ring like this 14k white gold pure 8.82 carat white diamond ring is it matches any outfit. This is the perfect ring for any occasion. Whether you wear it casually or dressed up, the “wows” will all be the same – long and drawn out.

What’s even greater is this is the kind of ring that you can pass down to your grandchildren thanks to its regal, heirloom-worthy nature. 

18K White Gold Three Strand Multi Diamond Ring

Breathtaking is one word to describe this statement ring. Other suitable descriptives would be voguish, polished, plush, sumptuous, lavish, and extravagant. This is the cocktail ring that you might only want to take out for special diners or when you are feeling Cleopatra status. While it will look great with other rings, we prefer to let this one shine on its own, giving it an entire hand all to itself.

The ring has an eccentric design that makes it look as if you are wearing three rings with perfect harmony. However, this is one, three-strand ring. 

It features two pear diamonds on the top and bottom band, both pointing towards the centerpiece, which is a halo diamond baguette cluster. This means you have three diamond shapes offering various types of scintillation on one ring. 

18K White Gold 1.17Ctw Diamond Halo Cocktail Ring

This is like the three-stone engagement ring version of a cocktail ring. This contemporary piece features three large halos with geometric-style centerpieces. When you look closely at this ring, you can see just how intricate the setting is. At the very centers of each of the three heads, you will see a cluster of baguette diamonds set both horizontally and vertically. The edges of this first cluster feature tiny round brilliants. Outside of that, you will see another line of diamond defense, with the flanks being vertical-set baguettes and the top and bottom being horizontal-set baguettes. Then, again, the corners are set with round brilliants. On the fringe of it all is a shared halo of round brilliants for each “centerpiece”. 

Between the open halos, the cluster setting, and the diamond cuts themselves, this ring offers an amazing contrast of sheen. It’s like the hall of mirrors effect. When light hits off the ring, it bounces all around the 159 different diamonds, creating an explosion of radiance.

Platinum & 18k Yellow Gold 7.22 Carat Marquise Cut Pave Set Engagement Ring

vintage marquise jewelry

While this is technically an engagement ring, it doubles as a vintage-style cocktail ring. In fact, it’s probably more like a cocktail ring than an engagement ring. Nevertheless, this ring is unbelievably stunning. It features a gigantic 7.72 carat marquise diamond at the center. Surrounding that is a halo of gorgeous yellow diamond set in yellow gold. The rest of the ring is platinum. The band on this ring is huge as it curves to the shape of the marquise centerpiece. It’s completely pave set, with 3.75 carats of round brilliants, so this ring sparkles rapturously with the light in all directions.

For single ladies, if you are wearing this piece as a cocktail ring, it is free to go on any finger, including the ring finger. In fact, it looks best on the ring finger in our opinion. However, if you are married, that finger is already taken so you can throw this ring on the other hand – whatever finger works for you. Because the bottom of this ring has no diamonds and it tapers down, we can size ring to fit whichever finger you please. 

This thing is heavy too, weighing in at 13.7g. So, be prepared for a finger workout if you buy this cocktail slash engagement ring.

18k White & Rose Gold Multi Colored Diamond Ring

loud jewelry for women

Add some color and life to the party with this ravishingly alluring multicolor modern diamond cocktail statement ring.

The ring is one-of-a-kind, featuring multiple shapes of diamonds of pink, yellow, orange, purple and even blue color. They are all set in cluster fashion with rose gold prongs. Along the midline of the ring, you will see various halos of white diamonds, which creates wonderful polarity amidst the fancy colored diamonds.

With all the colors of diamonds and the two tones of gold, this cocktail ring glows tremendously. Moreover, you won’t know where to look when you look at it, so expect stares as people try to understand all of its intricacies. 

All in all, this is a magnificent piece that won’t just make a quick statement, it will spark in-depth conversations that won’t be forgotten. 

14K White Gold 1.24Ctw Diamond Wide Open Work Pave Ring

openwork jewelry

If you are looking for something a little more “every day” yet you still want to make a statement, this openwork pave diamond modern cocktail ring is perfect. It is crafted from 14k white gold and it features 1.24 carats of round brilliant diamonds. The design is sublime, giving the ring a very stylish, modern appearance.

Needless to say, this is not a cookie-cutter piece (none of the rings in this article are). It is private label, so you won’t find another one like it. This is a statement that will be made entirely and originally by you. 

18K White Gold 1.5Ctw 5 Cushion Diamond Stone Band

yellow diamond cocktail ring

With fancy yellow diamonds being all the hype these days, we had to add a modern diamond cocktail statement ring of yellow nature. This 18k white gold band features 5 cushion cut fancy yellow diamonds of the most exquisite quality. Each yellow diamond is juxtaposed between a halo of white diamonds. White diamonds and yellow diamonds together makes for an eye-catching look for the ages. 

Wear this statement ring on any finger you like, ring finger included. Pair it with other rings or rock it on its own. The choice is yours. No matter how you style it, praises are sure to come. This is an everyday ring that will forever be in the limelight of your life. 


If you want to see more cocktail rings like the ones above, check out our state-making collections at Diamonds By Raymond Lee & Raymond Lee Jewelers.

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