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The Perfect Rolex To Rock This Summer

The Perfect Rolex To Rock This Summer

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To the average joe, a used Rolex is just a simple Rolex watch, but those that are truly interested can tell the true difference between each one. There are a ton of Rolex watches this summer that can fit your lifestyle and that you can rock, even if it’s just to make yourself feel good during your #SummerQuarantine.

Rolex GMT Master II For The Traveller

This watch was created around the mid-1950s and was originally created for airline pilots. The GMT Master is a Greenwich Meantime watch that tells the hour, minute, and second. There is an extra hand on the watch that tells you the exact time of the current location that you are in.

The watch has a 24-hour bezel that is made from extremely durable ceramic and has a blue and red finish that gives the Rolex the nickname “Pepsi Rolex.”

Rolex Submariner For The Swimmer/Diver

The Rolex Submariners is for the diver because it can be submerged in 1,000 feet of water. The original Submariner was released in 1953 and could only go underwater for up to 328 feet and has a 3136 caliber movement that has a 48-hour power reserve. The used Rolex is not only water-resistant but is also unaffected by salty seawater, condensation, magnetism, and rapid changes in pressure and temperature.

The watch has a feature that had a 60-minute bezel that helps the diver know how long they’ve been underwater. The bezel itself is made of Cerachrom which is the same material that the GMT Master’s bezel is made from.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona For The Racecar Driver

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona has been around since 1963 and has been on the wrists of many of the most famous drivers. The watch has a second hand that displays the readings of the time in hours and minutes.

This wristwatch is water-resistant up to 328 feet and has a power reserve for up to 72 hours. Also, it has a 40 mm bezel that can be used as a tachymeter that shows the units per hour for anything that is needed to be timed.

Rolex Explorer For the Adventurer

The Rolex Explorer is known as the brand’s most understated steel sports watch. This used Rolex watch has a deep history tied to the Perpetual Oyster that deals with Edmund Hillary’s ascent to Mount Everest in 1953. In order to commemorate his achievement, Rolex had launched the Oyster Perpetual Explorer the same year as well.

The Explorer series has two different models, there is the 39mm Explorer and there is the 42mm Explorer II. Although they look different, both were created to withstand harsh and extreme conditions.

The 39mm Explorer’s design is very similar to the original Explorer with its black dial, large numbers, and a durable case. The Explorer II is a new evolution of the first Explorer, it has a larger diameter and an added feature of a GMT function so that the wearer can keep track of the multiple timezones.

Rolex Air-King For The Pilot

The Rolex Air-King is a simplistic and classic looking watch that has a 40mm case, an oyster bracelet, and a dome-shaped bezel. To the average person, the Air-King looks exactly like the classic Rolexes like the Datejust and the Day-Date but the Air-King is the most favorite for aviators because it stands out the most to them.

The watch has a black bezel that is distinctive and large hour numerals at three, six, and nine. The Air-King has a caliber of 3131 and a self-winding mechanic and has of power reserve for 48 hours and a water-resistance of 328 feet.

Rolex Yacht-Master II For the Sailor

The Yacht-Master II is described by the Swiss company as the watch that is appealing to all experienced sailors. The watch has programmable features such as a countdown timer, mechanical memory, and fast synchronization. This means that the wearer can start a countdown from 0 to 10 minutes. This feature is useful when accurately trying to time boat races.

This used Rolex is rather large being 44mm and has water-resistance of up to 328 feet underwater and has a self-winding power reserve that goes up to about 72 hours.

Rolex Cellini For The Connoisseur

The Rolex Cellini is one of the oldest classic collections in the brand, it for those who take watches seriously and wants a more sophisticated look. It has an 18ct rose gold timepiece that ha a white dial and a 39mm case. But what strays away from all of that simplicity is its complex 3295 caliber movement and a moon phase complication that Rolex says that will stay accurate for more than 122 years. The full moon that is on the watch is made from a real meteorite and moves around as each day of the month passes by.

Rolex Day-Date For The CEO

The Rolex Day-Date signifies that you have made it and is nothing from simplistic. It represents the utmost of class and will never have to worry about the wearer worrying about it going out of style.

There are many famous individuals that have to work the Day-Date such as President Reagan, Nixon Roosevelt, Ford, and Kennedy. Some other famous people include Roger Federer, Jay-Z, Ellen DeGeneres, and Victoria Beckham.

The watch was originally launched in 1956, where the day is written out in full across the 12 o’clock positions. The current model measures out to about a compact 36mm and has a water-resistance of 328 feet and a power reserve of about 70 hours.

Rolex Datejust For Everday

The Datejust model is highly customizable and offers various sizes and materials with a choice of straps and bezels and a range of colors. The case sizes range from 28mm to 41mm and the material comes in steel, white gold, yellow gold, or a mixture. The dial colors can be white, silver, gold, blue, black, and pink.

The current Datejust has a water-resistance of 328 feet, a 3235 caliber, and a power reserve of 70 hours.


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