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Is Rolex Seeking to Perfect Their Perfect Oyster Case Even More?

Is Rolex Seeking to Perfect Their Perfect Oyster Case Even More?

Rolex is well known to be the Rolls Royce of the fine watch genre. With their precision inner workings, sturdy case designed for an active lifestyle and eye-popping styles, it is no wonder Rolex is the choice of watch for the discerning modern man or woman of today.

The Oyster Case is Signature Rolex Style

Rolex Midsize 77014 Stainless Steel White Roman Dial Watch

Rolex Midsize 77014 Stainless Steel White Roman Dial Watch

The oyster case is what Rolex uses to ensure that the quality of their watches is simply the best.Crafted with the highest quality materials, this case is the epitome of everything this storied watch manufacturer extols. Made of a precious metal, such as 18 carat gold, 904L steel or 950 platinum, this oyster case is crafted to exquisite perfection. As such, it provides the perfect protection for the precision workings that lie underneath it.

Not Just A Pretty Face

Though it is expertly crafted in the perfect form, and proportioned to exacting specifications for its design, the elegant oyster case is not simply a creation of beauty and style. Instead, it is also highly functional, and designed to ensure that the watch works with the utmost of precision at all time. This robustness and reliability is what makes the oyster case the leader in the watch industry.

Shockingly Waterproof Ability

The waterproof qualities of Rolex watches are legendary. The oyster case that is the standard by which they design all their watches is precision crafted to ensure that men and women can be adventurous and continue to lead their exciting lives without needing to be concerned that their watches will not be able to keep up with them.

Reduce the Shockwaves

Already, the Rolex oyster case is crafted in order to protect the sensitive inner watch workings from excessive shock. It is this finely detailed craftsmanship that helps to solidify the reputation of the Rolex brand as being one of the most sought after and reliable brands for the fashion forward elite on the market today.

Plans for a New Oyster Case

In an application recently filed with the United States patent office on October 31, 2013, Rolex outlines a new technological advance in the way they design their oyster case. With the addition of two special rings, Rolex speculates that it can reduce the potential effects of shock on the movement of the watch by up to 60%. This method is a stark contrast to the more traditional method of using brackets or screws to protect the inner workings.

Perfect for Those Active Users

Because this design most likely means a change in the production of the oyster cases itself, there is no word yet on when Rolex will introduce such technology to its eager public. It is a safe bet, though, that its introduction will be amidst great fanfare as the esteemed watch manufacturer seeks to highlight the advantages of this technological breakthrough for those customers who are particularly active in pursuit that might result in bumping their watch unexpectedly, such as skiing, tennis, white water rafting and golf.


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