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Raymond Lee Jewelers Rolex Giveaway for Our 30th Diamond Anniversary

Raymond Lee Jewelers Rolex Giveaway for Our 30th Diamond Anniversary

For the last 30 years, Raymond Lee Jewelers has had the privilege of being South Florida’s largest and most trusted estate jeweler. We are honored that our customers choose Raymond Lee as their jeweler when celebrating life’s biggest milestones. And to celebrate our biggest milestone, we thought we’d give back to the communities that grew along with us over the past three decades. Now that we’re celebrating our “Diamond Anniversary” we’d like to thank our fans, friends, and clients by giving away a Rolex diamond dial Datejust!

Congratulations Melanie M.!

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In stainless steel with a Mother of Pearl dial, this watch is worth $4000 – and we’re giving it away for free! The Rolex Giveaway sweepstakes officially launches on November 1st, 2013 and will run for the entire month of November. The winner will be announced on November 30th to kick off the Holiday season and the month of our founding.

Raymond Lee Jewelers Rolex Giveaway

In the lead up to December 2013, we’ve seen our online communities grow in leaps and bounds. As a small, family owned business, nothing makes us happier than getting to share our fabulous jewelry and awesome watches with fans near and far. Our online communities like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram let us connect with our out of stat clients, fans who love us from afar (it’s mutual, we can assure you) and people who just love checking out fantastic jewelry online. It lets us grow the Raymond Lee Jewelers community worldwide and share antique brooches, huge engagement rings and over the top watches with everyone who wants to see. So, in honor of our thirtieth “Diamond Anniversary” we thought it was only appropriate to give away some diamonds to our amazing online community.

What’s at stake? One Rolex Datejust in stainless steel with a mother of pearl and diamond dial. If a gent happens to win, we’ll be giving away a men’s model. If it’s one of our female followers, she gets a ladies’ model, unless the men’s size is more her style. We’re equal opportunity watch lovers. And entering couldn’t be easier – all you have to do is complete an entry below – just one. If you’d like, you can complete additional entries to increase your odds. Do we hope you’ll enter and win a sweet Rolex Datejust? Of course. But even more, we hope that you’ll enjoy following us – we love posting our newest acquisitions, our fanciest diamonds and our coolest watches. In fact, the only thing we love more is the feedback we get from our fans and followers.

So you can like us on Facebook, where we post daily diamonds and the occasional sweet treat we’re sharing in the showroom kitchen. You can follow us on Twitter, where you’re guaranteed to partake in some industry chatter, hilarious (we hope) fashion commentary, and our always lively red carpet live coverage – prepare to see the name “Lorraine Schwartz” quite a bit. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll be double-tapping images of our lives: behind the scenes shots of Max, our bench jeweler, designing a 10 carat ring. Or maybe a short video of a disassembled watch movement. Be prepared fro brunch pictures too, just because the store is closed on Sundays doesn’t mean we’ll neglect our followers! At least weekly you’ll see some pet pictures – we volunteer with Tri County Rescue Society on the weekends and our combined 4 dogs and 1 soccer-playing bunny rabbit all have excellent taste in jewelry. Follow us on Tumblr for glamorous inspiration and the occasional jewelry-themed music video. And Pinterest is your source for at-home jewelry cleaning tips, guides for spotting fake Love bangles, how to accessorize the chicest bridesmaids dresses and an abundance of engagement ring eye candy.

We’re wishing all of our fans, both the new ones and our existing online family, the best of luck in this giveaway. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy every like, tweet, smiley face and new fan – you guys make our day with your hilarious commentary. Whether you’re letting us know that a ring is definitely not your style or you’re collectively swooning over “The Perfect Ring” we love reading your comments. And, for those of you with creative tips, we take them into consideration! We’re constantly buying loose stones and dreaming up the perfect setting, so your feedback is always on our minds.

We are so grateful for the chance to become South Florida’s most trusted estate jewelry buyer and boutique. Without the support of our local Boca Raton community, we would be nowhere, and we’ve enjoyed growing up with the community around us. The same clients who received Bar Mitzvah gifts from our store are purchasing their engagement rings from us. The fathers who bought their daughters their first watch for graduation are celebrating a hard-earned retirement with their own timepiece. The RLJ couples who said “I Do” to our rings 20 years ago are celebrating anniversaries with gifts that befit the milestone they achieved. Being int he jewelry industry gives us a connection to our clients, their lives and their biggest celebrations that we feel so lucky to be a part of. We welcome the next generation of Raymond Lee customers along with our loyal fans. We hope that together we can make the next 30 years even more meaningful, successful, and beautiful.


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