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Aisle Style: Blush Wedding Dresses

Aisle Style: Blush Wedding Dresses

While white wedding dresses have long been used following tradition, blush wedding dresses clearly provide an option with more color, life and zip than shock white. Unlike their white counterparts, blush wedding dresses often show more of their detail and are easier on the eyes. That means more of the dress in appearance can be enjoyed by both the wearer and those observing during the ceremony. Another advantage of the blush dress is that it often goes far better with hair and skin color than an ivory white dress, so there’s a double advantage.

There is no shortage of choices available in blush wedding dresses, with many items available for each season of the year. Here are some of the top choices from recent offerings:

Allure Couture C209

Taking a bit of a style type from French wedding design, the Allure Couture dress comes with a dipping front and back and a very long, train that seems to pour from the hips and waist. Matched with a simple hair piece and face net accessory, the entire design gives a wearer a sense of Euro-style versus the traditional American dress. Definitely cut for the summer and warm seasons, the Allure Couture will definitely make a bride stand apart from the masses.

Alita Graham 770

If one wants to go retro back to the 1950s, the Alita Graham dress is a definite option. Simple but definitive, the dress uses a decorated bodice that then flows from the waist into layers and layers of sheer gown. The bride will literally look like a cake-top piece come to life wearing this dress. Better yet, the gown can be used again as a ball dress as well, prolonging its life after the wedding.

Allure 2510

For those who want simplicity and sheer angular lines in a dress, the Allure 2510 might be the model to go with. This dress definitely works with tall types who want to accentuate their height but then feel free later on to party-hardy after the formal ceremony. Dye this dress any other color and you might think you’re looking at an Oscar awards gown.

Christina Wu 15486

The Wu line has been known to create some interesting dresses and the 15486 model is likely to turn some heads. Think of a decorated bodice attached to a fluted gown that grows out in wider and wider rings as it reaches the floor. It’s definitely a dress for someone who wants a gown that looks different from the mainstream but still has a classy appeal.

Pronovias Biarritz

Art Deco was an art trend that came about in the 1920s and was synonymous with the metropolitan lifestyle prior to the 1929 Great Crash. The Biarritz dress definitely harkens back to the 1920s look in posters and art as the dress takes horizontal lines down the entire grown and brings out an angular look. With the right hair style a bride will definitely resemble one of the models in posters and sculptures from the Art Deco time period, creating possibly a Great Gatsby theme for a wedding.

The five gowns above are just some of the many choices available in blush wedding dresses, so brides-to-be shouldn’t worry that selection is limited. With color and style, many of the choices provide a unique look that won’t be a run-of-the-mill wedding.


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