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118 Carat White Diamond Sets Record at Sotheby's

118 Carat White Diamond Sets Record at Sotheby's

A record-sized White Diamond recently transferred in Hong Kong at auction for $30.6 over the weekend of October, 2013. Described as being “the size of a small egg,” this beautiful gem is distinctive not only because of the price it commanded at auction, but also because of its extraordinary size and beauty. Because there are not many venues for wearing jewelry of that astounding size and value, it is not as likely to be flashed about in public as its smaller precious gemstone counterparts.

The beauty of white diamonds is caused by light reflecting through the facets of the diamond. “Facets” are the technical description for how many different cuts t The he gemstone has received to allow it to have its finished shape and brilliant glow when it is put in the light. A diamond’s sparkle occurs as a result of the interplay between the light and the facets. No two diamonds are the same because of the unique cuts each receives at the hands of the artist- jeweler who ultimately determines its shape and brings out its beauty.

Diamond jewelry creates a dazzling, sophisticated look in its wearer. Regardless of whether the wearer is male or female, young or old, or dressy or casual, the elegant shimmer of a beautifully cut and well-set diamond quietly says “elegance and class. A diamond creates a look that is incomparable as it twinkles silently while in your company.

The recent sale of the record size and value of this extraordinary white diamond is significant because of its signal to the jewelry-buying that beauty is not a thing of the past and that wonderful new examples of beautiful items can still appear on the open market even in today’s modern world where our sense of wonder is rarely tempted by something new. This entry onto the world of jewelry displays that jewelry buyers are still captivated by a sparkling, valuable gem.

The gorgeous sparkle of this huge, record-setting white diamond makes it stand out among other as much for its dazzle as for its size. The beauty and glow are enough to make any aspiring little princess dream. This as-yet unnamed piece is noteworthy alone for glittering shape, size, and value. Watch for future breaking news in the coming months as its beauty continues to dazzles the world of fine jewelry and additionally brightens the horizons of seekers of beauty.

The report of this record-breaking sale has been delivered by Raymond Lee Jewelers, South Florida’s own top luxury jewelry seller. Raymond Lee Jewelers is South Florida’s most trusted Jewelry Sales and Service Center. Established in 1983, this exceptional jeweler states proudly that they “carry an extensive collection of designer jewelry, vintage jewelry, GIA certified diamonds and luxury timepieces.” They are also known for providing top quality watch and jewelry repair services and additionally offer professional jewelry customizations. If you have a need for fine jewelry or jewelry repairs of any sort, look to Raymond Lee Jewelers for their superior service and knowledge.


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