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Solid Gold Ray Ban Aviators

Solid Gold Ray Ban Aviators

Ray-Ban and high-end fashion belong together. They always have. Now, the iconic sunglass brand once again knocks its outstanding reputation up another notch. Teardrop-shaped lenses? Check. Thin metal frame? Check. Double bridge and bayonet earpieces? Check. Polarized G-15 crystal lenses? Double check.

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to meet the 18-karat gold Ray-Ban Aviator this November.

Keeping their classic look, these updated Aviator shades fuse undeniable style and premium luxury together. Their gold frame flows beautifully, keeping a sleek, elegant and en vogue design. The price tag, however, is not for the faint of heart or penny-pincher – each limited edition pair of sunglasses rolls in at roughly $3,800.

Not Just for Looks

What makes the Aviator so special? Ray-Ban first introduced the style in 1936 and it quickly became popular among Air Force pilots in the U.S. military. Initially sold as a sporting good, the Aviator featured a design meant to ward off the sun’s glare; when paired with large teardrop-shaped lenses, a pilot could see and fly immensely better than when wearing traditional goggles or glasses.

The Era of the Aviator

With its homey, utilitarian roots, it’s hard to imagine how the Aviator broke into the world of fashion. Yet, it caught the general public’s attention when seen on WWII’s legendary hero and tactician, General Douglas MacArthur. Thanks to the news and other sources of media, these Ray-Ban sunglasses became a fabulous fad that never died.

These shades would not be as popular as they are today without numerous sightings on celebrities throughout the years. From Elvis to the Beatles to Top Gun – the Aviator continues to pop up in pop culture again and again. While knock-offs and imitations try to capitalize on the style’s must-have status, nothing beats the real deal in quality or appearance.

Bring on the Bling

Offered in several materials, colors and tints, it’s not hard to argue that the Ray-Ban Aviator is a fashion Hall-of-Famer. The new 18-karat gold version is especially, well, special. Clearly, the solid gold frame wins as its most exciting feature. With the rising cost of precious metals, the solid gold frame simply purrs affluence and prestige. The who’s who among Hollywood stars, sports figures, politicians and more will surely be sporting a pair of these sunglasses shortly after their release next month.

Luxury Lenses

Besides the extravagant frame, the polarized G-15 crystal lenses offer cutting-edge sunglass technology. Polarized lenses reduce glare, increase visibility and eliminate reflected light while also protecting the wearer from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Add this to Ray-Ban’s G-15 lenses – which absorb 85% of visible light and mimic the look of natural vision – and these lenses are hard to beat in usefulness, safety and quality.

Posh Appeal

Obviously, the superior technology and luxury of these 18k gold glasses make them a worthwhile pick and help justify their expense. From a fashion standpoint, these sunglasses don’t exactly fall short either. Their signature look and long-standing history give them credibility among designers, divas, fashionistas and everyday consumers alike.


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