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McDonald’s Diamond and Gold Burgers

McDonald’s Diamond and Gold Burgers

No one can accuse McDonald’s of selling cheap tasteless hamburgers. For one day only McDonald’s had their special edition gourmet hamburger on sale for $10 each. The burgers come loaded with extra thick slices of pineapple, chorizo sausage and a food known as black truffles. The burgers were not handed out in ordinary bags; they were handed out in elegant white boutique carrying bags. The bags are designed with emblazoned gold arches.

The white gourmet bags replaced the traditional bags and boxes. The boxes were actually gift box style, used exclusively for the Black Diamond Burger, the Gold Ring, the Ruby Spark and other infamous sandwiches. Of all the burgers sold the Black Diamond burger is the most famous. The Black Diamond burger crossed the line, in ways that other burgers do not.

It is loaded with grilled onions and mushrooms, black truffle sauce, Pepper Jack cheese, chorizo sausage, and avocado. It is hard for a burger shop to survive in an economy that is filled with so much competition. What is the secret to surviving? Give the customers a food that is different, daring and unique.

Not many places will sell a burger for $10 a pop, unless it is made from gold. McDonald proved that it can be done. Getting customers to buy gold, or a gold hamburger for the price of 2 burgers is pure strategy. It goes to show, just how much consumers like to try something out of the ordinary.

Customers do not mind paying for something different, like a new service or a new product. In this case, it is a new food or should we say a new hamburger.

Competing with companies that offer cheaper foods is not easy. The majority of burger shops are faced with a dilemma. They are pressured on every side, to come up with better food deals, premium service and affordable prices. Many restaurants perform major upgrades. They install new equipment, make meatier sandwiches, and advertise these new sandwiches to the general public.


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