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Hot Fashion Week Jewelry Trend: Hair Jewelry

Hot Fashion Week Jewelry Trend: Hair Jewelry

New York Fashion Week is finally winding down – don’t get us wrong, we love watching the live feed of Oscar De La Renta’s show as much as the next fashion fiends, but at a certain point even we tire of seeing non-stop runway models in our Instagram, Pinterest and RSS feeds. And while we’ve been closely monitoring all of the wonderful and sometimes weird fashions that the designers sent down the runway this Mercedes Benz Fashion week, we like to remain mum on overall jewelry trends until we can properly process the onslaught of haute. The Gem Standard does an amazing job of giving blow-by-blow (or should we say show-by-show) accounts of the best jewelry on the runway, and we’ll post next week with the takeaways for 2014 jewelry trends. However there’s one trend we can’t stay quiet about, thanks to Fallon.

You saw nail rings, you welcomes ear cuffs, but now get ready for hair jewelry. This funky take on this year’s early trend frontrunner, the “backlace” takes business in the front party in the back to the next level. The perennially edgy jewelry line by Dana Lorenz made no exceptions at its Spring 2014 runway presentation – yes, a jewelry line showed at Fashion Week. While its trademark spikes and chains were present, the addition of hair jewelry caught us by surprise, and we’re really into it.

Now, we know this isn’t for everyone, but neither is Fallon’s particular brand of high end costume jewelry. We like this for the edgier jewelry lover, the downtown girl who’s never afraid to put a moto jacket over an Herve Leger dress. Think of the hair necklace (hair chain?) as a gilded form of extensions. They look fabulous glinting in blonde and gold, but would shine amazingly in dark locks for a more dramatic look. Before you go calling us crazy, remember that it was like 18 months ago that feather extensions were the hottest thing. And before you go calling us Ke$ha, remember that there are good ways and bad ways to style every weave. We can’t help but think that a little sparkle is a great addition to any accessory 99.9% of the time.

For those concerned about clamping gold plated spikes into their coifs, fear not, this trend is actually very wearable. The gold fringe is set onto a stretch of what looks like elastic, easily clipped in (and removed from) your hair after a long night out on the town. For those a little wary of the hair fringe, try wearing a funky fringed necklace backwards with a low backed top or dress to test it out first. We love any and all things from the 1920’s (especially diamonds), so the fringe extravaganza happening in fashion is nothing but good new to us. So this interpretation of fabulous fringe is just another option for incorporating this flirty trend into your look. Count us in, and count on us to be testing it out long before Spring 2014 actually arrives.


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