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Vogue Makes a Case Against the "Nail Ring" Trend

Vogue Makes a Case Against the "Nail Ring" Trend

Nail rings are all the rage this year. They were featured at Chanel’s Fall Haute Couture Fall 2013 event and have since become one of the most talked about new jewelry articles on the web. These rings are made using either white or yellow gold and often contain precious stones such as miniature diamonds. While some of the rings are thick, others are extremely thin. Nail rings, along with matching finger and knuckle rings, have been worn by the likes of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé and have captured the attention of fashionistas the world over.

However, despite the fact that these rings are currently very popular, Vogue has bucked the tide and come out against them. The primary reason that Vogue has given these rings a resounding “thumbs down” vote is due to the fact that, while they are arguably good looking, they are extremely impractical. These rings are extremely easy to lose and, due to their small size, would be next to impossible to find. Given the fact that Chanel’s nail rings start at about $2,000 apiece, losing even one nail ring would naturally be a great loss for the ring’s owner.

Vogue has also noted the fact that these rings would make it next to impossible to perform regular tasks. While some would argue that a woman would naturally only wear nail rings for a party or formal event, these rings are even impractical at times such as these. Katherine Bernard, a fashion writer from Vogue who tried wearing these rings for a day, noted that she could not comfortably hold hands with her boyfriend without worrying that one of the rings would slip off. At a different event, the ring got stuck in a belt loop.

Given the fact that these rings are expensive, easy to lose and have the potential to create a fair few embarrassing or at least awkward moments, it is not easy to see why Vogue has rejected their stylish appeal and noted that they are not the jewelry accessory of choice for women who are concerned about their appearance and sense of fashion. While Vogue’s lack of favorable coverage for this particular new trend is not likely to ensure its total demise, it will give pause to those who are considering investing in one or more of these rings.

Nail rings can be classy looking, appealing jewelry accessories. Chanel’s offers various nail ring options to choose from and it goes without saying that these options are stylish and attractive. They also match well with just about any outfit that a woman would choose to wear. However, nail rings do have their downsides, the main one being the fact that it would not be practical to wear such rings for an extended period of time. What is more, most women who have tried wearing these rings are so worried about losing one or even more of them that they find it difficult to talk with friends or even just relax and kick back at a formal or informal event.


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